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The Difference of Single Lip And Double Lip Grease Seals


diagram of single vs double seal cross section would be handy to see.

asked by: Matt S

Expert Reply:

The difference between the single lip and double lip seals is that the double lip grease seal will have two rubber lips that are in contact with the spindle. The double lip grease seals are usually used in marine applications to give a better seal and protect the bearings from the water, which can cause damage to them.

The best way to determine what grease seals are needed for your spindle is to get the part numbers from the inner and outer bearings from that spindle. If you have the bearing part numbers, then I can help you get the correct single lip or double lip grease seal that you will need.

See the picture to the right that will show the cross section of both the single lip and double lip grease seals.

expert reply by: Jeff D

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Grease Seals - Double Lip - 10-19 (pair)

Grease Seals - Double Lip - 10-19 (pair)

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Grease Seal
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Product Specs:

Double Lip Seal

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