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Trailer Hitch Installation - 2009 Toyota Matrix

Today we are going to be installing Hidden Hitch part number 60898 on a 2009 Toyota Matrix. This installation will also apply for Draw-Tite part number 24812. Okay we are underneath the vehicle and we are looking at the driver-side frame rail here. As you can see at the bottom we have got three existing weld nuts. Those are going to provide our three attaching points for the trailer hitch. That is going to be the same over on the passenger side. It may be necessary to clean the weld nuts out prior to putting the hitch up into position on some models that have seen a winter or two where there might have been some road grime or corrosion built up.

Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2009 Toyota Matrix

Today we are going to be installing wiring harness part number 118460 on a 2009 Toyota Matrix. We are inside the rear cargo area of the matrix here and we are going to go ahead and point out the mounting location for our wiring harness. The ports that we will be plugging into are located directly behind the tail light assemblies here on the interior of the vehicle. You can see when I remove the cover here on the passenger side our plug is located right there. It is a little bit harder to get to on the drivers side, we actually will have to remove a couple components to gain access to it. So to start I am going to remove the rear cargo area here so that we can run our wire from one side to the other. And then we are going to pull back the access panel here on the driver side. Now with the interior panel pulled back a little bit you can see through the opening the plug that we are going to be plugging into.

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