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Troubleshooting Trailer Tires Wearing Out on the Outside Treads


tires are wearing on the outside tread like they are over inflated tires are on a 26ft car hauler new trailor tires arest225/75r15 same tire that are shown iyour inv would a bias tire be any better

asked by: Haywood M

Expert Reply:

The wear is going to be the same with a bias tire or with a radial tire so changing out the style will not help with what is causing the wear. If the tires were over inflated, the center treads would wear. Under inflated tires would show wear on the inside and outside treads. If the wear is just on the outside then the tire is riding at a slight angle with the bottom pointed more in toward the trailer than the top.

You will need to check the suspension components, axles, spindles, to make nothing is loose, bent, or damaged. Also, always make sure to inflate trailer tires to the maximum psi rating listed on the tire for best performance and longer life. Make sure that when loading the trailer, the load is balanced, and heavier items are at the bottom.

expert reply by: Michael H

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