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Parts for Lugged Hubs on a Mobile Home Axle with 15123 inner and 25880 Outer Bearings


I just bought a trailer with trailer house axles and would like to convert them to lugged hubs. The outer bearing number is a Timken 15123 the inner I couldnt get the number but it measured 1.750 inside diameter. What hubs would i need or do I need more information on the inner bearing.

asked by: Travis K

Expert Reply:

It sounds like you have a spindle that uses the Inner Trailer Hub Bearing, item # 25580, that has a 1.750 inch inner diameter. The outer # 15123 bearing has a 1.250 inch inner diameter. I would check the seal surface on the spindle to be sure that it matches the # RG06-070 seal inner diameter of 2.250 inches.

Many times mobile home axles use non- standard parts so careful measurement of all of the parts is required. If all of these dimensions match, then you will need to determine whether you want brakes on the axles or idler hubs on the axles.

For a idler axle, you will need 2 of the # 8-213-5UC1 trailer hub assemblies and 2 # AM32664 wheel and tire combinations to match the 6 on 5-1/2 inch bolt pattern of the hub.

For a brake axle you will need 2 of the # 8-201-5UC3 trailer hub assemblies, 1 of the # 23-106 right hand brake assemblies, and 1 of the # 23-105 left hand brake assemblies and 2 # AM32664 wheel and tire combinations to match the 6 on 5-1/2 inch bolt pattern of the hub.

If the mobile home axles have brake assemblies welded to them, you will need to make sure that the diameter is 12 inches and the width of the brake shoes are 2 inches, if not the # 8-201-5UC3 hub and drum will not work with the existing assembly and they will need to be cut off the axle. You would then need to have a 5 bolt Brake Mounting Flange welded to the axle to install the brake assemblies mentioned above. If the axles do not have 5 bolt brake mounting flanges, like the Brake Mounting Flange for 3 inch Round Axle, item # 4-44-1, welded to them you will need to have them welded on by a qualified trailer shop.

expert reply by: Bob G

Robert G

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