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How Can The Draw-Tite Brake Controller, # 5100, Be Connected To The Brake Light Switch Wire


I cant find the wire from the brake light switch so that I can connect the trailer brake controller. The brake light switch is so buried up in the dash I cant even find it. Is there any other point where I can connect this wire?

asked by: Kerrell W

Expert Reply:

When installing the brake controller, the connection to the brake light switch is one of the harder connections to make.

On the Draw-Tite Brake Controller, # 5100, the red wire on the back of the brake controller does have to be connected to the wire on the brake light switch that has power when the brake pedal is pressed and no power when the brake is not pressed.

If you can trace that same wire that connects to the brake light switch along the wiring harness and find it, you could connect to it there as long as you have power on the wire when the brake is pressed and no power when it is not pressed. It is usually easier to connect where the brake light switch is than trying to trace it along the wiring harness.

I am sending links to wiring a brake controller from scratch and a video link of a brake controller being installed on a 1993 Chevy Suburban.

expert reply by: Jeff D

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