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Will Adding a Trailer Hitch to a Nissan Versa Void the Vehicle Warranty


How come you sell a hitch for the Nissan Versa when Nissan says Do not tow anything with the Versa. If I put this hitch on my Versa, for use only with a bike rack, will it void the Nissan warranty?

asked by: Dan

Expert Reply:

The Nissan Versa is what is considered an economy car. As such it is smaller, gets better fuel economy, and weighs less than other vehicles. But, it was not designed to tow. This could be for any number of reasons such as, the engine was not designed for the strains of towing, or the frame such as it is cannot handle the stress of towing. But if you are carrying a bike rack in the trailer hitch the vehicle is capable of supporting a correct fit rack.

With that being said you will have to consult Nissan or a dealer regarding the specifics of the warranty. There is a sort of gray area where using the hitch for towing probably would void the warranty but using it for a bike rack is not towing so you would have to ask the dealer to make that distinction.

A better solution would be to avoid that whole mess and use a trunk mounted bike rack. We have several options that will fit a Nissan Versa, 4 or 5 door model. For a 2-bike carrier you can use the Passage 2, # TH910XT. For a 3-bike use # TH911XT.

If you will be carrying any bikes that do not have a top frame bar that goes straight across (like a typical men's bike would) then I recommend using bike adapter bar # 64005. This will allow you to carry those bikes more level and will provide better ground clearance. I have to use these adapters and without them my wife's bike would be at a severe angle and I would not be able to load my son's bike at all. I have linked a video showing how the adapter works.

expert reply by: Michael H

Michael H

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