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What Is Needed For Flat Towing A 2005 Ford Explorer With A Roadmaster Explorer Tow Bar


what parts are needed for flat towing a 2005 ford explorer. I have a Roadmaster explorer tow bar with 2 ball . thank you

asked by: george c

Expert Reply:

Since you have the Roadmaster Explorer tow bar the remaining items you will need are the base plate kit for the 2005 Ford Explorer, the safety cables and the wiring for the lights.

The base plate kit you will need for your 2005 Ford Explorer is the Roadmaster XL Base Plate Kit, # 480-1. This base plate kit is the only kit that will work with your Roadmaster Explorer tow bar. It has brackets that will attach to the Ford Explorer and the visible portions of the bracket can be removed when not being used.

The safety cables you need are the RoadMaster 68 Inch Single Hook, Coiled Safety Cables, # RM-643, these safety cables will keep the vehicle attached to the tow vehicle in case the coupler becomes detached from the hitch ball.

The wiring for the lights on your Ford Explorer when being towed is the Roadmaster Universal Hy-Power Diode Wiring Kit, # RM-154. With this kit the vehicle brake lights will function as both brake and turn lights. It will also have the diodes that prevent feedback from going from the taillights on the towed vehicle back to the vehicle that will be doing the towing.

I am sending a video link of the wiring kit # RM-154 being installed on a Jeep Liberty. The vehicle is different but the wiring principle is the same.

Check the vehicle manufacturers instructions for the proper procedures to prepare the vehicle for towing. Some vehicles must be equipped with a transmission lube pump, an axle disconnect, driveline disconnect or free-wheeling hubs before they can be towed.

expert reply by: Jeff D

Jeff D

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