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Are there Replacement Hubs Available that will Fit a Mobile Home Axle


I have a trailer with no hubs on spindles I think they are mobile home axles. Will this hub fit on mobile home spindles for 1 3/4 x 1 1/4 bearings, I am concerned about the measurement from outside the inner bearing to outside the outer bearings. Thanks,

asked by: Jackie F

Expert Reply:

To positively determine which hub will fit a spindle, you will need either the bearing numbers from the bearings for that spindle, or you can take some precise measurements on the different steps on a spindle.

That being said, often times you will not be able to find replacement parts for a mobile home axle as they are designed for one time use applications. Replacement parts are simply not available for most mobile home axles. But if you can find the bearing numbers or collect the measurements using a set of dial calipers I can check to see if anything is available. To see which measurements are needed, I have added a link to one of our spindles and a diagram, see photo to the right, that will show you which measurements need to be taken.

expert reply by: Patrick B

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