Perfect for use with foldaway trailer tongues, this flexible hose functions as part of a hydraulic brake actuator system. Connect line to your actuator's master cylinder to route brake fluid to your trailer's brakes. Fittings included. Call 800-298-8924 to order Titan Accessories and Parts part number T0777300 or order online at Free expert support on all Titan products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Titan Hydraulic Brake Line with Fittings - 13" Long. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.

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Titan Hydraulic Brake Line with Fittings - 13" Long

Titan Accessories and Parts

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Titan Accessories and Parts - T0777300

Perfect for use with foldaway trailer tongues, this flexible hose functions as part of a hydraulic brake actuator system. Connect line to your actuator's master cylinder to route brake fluid to your trailer's brakes. Fittings included.


  • 13" Long hose connects hydraulic brake actuator to trailer brakes when used with additional lines and fittings (not included)
  • Flexible design makes hose perfect for use with foldaway trailer tongues
  • Brake line is furnished with 3/8"-24 UNF male and female fittings on ends

0777300 Titan 13" Long Tubing

Customer Reviews

Titan Hydraulic Brake Line with Fittings - 13" Long - T0777300

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (5 Customer Reviews)

Perfect for use with foldaway trailer tongues, this flexible hose functions as part of a hydraulic brake actuator system. Connect line to your actuator's master cylinder to route brake fluid to your trailer's brakes. Fittings included.

- T0777300

by: Rod S.05/09/2014

I have ordered an automobile hitch, and now expanded ordering to include brake parts. In each case e-trailer has been very helpful to overcome questions. Excellent service, helpful people. 129707

- T0777300

by: Scott01/17/2015

Even though it was too short and I could not use it the line is well made for the price. I wish I could return it. 170270

- T0777300

by: Doug S08/07/2012

Used these hoses to attach steel brake lines to disc brake caliper on a torsion axle. Worked fine. 50845

- T0777300

by: CHARLES E. HODGKINS02/02/2012

looks goodand will be needed. 30924

- T0777300

by: Ron07/12/2013

Bolted right up! 89296


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  • Parts Needed to Repair Brake Line Connection on Titan Model 60 Hydraulic Trailer Coupler
  • It looks like that is a piece of flexible brake line you are using. You would need standard flexible brake line with a 3/8 inch male fitting. We offer them in varying lengths. A 13 inch long brake line with fittings (male on one end, female on the other) is available as part # T0777300, 18-25/32 inch length as part # T0776500 or a 25 inch long line is available as part # T0980100. If you do not already have one installed, I would recommend a solenoid shield, part # T4835800183 to...
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  • Can a Fold-Away Trailer Tongue Hinge Kit Work with Hydraulic Surge Brakes
  • You can use a fold-away hinge kit with a surge coupler but you will need to replace the hard brake line with a flexible hose like # T0777300 that you have referenced. For fold-away drum brake applications use # T4839000. For a 3 x 4 inch tongue use 2 adapters # T4842100. For disc brakes use # T4839100 and 1 of the adapters. You would still need flexible brake line with either of these couplers.
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  • Recommended Trailer Tongue Hinge Kit for 3x5 Inch Frame on Shorelander Boat Trailer w/ Surge Coupler
  • For a 3x5 trailer tongue, I'd recommend the Fulton # FHDPB350101 coupler hinge kit. Keep in mind that this hinge isn't for use with aluminum trailer frames. You'll also need to install a piece of flex brake line like the # T0777300 that you referenced. I've linked you to a video that contains more information about the hinge.
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  • Fold-Away Hinge Kit and Flexible Brake Line for a Trailer with a 3 x 4 Inch Tongue
  • First for a 3 x 4 inch tongue the highest capacity hinge is # FHDPW340300 rated for up to 7,500 pounds gross trailer weight and 750 pounds tongue weight but it is a weld-on application. The bolt-on version, # FHDPB340301, is rated for up to 7,000/700 pounds. The actual capacities are going to depend on the maximum pivot length. At 32 inches you would be looking at roughly 6,750 pounds gross trailer weight and 675 pounds tongue weight. Please note that you cannot install a hinge on a...
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  • How to Modify Brake Lines for Folding Tongue Boat Trailer
  • You could the 25 inch long hydraulic brake line with fittings, part # T0980100. You would just need to connect the line to your actuator master cylinder to route brake fluid to your trailer brakes. The fittings are included. We offer the flexible line in a few different lengths as well. For example # T0777300 is 13 inches long.
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  • Parts Needed to Install Titan Disc Brake Kit and Swing-Away Actuator # T4843300
  • The Titan Disc Brake Kit you referenced, part # T4843300 includes the flex line to make the transition between the actuator and swinging portion of the trailer tongue and the stationary portion. The brake line would then transition to hard line until the axle is reached, where the second piece of flex line would make the transition to the hard line that runs along the axle. At this point, you will need two flex lines, part # T0777300, brackets, part # T0776300 and retaining clips, part...
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  • Pros and Cons of Adding Cast or Aluminum Disc Brake Calipers to a Boat Trailer
  • The first thing to do is verify that the the disc brake calipers and wheel bearings will fit your trailer. The majority of 3,500 lb axles use # L68149 inner, # L44649 outer bearings and the # RG06-050 grease seals, but you should check to be sure. Next, make sure the wheels on your trailer are 14 inch diameter or larger, and that the spring on your trailer is at least 3 inches from the outer face of the brake mounting flange so that the caliper can be installed without contacting the...
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  • Will the Flexible Brake Hose # T0777300 Fit on 3/16 Inch Threads
  • The Titan Hydraulic Brake Line with Fittings, # T0777300, is equipped with 3/8 inch -24 UNF fittings that fit on 3-1/16 inch threaded fittings so it should work for you.
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  • Will Titan Disc Brake Kit and Aero 7500 Actuator # T4843500, Fit A 3 Foot Swing Away Tongue
  • You will just need to order a few extra parts to be able to use the Titan Disc Brake Kit and Aero 7500 Actuator w/ Manual Lockout, part # T4843500, on your swing away tongue that is 3 feet long. You will need to order the Titan Hydraulic Brake Line with Fittings - 12-27/32 Inches Long, part # T0777300, the Titan Hydraulic Brake Line with Fittings - 30 Inches Long, part # T1061900, and the Titan 3/16 Inch Hydraulic Union, part # T1287900. The 30 inch long brake line # T1061900 will attach...
    view full answer...

  • Will a Fold Away Coupler Work on a 2002 Blazer Bass Boat Trailer with Hydraulic Surge Brakes
  • Yes, the Fulton Fold-Away Hinge Kit for 3 x 4 inch Trailer Tongue - Weld-On, item # FHDPW340300, will work on a trailer with surge breaks. You will need to determine the length of the coupler that will be in front of the fold away to select the appropriate length of flexible hydraulic brake line to allow the foldaway to fold without damaging the brake line. We have several lengths of flexible brake line available for this. Titan Hydraulic Brake Line with Fittings - 12-27/32 inches...
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  • Parts Needed to Convert Titan Model 6 Drum Brake Actuator # T4079200 to 4-Disc Brake Operation
  • It is possible to rebuild a drum brake actuator to handle the higher pressure and fluid displacement required for disc brake assemblies. However, in the case of your four Kodiak disc brakes (part # K1HR35D) for use on a tandem axle trailer these will require more fluid displacement than can be provided even by a modified Model 6 actuator. A drum-to-disc-modified Model 6 actuator could handle the requirements of two brake assemblies but not four, according to my contact at Titan. He...
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  • Will Titan Disc Brake Kit, Part # T4843000, Fit 2008 Magic Tilt Sea Fox Boat Trailer (13-in wheels)
  • The Titan Disc Brake Kit, part # T4843000, is intended for trailers with 3500-lb axles with 10-inch hubs, 4-bolt flanges and wheels with a 5-on-4-1/2 bolt pattern. To confirm compatibility with your trailer axle you will need to check the bearings that are currently installed; knowing the year/make/model of trailer does not necessarily tell us what bearings are required. This Titan kit uses inner bearing # L68149 and outer bearing # L44649. If your axle specs and bearing numbers match these...
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  • Is a Flexible Hose Needed to Connect Titan Reverse Lockout Solenoid Valve # T4748800
  • You will need to add a flexible brake line hose only if your trailer coupler uses a hinge at the rear of the coupler (if it is a foldaway type). If so, we offer flexible brake line hoses in three lengths, each with male and female 3/8-inch-24 UNF fittings. The 13-inch hose is part # T0777300; the 18-inch hose is part # 18018-SF; and the 25-inch hose is part # T0980100.
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  • Plumbling Hydraulic Brake Lines for Tri Axle Boat Trailer
  • Although I don't have a diagram for a tri-axle trailer, I do have one for a tandem. If you refer to the photo, you would plumb the brake lines as shown, but would add the additional lines and tees for an extra axle. Here's the part numbers of the items shown in the photo. (A) 12-27/32" Long flexible hose ( # T0777300) (B) 18-25/32" Long flexible hoses ( # T0776500) (C)19' Long steel line ( # T4336000) (D) 66" Long steel lines ( # T1086600) (E) 30" Long steel line...
    view full answer...

  • Selecting a Brake Line Kit for Boat Trailer Being Converted to Disc Brakes
  • You are correct to place your disc brakes on the rear axle of your boat trailer since this is where most of the weight will be carried (nearer to the boat's motor). Disc brake and torsion axle applications both require flexible brake lines so yes you can use the kit you referenced, part # DM5424. This kit includes 18-7/8-inch long flexible lines, but if your measurement shows you need longer flex lines we offer various sizes of lines; part # T0777300 is 13-inches; part # T0776500 is...
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  • How to Shorten Hydraulic Disc Brake Lines
  • Thank you for your purchase from etrailer! The flexible brake lines you selected, Titan # T0777300 and # T0776500, are not designed for cutting. These are offered in the various lengths to allow you to avoid that need and these flex lines are also intended for use near the brake assemblies where their flexibility allows them to handle the motion of the trailer suspension. If you purchased elsewhere a brake kit with rigid steel lines you will need a flaring tool (which we do not offer)...
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  • Extending Brake Line from Back of Master Cylinder to Use Electric Lockout Solenoid
  • You should just need flexible brake line # T0777100 which has 3/8 inch UNF female fittings on both ends. The Solenoid will install directly to the back of the master cylinder, then this short hose which will then connect to the hose already on the trailer. If you need one with a female fitting on one end and a male on the other use # T0777300.
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