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Turn Signals and Brake Lights Not Working After Installing LED Lights on a PWC Trailer


I purchased LED lights STL8RB and STL9RB for my PWC trailer. I replaced the old lights and wired the lights up to proper color wires on the existing wiring harness. I also grounded the white wire to the trailer where the lights attach to the trailer. When I turn the lights on in the truck the lights come on. However, I do not have any turn signals or brake lights on either light. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

asked by: Tod H

Expert Reply:

First make sure that the trailer connector is functioning properly with no trailer connector. Use a circuit tester to test the connection. If the brake and turn signals are not working without a trailer connected check to be sure there are no blown fuses on your vehicle and that the converter box has power if your vehicle requires one.

Then on the trailer make sure that the wires are connected to the correct circuits, and that the white wire is properly grounded, at the trailer tongue and at each light.

The green wire on the Right Hand LED Submersible Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, item # STL8RB, and the yellow wire on the Left Hand LED Submersible Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, item # STL9RB, are the stop and turn signal wires. The brown wire is the tail light wire, and the white wire is the ground wire.

If you have the wires connected properly then there is likely an issue with the trailer wiring somewhere. On PWC trailers, the wiring is usually routed through the trailer frame. Over time the wire coating can wear and cause a dead short to the trailer frame.

You should attach a string to the wires at the tail lights and pull the wiring out of the frame to check it. Make sure you attach enough string so that you can easily pull the wires back through the frame or replace them if a problem is found. Using a circuit tester, item # 3808, to check for power at the yellow and green wires before pulling the wires out of the trailer frame is a good idea.

expert reply by: Bob G

Robert G

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