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How to Set Up the Hayes Energizer Electric Trailer Brake Controller


I have lost the setup procedures for my Energizer iii, I have it installed in my new truck, I can not find anywhere on how to set it up, All I can find is the hookup procedures, I need the setup procedures, the one where it says to hook up the camper, adjust the arm level so the light comes on bright, or something like that, Can you please E-Mail me the procedures, The links I had sent to me before only go to the hookup procedures

asked by: Jim V

Expert Reply:

I would be happy to explain how to set up the Hayes Energizer Brake Controller, # HA81745.

First, park the truck and trailer on a dry level surface. Next, adjust the gain wheel to the middle setting. Then, you will need to travel at about 25 miles per hour or less and step on the brakes like in a normal breaking situation. The red indicator light should light up from dim to bright during the stop and revert back to dim after the stop is completed.

If the trailer brakes lock up, decrease the amount of gain. If braking is inadequate, increase the gain. Make adjustments until you reach a braking force just south of the brakes locking up.

Next, you can test the manual override lever in the same manner. With the manual override, a much harder stop can always be obtained, as the gain wheel setting does not affect the manual lever. The red indicator light should light up from dim to bright during the stop.

expert reply by: Michael H

Michael H

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