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Should I Put Brakes on the Front or Back Axle of my Tandem Axle Trailer


I have a 16ft tandem 3500Lb axles I am adding brakes to one axle, do I add to the front or rear axle. Thank You

asked by: Jim B

Expert Reply:

Typically trailers will carry more of their weight on the front of the trailer, so you would want to put the brakes on the front axle as it will most likely carry more weight while braking. Also, when braking, weight will shift forward from the inertia of the stop, so that would put more weight on the front axle. Click the picture to the right to see a picture that displays how tandem axle trailers typically distribute their cargo weight on their two axles.

If you have a trailer that carries most of its weight on the back of the trailer, it might be a better idea to put the brakes on the back axle.

expert reply by: Jameson C

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