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Does a Spindle with Scarring and Complete Bearing Failure Need to be Replaced


Hi, i was heading to a lake when i notice white smoke coming out of my trailer ,I stop and notice that the ruber on dust cover of the hub had a hole and the grease was coming out,the spindle greaser was sticking out ,looked like the wheel move to the inside of the axle, turn a round since I was 6 miles from home.I dissassamle the wheeal hub,but first notice that it had lots of movements in and out.the inner bearing was gone all the rollers were mix with the the spindle had some scars not many but some .do you think a can get away by changing for a new of yours hub and drum assambly ,code #84546uc3 ??less than 21 days ago my trailer was service for the same thing on the other side wheel ,they put a new hub assambly and repack all the other hubs,including this one?,thanks

asked by: ed r

Expert Reply:

What concerns me about this situation is the scarring on the spindle. Depending on how deep and how bad the scarring is, a new set of bearings and a new hub/drum assembly might experience the same problem down the road. This would mean that the spindle would need to be replaced also. Otherwise, you may have to frequently replace parts. It would be best in this situation to eliminate the possibility of future similar occurrences before they have a chance to cause damage. Any visible scarring or heat spots, coupled with the complete bearing failure, do indicate that you will need to replace the spindle.

To find the correct replacement spindle, there are some measurements that need to be taken. Take a look at the link to our trailer spindle main page below. You will see a drawing of a spindle with the 6 measurements (A through F) that are needed to find the correct replacement spindle. The old spindle will need to be removed and the new one installed by a qualified welder or shop that works on trailers. You may also need a new brake mounting flange welded on as well. I have included a link to our brake mounting flanges as well.

With the correct replacement spindle installed, I can determine the correct bearing kit and hub and drum assembly for the trailer. If you want to only replace the hub and drum, to find the correct replacement, you will need the inner and outer bearing numbers. Since the inner bearing is missing, you can find it by removing the other hub and checking the bearing numbers on that side. I have included a video below on inspecting trailer bearings below. Additional helpful information would be the bolt hole pattern of the wheels and the size of the wheel and tire. I have included links to FAQs below on finding this information.

expert reply by: Michael H

Michael H

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