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Transmission Cooler Installation - 2006 Honda Pilot

Today on this 2006 Honda Pilot we're going to install part number D13503. This is the Rally Series 8000 Plate Fin and Transmission Cooler Kit. First thing we need to do is go ahead and disassemble the front of the car, where we do get access to the front of the AC condenser behind the grill. To do that we're going to remove this top plate, plate on the bottom and then we'll go ahead and take off the bumper cover. Let's go ahead and remove our top cover first. There'll be a series of plastic rivets that we have to remove. If you raise the centers up just high enough, then they pop right out. This panel's loose, so go ahead and just slip it off, then guide it over the handle here.

Husky Liners Classic Custom Rear Floor Liners Review - 2007 Honda Pilot

Today on this 2007 Honda Pilot we're going to install part #HL64301, classic custom auto floor liner for the second row. All right to start off we need to remove any original liners or mats that are on the floor. With those out of the way, we can go ahead and lay our new liner in place. We can see that this floor liner is a one-piece unit that goes all the way across the vehicle. It has a raised edge that goes all the way around and the raised ridge is also by our threshold too, and it also reaches up between the rails of the front seats. This also keeps dirt and debris and water or mud on the liner and not run off into your carpet. Now if we lift up one of the corners, you can see there are points underneath it called nibs. This is what grips the carpet and keeps it in place.

Husky Liners Classic Front Floor Mats Review - 2007 Honda Pilot

Today, on this 2007 Honda Pilot, were going to install part number HL34341 from Husky Liners. This is Husky Liners Classic Custom Auto Floor Liners. To start off our install, which is very easy, well go ahead and remove the existing liners and mats. We want to get down to the bare carpet. With that, we can go ahead and just lay in our first liner. Starting on the drivers side, well go ahead and just lay it into place. Right off the bat, you can see how it sits right into place and matches the contour of the floor.

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