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What Snow Tire Chains Are Available for a 205/55R17 Tire On A Mini Cooper S Countryman All4


The car is a new Mini Cooper S Countryman All4. It came with 17 wheels and 205/55R17 run flat tires. Is there a cable chain for 205/55 R17 tires? If not, is there another size which will work? For example, 205/50 R17 is widespread. Will that work, in spite of the sidewall to width ratio of the chains being 5 less than the tires. At least the chain diameter is the same as the tires. Or would 215/55R17 work, by tightening the chains to make up for the 10 mm excess width 62.8 mm excess diameter? I think the latter solution is dangerous, risks the chains getting loose and fouling the wheel/axle. I dont want to go to the large expense of new wheels and tires for a new Mini, when the use of chains on top of the all wheel drive and the M+S tires would be very occasional when the road is truly iced over?

asked by: Jon A

Expert Reply:

We do not list any cable snow chains for the 205/55R17 tire size. The snow tire chains I have for the 205/55R17 tire size are all the Thule D-Link snow chain design. I am including a link to a page that will list all the snow chains that fit the 205/55R17 tire size.

When using snow tire chains you will always need to make sure you use a snow chain that is designed for your particular size tire.

On your Mini Cooper S Countryman All4 you will want to check your owners manual or with the Mini dealer to see if snow tire chains can be used on your vehicle with run-flat tires and if there are any limitations.

I am including a link to a FAQ page on snow tire chains.

expert reply by: Jeff D

Jeff D

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