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Need Instruction And Operation Manual For Tekonsha Prodigy Brake Controller, # 90185


Just bought a 29 Fleetwood Terry Trailer use one owner, and the seller also gave me the Prodigy brake controller, had it installed in my Ford Expedition, but I would like the owners manual for better understanding of functions.

asked by: Phillip E

Expert Reply:

I am sending a link to the installation and operation manual for the Tekonsha Prodigy Brake Controller, # 90185. You will need to adjust the brake controller to fit your Ford Expedition application. The adjustments on the brake controller are for power and boost.

The Prodigy brake controller will automatically level the sensor when it is installed. You will want to adjust the power to the trailer brakes before setting the boost. Also, it is best to warm the trailer brakes before setting the power.

To adjust the power, connect trailer to the tow vehicle and with the engine running hold the manual knob full left and set power knob to 6.0. Then, drive the tow vehicle and trailer on a dry,level surface at 25 mph and fully apply the manual knob. If the trailer brakes lock up, turn the power down. If the braking was not sufficient, turn the power up. Repeat the step above until the power has been set to just below wheel lock up.

The power will need to be adjusted for different load weights and road conditions.

The boost settings on the brake controller are used for when you will want the trailer braking to lead the tow vehicles braking. Also, when towing a trailer that will weigh the same or more than the tow vehicle. The more the trailer weighs than the tow vehicle, the more boost is needed. Each level in boost will start out with a higher power setting and will increase with deceleration. So the heavier the trailer you are towing the higher the boost level.

In reverse the brake controller will brake proportionally. It will apply the appropriate braking based on deceleration.

I am also sending you a video link of the Prodigy brake controller being installed on a 2007 Ford Expedition. This link may help you if you run into any problems with the installation.

expert reply by: Jeff D

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