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Titan Aero 7500 Swing-Away Actuator w/ Manual Lockout - Bolt On - Disc - 2" Ball - 7,500 lbs

Titan Trailer Coupler

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Titan Trailer Coupler - T4839100

The lockout switch on this swing-away actuator lets you deactivate your trailer brakes so that you can back up with ease. Foldaway design is perfect for convenient storage of your trailer, even in small garages.


  • Space-saving, swing-away design
    • Actuator pivots back, creating shorter tongue for storage
    • Foldaway portion can swing either right or left
  • Hydraulic actuator synchronizes trailer brakes with tow-vehicle brakes
  • Manual reverse lockout lets you reverse without actuating your trailer's brakes
    • Easy-to-use lever activates lockout
  • Zinc plating is corrosion resistant
  • Breakaway kit included
  • Bolt-on installation


  • Application: disc brakes
  • Ball size: 2"
  • Pivot length: 21-1/2"
  • Mounting: 3" x 5" wide channel tongue
    • For 3" x 3" channel tongues, use 2 of the Titan Adapter Spacer Kit(T4842100, sold separately)
    • For 3" x 4" channel tongues, use 1 of the Titan Adapter Spacer Kit (T4842100, sold separately)
  • Capacity: 7,500 lbs
  • Maximum tongue weight: 750 lbs
  • 1-Year warranty

When you apply the brakes in your tow vehicle, deceleration occurs and momentum pushes your trailer toward the rear of your vehicle. With surge brake systems, the actuator is triggered as your trailer moves forward while the tow vehicle slows. The actuator telescopes, applying force to its master cylinder, which in turn supplies the necessary hydraulic pressure to engage the trailer's brakes.

The reverse lockout can be engaged with a simple lever on the coupler. Once the lockout has been activated, you can back up your trailer without triggering the trailer brakes. Always remember to disengage the lockout mechanism when preparing to move forward.

4839100 Titan Aero 7500 Swing Away Actuator - Disc Brakes - Bolt On

Video of Titan Aero 7500 Swing-Away Actuator w/ Manual Lockout - Bolt On - Disc - 2" Ball - 7,500 lbs

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Video Demo Titan Trailer Coupler T4839100
Titan Trailer Coupler T4839100 Review

Video Transcript for Titan Trailer Coupler T4839100 Review

Today we'll be reviewing part number T4839100. This is the Titan Arrow 7500 Swing-Away Actuator with a manual lockout. This is a bolt-on installation and it's designed to work with trailer disc brakes. It's going to fit a 2 inch hitch ball and it's rated at 7,500 pounds. One of the great advantages of having this is that the fold-away portion here, the swing-away design is actually going to allow you to save some space. To gain access to that we'd need to pull the pin and clip here on the back side. Then we can swing our coupler to the side of our trailer.

It would allow this portion to swing away. The fold-away portion can swing either right or left. You would just need to reverse the mounting bracket along with the hardware. We'll go ahead and reinstall our pin and clip. We have an overall length of 26 inches. Our pivot length which is measuring from the back of this upright cylinder to the end of our coupler measures 21 1/2 inches.

This hydraulic actuator is going to synchronize your trailer brakes with the tow vehicle brakes because when you apply the brakes in your vehicle, momentum actually pushes the trailer toward the rear of your vehicle. What the actuator does is it applies the force needed to the master cylinder which in turn supplies the necessary hydraulic pressure to engage the trailer's brakes. We have a manual reverse lockout that lets you reverse without actuating your trailer's brakes. You can engage this with the simple lever here on the front of our coupler. Once this has been activated, you can easily back up your trailer without triggering the trailer brakes. In the upright position, it is activated.

When you want to move forward and just continue towing, you just put this lever in the down position. Always remember to disengage the lockout mechanism when preparing to move forward. This has a really nice zinc plating finish that's going to help it stand up against corrosion. The breakaway kit is included. The cable and hook would attach to the tow vehicle, and if for any reason your trailer would disconnect from your tow vehicle, it would pull this cable tight which would in turn activate the master cylinder to apply brake force to the trailer's brakes bringing it to an eventual stop. Here on top we have a cap that allows us to gain access to our brake fluid reservoir. You do want to be sure to bleed your brakes when you install.

That way we can ensure that both the right and left side brakes are working properly on our trailer. Here we have our pin that's attached to our coupler with a coated steel cable. That way it insures that we're not going to lose it or misplace it. It also allows us to lift up on our lever. That way we're ready to attach this to our 2 inch hitch ball. Now we'll go ahead and flip this over and we'll show you how a 2 inch hitch ball would attach to our coupler. It simply just fits right into place. Once it's in there, our lever here on top would close and we would reinstall our pin. To disengage, we lift up on the lever here on top and it drops the ball so we can disconnect the coupler away from our hitch ball. Also, here on the bottom you're going to see this little nib here. This is the connection point for the brake line of our trailer. We have our spring and our drum and our master cylinder. The mounting hardware is included. We have six bolts. Three of those are just regular hex bolt. The other three are carriage bolts. The carriage bolts will go on the bottom of the coupler unless this is reversed to swing out the other way. The regular bolts would go on top. We have a bolt hole diameter of 5/8 of an inch. Our hex bolt diameter is 3/4 of an inch. From the center of one mounting hole to the center of the other is an inch and 1/2. That's for the top and the bottom. I'll tilt this. That way you can see the pattern. It's just a standard triangle pattern. This is designed to fit a 3 by 5 wide channel tongue. We have 5 inches in height and 3 inches in width. If you have a 3 by 3 channel tongue, you can use to of the Titan adapter spacers. Those are available at part number T4842100 and are sold separately. If you have a 3 inch by 4 inch trailer tongue, you can use one of the Titan adapter spacer kits, part number T4842100 and that is also sold separately. This has a capacity of 7,500 pounds and a maximum tongue weight of 750 pounds. Again, it's going to fit a 2 inch hitch ball. It's designed to work with trailer disc brakes. I believe that's going to complete today's review of part number T4839100. This is the Titan Arrow 7500 Swing-Away Actuator. .


Ask the Experts about this Titan Trailer Coupler
Expert Answers about Titan Aero 7500 Swing-Away Actuator w/ Manual Lockout - Bolt On - Disc - 2" Ball - 7,500 lbs - T4839100Do you have a question about this Trailer Coupler?

  • Can a Fold-Away Trailer Tongue Hinge Kit Work with Hydraulic Surge Brakes
  • You can use a fold-away hinge kit with a surge coupler but you will need to replace the hard brake line with a flexible hose like # T0777300 that you have referenced. For fold-away drum brake applications use # T4839000. For a 3 x 4 inch tongue use 2 adapters # T4842100. For disc brakes use # T4839100 and 1 of the adapters. You would still need flexible brake line with either of these couplers.
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  • Is the Titan Disc Brake Kit # T4843400 Good For a Salt Water Boat Trailer
  • In the Titan disc brake kit, # T4843400, the hubs and calipers are silver cad plated, the actuator is zinc-coated, and the lines are all steel. This is not an ideal set up for a salt water application. The best option would be to go with stainless steel parts. You could start with Kodiak disc brakes, # K2R35S. For 2 axles you would need 2 sets. They fit 14 inch and larger wheels and will fit a hub with a 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern. The rotors are the over the hub style. The actuator...
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  • Recommendation for a Trailer Brake Actuator and Coupler with a Manual Lockout for a Boat Trailer
  • This model Titan Zinc-Plated Brake Actuator, # T4747200, does not have any type of lockout on it. We do have 4 couplers that do feature a manual lockout and work with disc brakes. From Titan we have the Aero 7500, # T4606500. This is a bolt on model that fits on a 3 inch wide channel tongue. We also have a swing-away model that will fold to the side for easier storage in an enclosed space. It is # T4839100. This is also a bolt on model. For a weld on model use # T4839400. We also...
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  • Can an Electric Lockout be Added to Titan Trailer Disc Brake Kit, # T4843300
  • There is enough space underneath the Fold Away Coupler in the Titan Disc Brake Kit, # T4843300, to add an electric lockout, # T4748800. With the lockout installed, you will not have to use the manual lockout that comes on the coupler. If you click on the last picture for Actuator, # T4839100, you will see the space underneath.
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  • Disc Trailer Brakes for Tandem 7,000 Pound Axles
  • We do not have a kit for 7,000 pound axles but we have disc brakes for 7,000 pound axles. I have included a link to them for you. You would then need an actuator and brake lines. For silver cad, like the kit you referenced, you would use # K2HR79SC, for one axle. The rotor/hubs have an 8 on 6-1/2 bolt pattern and use inner bearing # 25580 and outer bearing # 14125A. Check your inner and outer bearings to make sure the numbers match. This kit fits 16 inch and larger wheels. The actuator...
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  • Breakaway Cable Assembly Replacement Parts For the Titan Aero 7500 Brake Actuator
  • I spoke with my contact at Titan and the Replacement Push Rod and Breakaway Cable Assembly, # T4502700, is the kit you will want for the breakaway cable. You will also need the Breakaway Lever, # T4597100, and the Roll Pin, # T4599500. These are all of the parts involved in the breakaway assembly for your Titan Aero 7500 Brake Actuator, # T4839100.
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