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Hanger Spacing Dimensions for Installing Double-Eye Leaf Springs on a Trailer


how far apart are hanger brackets to be placed - center to center of bolt holes

asked by: ken

Expert Reply:

The Trailer Leaf Spring, 2250 lbs. 6 Leaf, item # PR626, is sold as a replacement spring for older trailers and measures 26 inches for eye to eye, center to center. If you are replacing the springs and hangers you will need to use the same center to center dimension as the original mounting brackets. These springs are designed for a 4,500 pound axle.

If you are building a new trailer you will need to determine the weight capacity of the axle you will be using and order springs and hangers accordingly. We have several springs designed to be used for new construction. I will list the part numbers, weight capacities and dimensions below.

Trailer Leaf Spring, 1,750 lbs. 4 Leaf, item # PR4B, is designed for 3,500 pound axles and is used on 99 percent of trailers using 3,500 pound axles. The hangers for the # PR4B springs, are placed 25-3/4 inches apart for a single axle setup

For a tandem axle set up the front to center bracket dimension is 29-1/2 inches and the center to rear hanger dimension is 29-1/2 inches.

Trailer Leaf Spring, 2,400 lbs. 4 Leaf, item # PR4, is designed for up to 4,800 pound axles, the Trailer Leaf Spring, 2,900 lbs. 5 Leaf, item # PR5, is designed for up to 5,800 pound axles, and the Trailer Leaf Spring, 3300 lbs. 6 Leaf, item # PR6, is designed for 6,000 to 6,600 pound axles. The hanger bracket measurements for all of these springs are the same as the PR4B dimensions stated above.

We have a spring hanger kit designed to work with the above mentioned springs. For a single axle trailer use Single Axle Trailer Hanger Kit for 1-3/4 inch Double Eye Springs, item # APS1, and for a tandem axle trailer the Tandem Axle Trailer Hanger Kit for 1-3/4 inch Double Eye Springs, item # APT5.

The number of springs in the spring pack are not directly related to spring capacity or durability, springs should be selected based on the weight capacity of the axle or axles being used. I have included a link to our double-eye spring FAQ article that lists the replacement parts needed.

expert reply by: Bob G

Robert G

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