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Are Thule Tire Chains # TH01571250 Classified As Class S Clearance Snow Tire Chains


Sierra 2500 hd. are these chains classified as an S clearance model. It looks like yes but not in so many words

asked by: Duane P

Expert Reply:

A Class S snow tire chain means that the minimum sidewall clearance is .59 inches, which is 15 mm. The sidewall clearance is needed so that the snow chains will clear any part of the vehicle that is close to the inner and outer sidewall of the tire. The Class S snow chain is a common requirement on newer vehicles that have larger, low-profile tires.

The Thule Tire Chains # TH01571250 you have referenced has a sidewall clearance of 16 mm or .63 inches. These snow tire chains would not be classified as a Class S snow tire chain.

If you have the 245/75R16 tire size on your 2006 GMC Sierra 2500 HD you can use the Thule Tire Chains # TH01594255. This snow tire chain has a 12 mm sidewall clearance which will classify it as a Class S snow chain. It will only work on single rear wheels. It has similar features as the Thule snow tire chains you have referenced.

If you have a different tire size on your vehicle, you can verify which tire chains are a Class S snow tire chain by checking the tire chain specifications listed on that tire size. When you go to our website and put in your vehicle under tire chains it will give you the tire size options on your vehicle. When you choose the tire size you have, it will list all the tire chains for that size tire. Under the tire chain specs in the middle of the page it will list the internal clearance. If it is 15 mm or less it will be a Class S snow tire chain.

I am sending links to a FAQ page on Thule tire chains and a FAQ page on snow chains in general. Also, I am sending a video link of a review on the Thule XG12 snow tire chains.

expert reply by: Jeff D

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Product Page this Question was Asked From

Thule Standard Snow Tire Chains - Diamond Pattern - D Link - XB16 - Size 250

Thule Standard Snow Tire Chains - Diamond Pattern - D Link - XB16 - Size 250

6 reviews


Price:  $180.95

Product Summary:

Chains - Diamond
Steel D-Link
Drape Over Tire - Make Connections
No Rim Protection
No Quick Release

Product Specs:

On and Off-Road Use
Not Class S Compatible

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