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Troubleshooting a Hayes Energizer Brake Controller # HA81745 Lighting Dimly All the Time


I recently hooked up a hayes xps, the red l.ight is dim with no trailer or brake application. goes bright red with brake or manual activation. thanks.

asked by: Joe

Expert Reply:

The light that you are seeing is an indicator for how much braking power is being applied. The brighter the light, the more power is being applied.

It sounds like the pendulum arm on the left side of the Hayes-Lemmerz Energize III Brake Controller # HA81745 needs to be adjusted. You need to align it with gravity, in other words, it needs to point straight down. If the lever arm is too far forward, the indicator light will stay lit.

Here are the steps for proper setting of the pendulum on the # HA81745:

A. Connect the trailer to the tow vehicle for this adjustment. If a load leveling hitch system is used, it should be connected and operational. Locate the tow vehicle and trailer on a flat level surface. Make sure the tow vehicle stop lamps are operating correctly and disconnect the tow vehicle/trailer electrical connection.
B. Adjust the gain wheel to its maximum setting.
C. Depress the brake pedal far enough to turn on the vehicle stop-lamps. Hold this position.
D. Pull the pendulum leveling arm toward the red indicator light. The red indicator light should illuminate bright red.
E. Push the pendulum leveling arm away from the indicator light until the light just reaches minimum brilliance. The leveling arm should be approximately straight down. Repeat steps D and E several times to make sure the indicator light has just reached minimum brilliance.
F. Release the brake pedal. The pendulum is now initially adjusted. A readjustment may be necessary if the loading of either the tow vehicle or trailer causes a considerable change in the tow vehicle front to rear position. Also a further readjustment may be desired during road test and performance adjustments.

expert reply by: Jameson C

Jameson C

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