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Securing Keel and Bow Rollers to a Bracket on a Boat Trailer


I bought rollers at Wallmart and never thought to go to the internet until now. I was thinking of buying carriage bolts to run through the holes on the mounts on the trailer, through the roller and through the other side of the mount to bolt it to the mount and keep it in place. Part # 408400 doesnt appear to have anything to keep it in place on the mount and this through the roller. Is that why rollers apparently are missing on many older trailers like the one I just bought? The boat I am carrying is a Bostob Whaler knockoff with three skegs. Only the deeper center skeg needs a rooler support. Wooden supports between the center and outer skegs raise the two outer skegs for support. The lights work, fenders are fine and its a good little trailer for the 1,200 feet I have to trail the boat down my street to launch into Little Sarasota Bay, FL. Can you please help me try to understand the difference between Part #408400 of if carriage bolts would be better. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide.

asked by: Bob Z

Expert Reply:

When installing rubber rollers like a keel or bow roller there are a couple of parts in addition to the roller you usually need. First, the roller needs to mount to a bracket of some kind. For example, if you are using the 5/8 inch steel shaft # 408400, you could use the One Piece Bracket, # 408300.

The bracket bolts to the trailer, the shaft goes through the compatible roller and bracket and it is held on the bracket using 2 Pal Nuts (Qty 1), # 408600. Like any part, over time, the pal nuts may need to be replaced. If not then the roller could come loose and get lost which is why you may see them missing from a lot of boat trailers.

A compatible shaft should be used instead of bolts because the shaft will not only support the roller on the bracket but also allow it to move freely. Bolts are much more dense and while they may support the roller, they could bind easily and not allow the roller to rotate as easily.

expert reply by: Michael H

Michael H

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