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Installing a Brake Controller on a 2000 Chevy Silverado


i have a controller that i want to install on a 2000 Chevy 2500 ck series truck i can see the blue wire stop in the harness under the hood on the drivers side but on dont see the right plug slot in the box under the floor and my book on my truck says that it my require a harness from gm to be installed for it to hook up right is that true cause i dont want to tap in to the brake wire on the pedal i like to just be able to plug it in

asked by: chris

Expert Reply:

There are some connections under the hood that will need to be made to complete the installation of the Tekonsha P2 Brake Controller # 90885 with Wiring Harness, # 3025-P. Once you have plugged in the # 3025-P harness into the port to the left of the brake pedal, you can make the connections under the hood.

Locate the power distribution box. There will be a bracket on the driver side near the windshield that will need to be removed. Remove the bracket and power distribution box cover. Remove the bottom cover to reveal the whole power distribution box. On the cab side of the box, locate the blue and red wires. The blue wire has a plug on it and the red wire has a ring terminal.

After locating the Blue and Red Wires, place the Red Wire over the closest positive post. A green 30 amp fuse is needed in the spot closest to the positive post to power the brake controller. Next, clip off the connector on the blue wire.

If the truck does not have a factory 7-Way, you will need a 7 and 4 Way Installation Kit, # ETBC7. The kit provides a gray double bonded wire which is really two wires in one. Connect the white wire in the gray housing to the blue wire under the hood. If a hot lead is also needed connect the black wire to the other auxiliary positive post. A 40 amp fuse needs to be placed in the last spot, closest to the post, to power the hot lead. If this post is already in use, you may connect the hot lead directly to the positive side of the battery via a 40 amp circuit breaker (provided in kit).

After the connections are made, route the remaining length of the double bonded wire to the back of the vehicle, where it will be attached to the 7-way. Usually the wire is run either inside or above the frame on the drivers side of the truck. I have included an FAQ article below that explains this whole process that will guide you through the steps. I have also included a three part video series showing a complete brake controller installation on a 2000 Chevy Pickup.

expert reply by: Michael H

Michael H

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