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How To Determine Trailer Suspension Hanger Spacing on a Dual Axle Trailer


What is the correct spacing for the hangers on a tandom trailer set up. I am using two 3-leaf double eye spring for 3500lb trailer axels. The equalizers are 1-3/4 double - eye 6-1/16 with a 9/16 center hole. Also what size of hangers should I use?

asked by: Frank G

Expert Reply:

The spring will be attached directly to the hanger closest to the front of the trailer. The back of the spring will be connected to an equalizer which will then be attached to a hanger. If the equalizer is 6-1/16 inches long, center to center, and the mounting hole on it is in the center, it will be 3-1/32 inches beyond the center of the rear eye hole.

So, if the spring is 23-1/4 inches from eye center to eye center, add 3-1/32 inches to get 26-9/32. I would then add a maximum of another inch to allow for the shackle links to bring it to 27-9/32. This is the center to center distance for the hangers. The size hangers you get will depend on how much clearance you need. For a tandem axle trailer, the hangers will need to be the same size. You can use the Front/Center/Rear Hanger for Double-Eye Springs, # 28-5, which can be used as a front, center, or rear hanger. It will be much easier once you have all the parts ready to install. That way, you will be able to lay them out and measure before welding the hangers in place.

I have included a link below to an FAQ article on Double-Eye leaf spring information.

expert reply by: Michael H

Michael H

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