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Rampage TrailBlade Off-Road Wiper Blades Installation - 2003 Honda Pilot

Today on this 2003 Honda Pilot, we're going to do a test fit of part number RA24000. This is a Rampage Trail Blade Off Road windshield wiper blade. To start off our test fit by removing existing wiper blades. All these wiper blades have a small tab that we need to push to release it from the arm. We'll use a small screwdriver to help push down the tab and release it from the arm and pull it back. Now you can compare the construction between the two. The Rampage wiper blade has two blades.

Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2005 Honda Pilot

Today on our 2005 Honda Pilot we'll be installing the Tow Ready T1 Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-pole Flat Trailer Connector, part number 118336. To being our install we'll first go ahead and open up the rear hatch. Then the rear storage compartment door and we'll remove the door and set it aside. Next we'll need to remove the rear threshold. To remove the rear threshold we simply need to get underneath of it and free the fasteners underneath using a flat blade screw driver. I'll get underneath the threshold and start working the fasteners to release them. When we remove the threshold and turn it over we can see the snap fasteners that secure it. Between the back edge of the storage compartment and the front edge of the sheet metal if we push forward we can locate the wiring connector.

Trailer Hitch Installation - 2007 Honda Pilot - Draw-Tite

Today on our 2007 Honda Pilot, we'll be installing the DrawTite Hitch, part number 75599. Here's what our hitch will look like once installed. Next, we'll go ahead and give you couple measurements to assist you selecting accessories for your new hitch. From the center of the hitch pinhole to the outermost edge of the bumper is 3 1/4". From the top of the receiver tube opening to the ground is 17 3/4". This will assist your selecting accessories such as a ball mount, bike rack, or cargo carrier.

U-Ace 3D Classic Custom 2nd Row Floor Liner Review - 2011 Honda Pilot

Today on our 2011 Honda Pilot, we'll be doing a test fit of the U-Ace 3D Classic Custom Auto floor liner, with max-pider grip in the black color for the second row, part number L1HD05822209. This floor liner is also available in gray, part number L1HD05822201, as well as beige in part number L1HD05822202. We'll begin by removing our existing floor mat or floor liner from the vehicle. When removing the original floor liner, you'll notice that there is a hook or a tab on the floor that helps hold the floor mat in place. You'll need to lift the floor mat up off of these and set it out of the way. Now we're ready to install our new floor liner. To install your new floor liner, you just need to slide it into place, pressing it into the contour of the floor.

U-Ace 3D Classic Custom Front Floor Liners - 2011 Honda Pilot

Today on our 2011 Honda Pilot we will be test fitting the UACE classic custom auto floor liners with MAXpider grip, part number L1HD05812209. These mats also come in a beige, part number L1HD05812202, as well as a gray, part number L1HD05812201. Now before we begin our installation we'll need to remove the existing or old floor mats from the vehicle. Now we're ready to go ahead and install our new UACE 3D classic custom auto floor liner. To do this you slide it into place and make sure that the two holes in the floor liner line up with the two locking tabs or locking hooks that help secure it firmly. You will see here that there is a pad area where your feet will rest while driving, as well as the liner does not interfere with the brake or the gas pedal operation. You can also see it's contoured around to keep the dirt and debris on the mat. The foot rest for your left food is also covered by the mat, giving a little extra protection. Now we're ready to move over to the passenger side.

Thule Hitching Post Pro Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2003 Honda Pilot

Today on our 2003 Honda Pilot, we are going to be test fitting the Thule Hitching Post Pro, this is a tilting and a folding four bike rack. It's designed for use in an inch and a quarter and two inch style of hitch. It's part number is TH934XTR. Now to begin our test fit, we'll slide the shank of the rack into the receiver tube of our hitch. To slide it in we'll line up the threaded hole with our hitch pin hole. We can then thread in our anti rattle bolt. We are going to run that down until it's hand tight and then we'll tighten it the rest of the way using our wrench.

Husky Liners WeatherBeater Front and Rear Floor Liners Review - 2011 Honda Pilot

Rate your transcript OrderClientKevin BrossRef #20494Order #TC0837793451 Today, on our 2011 Honda Pilot, we'll be doing a test fit of the Husky Liner WeatherBeater Custom Model Floor Liners for the front and rear in black, part number HL98421. These liners also come in gray, part number HL98422. To begin with, you will need to remove any existing floor mats from the vehicle. Now, we're ready to go ahead and install our new Husky Liners. We'll begin here on the driver's side. As you will see, the back of the liners has stay-put nibs, which help it firmly embed into the carpet keeping it in place. You will also notice how the liner is contoured to the vehicle's interior, giving you superior coverage.

Swagman Titan Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2007 Honda Pilot

Today on our 2007 Honda Pilot, we're going to be test fitting the Swagman Titan 4-bike rack for 1-1/4" and 2" hitches, part number S63410. We'll begin our test fit by inserting the shank of the rack into the hitch on our vehicle. With that inserted, you'll want to watch for the hitch pin holes to line up. We can then take the included anti-rattle hitch bolt and thread that into place. After getting that high and tight, you can go ahead and take your wrench and finish it off. This helps take any extra play out of the shank of the rack. We'll go ahead and insert the clip on the other side.

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