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How To Determine Which Electric Brakes Will Fit On A 6x12 Utility Trailer Without Any Brakes


I have a utility 6x12 trailer I recently purchased. I want to install electric brakes on it. How do I determine which brakes to put on it?

asked by: C.Ramsey

Expert Reply:

I will need the bearing part numbers and the grease seal part number from your trailer so we can determine the correct hub drum assembly that is needed to install electric brakes on your trailer. The numbers needed for your bearings will be imprinted on the bearings and seals themselves. You would disassemble the hub and read the numbers off the bearings and seals. Remember which order they go in. Some trailer hubs have different size bearings on the inner and outer sides of the hubs. I have also included a link to a page on removing and repacking bearings.

To determine which brakes to use on your utility trailer you will need to use the weight capacity of the axle (2,000 lbs. , 3,500 lbs.), the wheel bolt pattern ( 4 on 4, 5 on 4-1/2), and the wheel size (13 inch, 14 inch) then you can pick the brakes that will fit your hub drum assembly. I am including a link to a page on how to measure the bolt pattern on your wheel.

You will need to use a hub drum that will have the hub built into the drum. The Dexter 10 Inch Electric Brake Assembly - Left Hand, part # 23-26, you have referenced is for a 3,500 lbs. axle with a 5 on 4-1/2 inch bolt pattern. This brake assembly will use the Dexter Trailer Hub & Drum Assembly, part # 84546UC3.

The brake assembly would mount to a brake mounting flange on your axle. If a brake mounting flange is needed you will need to have to install the Redline Brake Mounting Flange # 4-35. This flange would have to be welded, by a certified professional welder, to the end of the axle and provides a mounting place for the brake assembly.

If you want to get back to me with all of that information I will be able to help you choose the correct setup to install electric brakes on your 6x12 utility trailer.

expert reply by: Jeff D

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