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The Engager Brake Away System, # 20099, Does Not Engage The Brakes When The Pin Is Pulled


I have a tandem axle trailer that i put the Engager brake away system on. After hooking up everything properly, i pulled the pin from the switch and it does not engage the brakes. I tested the blue wire coming out of the battery box it does not have any power. what do i do next.

asked by: Cory

Expert Reply:

On the Hopkins Engager Trailer Breakaway Kit, # 20099, you should test the black wire on the battery box to make sure you have power going in to the battery box. The black wire will be connected to a 12v auxiliary power wire on the trailer connector.

If you do not have power on the black wire you will want to make sure you have the white ground wire from the battery box connected to the ground wire on the trailer connector and that the black wire is connected to the 12v auxiliary wire on the trailer connector. You might want to test the trailer connector to make sure which wire is the 12v auxiliary wire to make sure the trailer connector is wired properly.

If you have power on the black wire, then you will want to make sure the battery in the box is charged. Make sure the trailer plug is disconnected from the towing vehicle and then push the button on the battery box to make sure the battery is charged. If it is not charged then that is why it is not activating the brakes.

I am sending a link to the instructions on the Engager brake away system.

expert reply by: Jeff D

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