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Towing Capacity for a 2004 Chevy Suburban 1500 when Using a Weight Distribution System


Hello I was told by Chevy that our 2004 1500 Suburban can tow 7400 lbs with a standard hitch but that we can tow more weight if we get a weight distributing hitch. We are just learning about what we can tow because we are looking at a travel trailer. Can you help us figure out how much more we can tow if we get a weight distributing hitch? Thank you!

asked by: Robyn C

Expert Reply:

I did some research on the 2004 Suburban models, and I was not able to find any specific weight distribution capacity for you. Typically, the vehicle towing capacity both with and without weight distribution will be listed in the vehicle manual, or this would also be something on which you could contact the dealer. We have an informational article, see link, that explains many of the factors to be considered when using and selecting a weight distribution system.

The hitches we offer for your vehicle would be rated between 10,000 and 17,000 pounds with weight distribution, but this would just be the capacity of the hitch itself, and does not confirm that your Suburban, especially since it is a 1500 model, would be able to handle this much weight.

A hitch like the Curt model # C15324 would allow you to utilize the full towing capacity of the vehicle in standard situations, and has a weight distribution rating of 17,000 pounds. Please note that you would have to adhere to the lowest rated part of your towing system, which in this case it would be the vehicle itself. Most of the sources I found showed an 8,400 pound rating for the 1,500 models, but I did see some lower ratings on models with smaller engines or light duty suspensions.

I would be glad to recommend a weight distribution system for your application if you could provide the loaded trailer total weight and tongue weight.

You can view the installation instructions for the hitch at the link provided.

expert reply by: Sarah L

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