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How To Replace High-Performance H11 Halogen Headlight Bulbs on a 2007 GMC Sierra 1500


How to replace headlight bulb on 2007 new body GMC Sierra 1500?

asked by: John H

Expert Reply:

What is typically involved in changing or replacing headlight bulbs is 3 small steps.

The first step is usually removing the head light fixtures. Some are held in by screws. Some have pins that are pulled out, freeing the headlight fixture so it can be pulled away from the vehicle. Be careful when doing this so you do not tug on, or cut or break the head light wiring.

Once you have the fixture pulled away from the vehicle, you can disconnect the wiring from the bulbs. There will be little clips or tabs that need to be released. Be careful with these because they can break. On some vehicles, very few, the connectors need to be undone before the fixture is removed from the vehicle body.

Finally, you will need to remove the bulbs from the head light fixture. These are usually twist-lock style bulbs. You will rotate the bulb a few degrees until the teeth on the bulb line up with the notches on the fixture and the bulb will easily come out of the housing.

To install the new bulbs, simply repeat the above steps in the reverse order. You will want to make sure not to touch the glass of the bulbs with your bare hands as to not get oil from your skin on the bulbs which can cause the bulbs to burn out or shorten the life of the bulbs. I would recommend wearing gloves while replacing your headlight bulbs.

I have added a link to an installation video we have of similar bulbs on a GMC Envoy.

expert reply by: Patrick B

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