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Will Using 4 to 6-way Adapter for Jayco Trailers Part # 30104 Provide Power for Trailer Accessories


Recently purchased a 1994 Jayco trailer 6 pin square adapter to be pulled by Ford Escape with 4 flat connector. Will everything work with the 30104 adapter- lights, brake lights, reverse lights, battery charger, fridge, etc.

asked by: Jean

Expert Reply:

Using the Adapter 4 Way Flat to 6 Way Square for Jayco Trailers, part # 30104, will provide lighting functions only. You will have turn signals, brake lights, and running lights.

To gain connections for the other features like the reverse lights, battery charge, etc, your best bet would be to remove the connector on the trailer and install a 7-way connector. For the trailer, I would recommend the 7-Way Molded Trailer Wire Connector, part # H20042. When wiring this harness to the trailer, pay special attention to the color coding mentioned on the product description page. In order for the connector to work correctly, the correct color wire on the trailer connector needs to be connected to the correct wires on the trailer.

On the vehicle side, you would use the 4 to 7-Way Adapter, part # 37185. Your existing 4 way would plug into the adapter, with 4 leads remaining. The blue wire would be for the brake output circuit, which would not be needed. You can just tape the wire up out of the way. The purple wire would be extended and tap into the reverse light circuit of your Escape. The white wire would ground to clean bare metal on the vehicle and the black wire is used to provide 12-Volt power to your trailer accessories. The black wire would be extended with a length of 10 or 12 gauge wire to the positive battery terminal. This circuit will need to be protected with a 40 amp inline circuit breaker, part # 9510.

expert reply by: Mike L

Michael L

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