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What Trailer Tire Size Can Replace A 195/70R14 Tire Size


We just bought a Shelby 5x8 ATV trailer. The current tires are 195/70R14 and they need to be replaced. I am having a hard time finding that particular tire size. What tire size if any can I replace it with?

asked by: Sandra S

Expert Reply:

The 195/70R14 tire is a passenger car tire size. A trailer should have a ST rated tire. which means it is a Special Trailer tire.

The special trailer tire is designed with stronger sidewalls and can handle higher air pressures which are needed when being used on a trailer that is made to carry a load. A trailer tire will always need to be inflated to the maximum inflation pressure to be able to handle the weight capacity it is rated for.

The 195/70R14 size has an overall diameter of 24.7 inches and a width of 7.7 inches. The closest tire size I will have is a Karrier ST205/75R14 Radial Trailer Tire, # AM10234, with an overall diameter of 26.3 inches and width of 8.1 inches. So you will need to measure on your trailer to see if you will have clearance for the bigger tire.

You will want to check on the trailer or in the owners manual to see if it lists the tire size recommended for your Shelby 5x8 ATV trailer. If it does list a passenger car tire size I would not have anything available.

I am sending a link to information on trailer tires.

expert reply by: Jeff D

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