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2010 Toyota Corolla Roof Rack by Thule

Roof Rack Includes:

Thule Square Load Bars - Steel - 50" - Qty 2
Thule Traverse Roof-Rack Foot Pack
Thule Roof-Rack Fit Kit for Traverse Foot Packs - 1515


Part Numbers: THLB50,TH480,THKIT1515


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Thule Square Load Bars - Steel - 50" - Qty 2
part number: THLB50

These steel load bars attach to Thule roof-rack feet to create a sturdy, convenient roof-mounted rack. Durable plastic coating resists corrosion and provides cushion for your load. Accomodates accessories that clamp around bars.


  • Load bars work with Thule foot packs to create a roof rack for mounting various accessories
    • Mount a cargo carrier, bike rack, kayak saddles, ski carrier and more
      • Racks and accessories must clamp around crossbars
  • Standard, square load bars are sturdy and offer extreme support
  • Crossbar length can accommodate the following, depending on the types of carriers and accessories used:
    • 1 - 4 Bikes
    • 1 - 2 Kayaks
    • 1 - 8 Pairs of skis
    • 2 - 4 Surfboards
    • 1 Cargo box (with enough room to fit 1 bike beside it)
  • Plastic coating helps to prevent rust and corrosion while providing non-scratch cushion for your load
  • Galvanized steel is strong and durable


  • Length: 50"
  • Fits the following Thule foot packs:
    • Crossroad (TH450)
    • Aero (TH400XT)
    • Tracker II (TH430)
    • Low gutter feet (TH300)
    • High gutter feet (TH387)
    • Super-high gutter feet (TH953)
    • Podium (TH460)
  • Weight: 8-1/2 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 165 lbs per pair
  • Quantity: 2 crossbars
  • Lifetime warranty

LB50 Thule Standard Square Steel Cross Bars - 50" Long

Thule Traverse Roof-Rack Foot Pack
part number: TH480

If your roof is naked, dress it up with the Thule Traverse. This revolutionary, vehicle-specific system is the ultimate base rack, boasting the strongest hold, the most accurate fit and the easiest installation of any rack on the market, bar none.


  • Revolutionary, vehicle-specific roof-rack system
    • Mounts to naked roof using custom Traverse fit kit (sold separately)
    • Works with Thule square load bars (sold separately)
      • Traverse kit includes load bar end caps
  • Patented MaxClamp technology
    • Holds the rack to the vehicle more securely than other systems on the market
  • Integrated AcuTight tensioning tool
    • Indicates when the rack is safely and properly attached to the vehicle
    • Ensures safest and most consistent installation
    • Stores inside the foot
  • Exclusive EZAssemble design
    • Uses 50 percent fewer parts than other leading brands
    • Installs in half the time required for competing products
  • Convenient, vehicle-specific fit kit brackets snap into place effortlessly - no tools or fasteners required
  • Handy OneTouch bar lock
    • Allows you to set the rack position once and never have to do it again
  • Lockable outer cover with bold, contemporary styling
    • Hides and protects foot interior
    • Blends flawlessly with any roofline to create an integrated appearance
    • Secures with Thule One Key locking system (sold separately)
  • Entire system installs and removes in a snap
  • Made in USA


  • Quantity: 4 feet
  • Required:
    • Thule square load bars
    • Thule vehicle-specific Traverse fit kit
  • Optional: Thule One Key system locks to secure rack to vehicle
    • 4 Locking cylinders are needed
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The Thule Traverse foot pack is the ultimate vehicle-specific base rack, providing the strongest hold, the most accurate fit and the easiest installation of any rack on the market.

AcuTight Tensioning Tool for Thule Traverse Foot Packs

The Traverse towers - or feet - hold the bars to the vehicle more securely than other racks by implementing Thule's patented MaxClamp technology. The towers are tightened to the vehicle using the integrated AcuTight tensioning tool. These devices indicate when the feet are safely and properly attached to the vehicle, and they store conveniently inside the towers when not in use.

EasyClick Bracket Attachment snaps brackets into place with a click

The towers mount to your vehicle using vehicle-specific clips (sold separately) that snap into place on the towers in seconds with Thule's EasyClick bracket-attachment system.

OneTouch Bar Lock provides easy rack system setup

The Traverse offers a handy OneTouch bar lock lever, allowing you to set the rack position once during the initial installation. The bar lock then holds your load bars in place so that you never have to position them again - even when removing and reinstalling the rack.

480 Thule Traverse Roof Rack Foot Pack (QTY 4)

Thule Roof-Rack Fit Kit for Traverse Foot Packs - 1515
part number: THKIT1515

These custom-fit mounting brackets work with Thule Traverse foot packs to ensure the safest, most secure fit. Brackets simply snap into place on the feet for quick, easy installation. Pads are included to protect your vehicle's surface.


  • Custom-designed mounting brackets fit your specific vehicle
    • Work in conjunction with Thule Traverse foot pack (sold separately)
  • Simple to install - click into place in roof-rack feet
  • Soft foot pads are included to protect vehicle surface


  • Quantity: 4 mounting brackets and 4 foot pads
  • Application: Thule Traverse and Rapid Traverse foot packs (TH480R, TH480 and TH4802)
  • Limited lifetime warranty

1515 Thule Roof Rack Fit Kit for Traverse Foot Packs - 1515

Video of Thule Square Load Bars - Steel - 50" - Qty 2

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Thule Roof Rack Review - 2014 Toyota Corolla

Today on our 2014 Toyota Corolla, we're going to be test-fitting the Thule Traverse Roof Rack System. We're going to be using part numbers THLB50, that's going to be for the 50-inch bars. TH480, that's going to be for the traverse foot packs and part number THKIT1746, that's going to be for Toyota Corolla custom foot pack that Thule puts together for us. Again, just a custom fit. It's got the custom fit pad and the clamps designed to fit the roof line of our vehicle. Now we already have our rear bar installed onto our vehicle and we have part of our front bar assembled and put together. Real quick, we just want to go and show you how to assemble the last foot pack and how to assemble it onto the bar. We're going to rotate this around you so you can get a better look at it. We got our foot pack here, again, this is going to be part number TH480, you're going to get four feet included in that.

We need to install the custom padding on it. You can see there how that kind of fits the footprint so once we get that on there, all we have to do is press that into place. This pad is going to be making contact with the roof of our vehicle so we want to make sure that we get that on there nice and secure. Next thing that we need to do is install the clamp, it goes right on there and it goes over that little nib portion there, that's going to hold it in place. Then once we have it installed, all we have to do is tighten that Allen bolt with the included tool. It's going to be in this portion around the roof line of our vehicle securing the foot pack, nice, in place on the roof line. Now that we can see how it installs or fully assembles, we can go and install it onto our bar. Lift up on that back lever, it's going to allow it to slide onto the square bar.

Now make sure we have this on the right location. We do need to take a measurement and we can find that right here on the fit guide that Thule includes with the fit kit. It's showing us that the distance that we need from one foot pack to the other is going to be 35 and five eights of an inch. We already have this one set over here so we're just going to take that measurement, measure 35 and five eights of an inch. We'll make sure that we have this in the correct location, measuring to the closest point. Once we have that measurement done, we can simply close this back lever, that's going to secure it in place.

We install our end cap and now we're ready to put it up onto our vehicle. We'll go ahead and open up our doors and do this on both sides and then we can grab our front bar and simply just place it on to the front part of our roof. Once we have that on there, we do need to take another measurement. We're going to go around to the other side and just make sure that clamp is fitting nicely around the roof line. Keep in mind that in some situations, you may need to loosen up those Allen bolts on the inside of the foot pack, that's just going to give you more room to work with, allowing the installation to go a little bit easier. The distance that we need between our bars is going to be 25 and one quarter of an inch. We'll do that measurement from the center of one bar to the center of the other, so 25 and one quarter. Just keep adjusting that until we get it right on the correct measurement.

It looks pretty good right there. We do need to do this measurement on both sides, that way we can ensure that our bars are parallel with one another and that our feet are straight across from each other. That's going to be set right there, 25 and one quarter on each side. Then what we can do is we can go ahead and tighten down the clamps and you're going to see how they fit really nicely around the roof line of the vehicle. We do want to tighten down a little bit at a time, goes from side to side of the vehicle. You see here how the pad is a nice custom fit, really contours nicely around the roof line, also fits in that channel there so it's still going to allow water to exit off the roof. Tighten on this side and and we'll move to the other side and repeat that same process. We just want to keep doing this until we get a nice secure fit. Going from side to side is really going to ensure that our fit are fitting nicely around the roof line and that we're taking full advantage of that custom fit that Thule offers. Knit 05:14 this side nice and tight. The other neat features that once you have it tight, you can just slide that tool back into that Allen bolt and close the lid. Okay We'll move to the other side and we'll finish the securing process. It's pretty tight right there. With everything tight and secure, that's going to complete out test-fit of the Thule Traverse Roof Rack System. Again, we're using part numbers THLB50 for the 50 inch bars, TH480 for the Traverse Foot Pack, and part number THKIT1746 for the custom fit kit. .

Customer Reviews

Thule Square Load Bars - Steel - 50" - Qty 2 - THLB50

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (43 Customer Reviews)

These steel load bars attach to Thule roof-rack feet to create a sturdy, convenient roof-mounted rack. Durable plastic coating resists corrosion and provides cushion for your load. Accomodates accessories that clamp around bars.

- THLB50

by: Jerry G09/19/2013

I already had an "older" Thule roof/bike rack, purchased for a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, then used on a 2010 Hyundai Elantra Touring (this was the roof rack with the "strapped-on to roof rails" feet, and the bike carriers with the cantilevered, front fork-secured, mechanism). My new 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT does NOT have roof rails, thus the need for this new Thule package consisting of: 1) TH460 - Thule Podium Roof Mounted Foot Pack for Square Load Bars, 2) THKIT3068 - Thule Fit Kit for Podium Syle Foot Pack and 3) THLB50 - Thule Square Load Bars - Steel - 50" - Qty 2. MY plan was to "re-use" the pair of "older" Thule bike carriers. Etrailer's online info was excellent. The installation videos (although not for this identical package on the same vehicle as mine - but the 2012 Honda CRV's roof-mounting system is very close to the Hyundai's) were even MORE excellent! The box arrived on-time. The components were all there, and undamaged. The installation instructions were clear and concise... even for these 67 year-old eyes/mind! My "older" Thule bike carriers fit PERFECTLY... the new load bars are identical to my old ones (the only reason I needed new ones was I'd "cut down" the old ones when I moved the rack from the Grand Cherokee to the Elantra Touring, and now they were ~2" too short!!!). We tow the car behind our motorhome and we've found the Thule roof-mounted products to be excellent for our needs... holding up to three bikes on the top of our "dinghy". Dealing with the folks at was a very pleasant experience! 100578

- THLB50

by: Amy S.05/29/2014

Got our order for this roof rack system and CRV fit kit in a timely manner and even had the etrailer team contact us both when there was a small delay on our fit kit coming in as well as when everything actually shipped out! Assembly was super easy and straight forward. The husband worked on prepping the car while I assembled the bars to the towers and then we worked together to affix everything to the car. All in all, it took us maybe 30 minutes to complete installation. Doing it alone might take 45 and is very doable. My only gripe would be the actual footers on the fit kit. The plastic pieces looked like they were supposed to snap in somewhere but just wiggled around in the mounting gaps until we actually tightened them down. They also seemed to be a bit of an awkward fit on the existing plastic rails, but again, once tightened look fine. I was slightly worried they would crack when tightening just because the plastic isn't very thick, but no problems so far! We're only one week after installation now, but love the look of them on the car, haven't noticed any extra noise while driving, and are excited for the first kayak trip this weekend to actually use them! 133284

- THLB50

by: Mark J.07/14/2011

The Thule system was installed on my 2005 Dodge Dakota extended cab by myself, in a very short time. It works awesome. Thanks for a great product! 19397


how did this work out for you?

comment by: nate - 12/13/2015



It works great! Easy to remove the crossbars when not needed. Just leave the brackets on. I was skeptical at first but I can haul my canoe anywhere now!

comment by: Mark - 12/17/2015


- THLB50

by: Michael07/07/2014

Sorry for the slow response. We only installed the crossbars this passed weekend. They were very easy to install, as soon as I took the instructions away from my brother. I think they look very nice on the car, but his wife doesn't like them, so we'll be taking them off and putting them on every time we go kayaking. I have my opinions about that situation which I'll keep to myself. I've attached pics of both a front and a back view. 139637

- THLB50

by: John10/08/2011

Great service provided here are I am very happy with my order. I ordered the product on Monday at like 11:00AM and chose the free 5-7 day shipping. They gave me 3-5 day shipping for free and had the product shipped out that day!!! I got it on Thursday with everything I order. There were no issues with anything. They emailed me like 1 hour after the product arrived to make sure everything was good. I would definitely buy here again, and refer my friends to 25272

- THLB50

by: Bob S.01/14/2012

ETrailer web site made product selection simple, delivery was even faster than expected, and they kept me informed of order progress via e-mail from start to finish. Thule roof rack system fit perfectly and was easy to assemble and install. Haven't used Rightline cargo bag yet, but construction and materials appear to be robust and well-designed. Overall an outstanding experience. 29728

- THLB50

by: Bob S.01/14/2012

ETrailer web site made product selection simple, delivery was even faster than expected, and they kept me informed of order progress via e-mail from start to finish. Thule roof rack system fit perfectly and was easy to assemble and install. Haven't used Rightline cargo bag yet, but construction and materials appear to be robust and well-designed. Overall an outstanding experience. 29727

- THLB50

by: Geoff08/18/2012

These roof rack bars are easy to use and put on/take off the car - I got them for a Subaru Outback. My wife can easily install them, too. (We like to take them off when we don't need them b/c they cause a low whistling sort of sound when you drive.) The delivery was really quick. I am totally satisfield with etrailer and the product I ordered. 52204

- THLB50

by: Stefanie B07/09/2014

Product arrived very quickly and was in excellent condition. I was easily able to follow the instructions and put it on my Subaru Crosstrek. One thing I would recommend is to purchase the locks along with the bars and footpads. I thought the footpads would come with locks, but they do not, so I will have to make another purchase. 140330

- THLB50

by: Mike J.04/03/2015

I have a set of the 58" bars for a second car also. Not much to say except they're perfect for carrying my kayaks and canoe, especially with the Thule canoe mounts and the Yakima Even Keel kayak saddles. Excellent quality and service from etrailer. 182636

- THLB50

by: BK12/14/2012

My load bars came with a crack in the one of the bars. I called customer service and they indicated they would send me a new set. The customer was very prompt with my request. I hope to receive the new set so I can install and use. 61423

- THLB50

by: Dennis S06/19/2013

Instructions were easy to follow and mounting them was easily done in a few minutes. sturdy and secure-does cause slight wind resistance but that would be any product of this nature. Very pleased and would recommend to others 85238

- THLB50

by: MM06/07/2013

Very quick installation and perfect fit. etrailer's shipping was spectacular. I ordered on Tuesday at 11AM and everything arrived on Thursday before 9AM! This was only with the first level shipping upgrade. Great success. 83707

- THLB50

by: Geert12/20/2011

The product was delivered as shown on the website. Parts arrived 1 day earlier than expected. Installation instructions were clear and easy to understand. Installation was quick and simple. Overall an excellent experience 28386

- THLB50

by: Bierburner10/06/2011

Easy to install and great price over the standard VW one for sale. Saved about $100. Recommend it to anyone who has rails that come stock on the vehicle and just need bars. 25174

- THLB50

by: Jordan C.12/19/2011

Thanks to the great website design I was confident these would work on my Kia Sorrento, and they installed quickly and easily with no problems. 28270

- THLB50

by: Bob.d09/23/2015

These cross bars fit my 2012 GMC Terrain like a glove. Thanks so much for your prompted service.I couldn't ask for better. Great job!!!!! 227257

- THLB50

by: Joel N.05/31/2012

Easy to install on a Mazda 5. I liked the kit that eTrailer sells. Don't bother with the overpriced locks from Thule, in my opinion. 42176

- THLB50

by: Frank J01/09/2012

Best buy. The little extra these cost is well worht it for load carrying and the ease of attaching with the square cross section. 29358

- THLB50

by: edgar m09/03/2014

was contemplating the aero or square bars but im glag i went with these. match my car color and are really sturdy 149993

- THLB50

by: Seth M01/25/2015

A little noisy on the highway but I think that would be expected. Nothing you can't play your music over 171171


Thank you for the feedback, we do offer the accessory fairing to help cut down on wind noise with these types of crossbars. Thanks!

Michael L from - 01/28/2015


For your 50 inch crossbars you might consider the Thule 52 inch Fairing Part # TH873XT
Thule Fairing for Roof Racks - 52" Long
to reduce the wind noise you are experiencing.

Rachael H - 1/29/2015

- THLB50

by: Skye Barcus05/04/2012

Always a great place to purchase hitches and racks! Good prices and great customer service. 39407

- THLB50

by: Jeff05/27/2012

Received quickly. Got the items out of the box, and had it together in ten minutes. 41800

- THLB50

by: Ron S.06/13/2011

I really like the square bars instead of the round one provided by other makers. 16831

- THLB50

by: Andy10/26/2011

Love it. Came on time (early actually) and fit and finish was top notch. 26172

- THLB50

by: JSJ05/21/2012

Easy to build and attach, all parts present, and very fast delivery! 41126

- THLB50

by: John F07/20/2012

Durable product with gripped surface to cutdown on box shifting. 48647

- THLB50

by: Larry Wallace04/09/2011

I unpacked , , , assembled . . . and hit the road Jack! Thanks 11381

- THLB50

by: Hugo03/23/2014

Great so far will be trying out this weekend with 9.5 kayak. 121847

- THLB50

by: Kavin09/22/2012

Very prompt and in perfect condition. Thank you very much! 55509

- THLB50

by: Colin01/10/2014

Got them a little dinged up but hey, it's a roof rack. 112493

- THLB50

by: Bill A.01/16/2012

Excellent product! Put together and installed easily. 29761

- THLB50

by: Fred B.08/19/2011

As advertised & delivery as scheduled. Happy Camper !! 22123

- THLB50

by: Mazda5 owner06/25/2013

Fits fine. Will have to see its durabil ity. 85907

- THLB50

by: Bonilla03/01/2011

Thanks again for the great service. 8159

- THLB50

by: Rich E01/24/2015

Simple ,good looking and strong 171135

- THLB50

by: curtis smith03/14/2012

The racks are working well. 33909

- THLB50

by: Chuck H06/23/2011

Sturdy and easy to assemble. 17784

- THLB50

by: Emily s12/27/2012

It's great. Perfect size 62024

- THLB50

by: Sean C.05/11/2011

Solid and well made. 13458

- THLB50

by: Carlos04/13/2015

Strong bars. 184946

- THLB50

by: Mark Pierson01/27/2011


- THLB50

by: jeff04/14/2011

great 11745


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  • Roof Rack Recommendation for a 2016 Honda Fit
  • For your 2016 Honda Fit you would want the part numbers # THLB50, # TH480, and # THKIT1751 to complete a roof rack. I attached an install video for you to check out as well.
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  • Parts Needed to Install Thule Truck Cap Roof Rack on Leer Truck Cap
  • If you truck cap already has Thule roof rack tracks installed you can use two 50-inch load bars # THLB50. You will also need one Podium Style Foot Pack Fit Kit # THKIT3101 and one of the Podium Foot Pack kits # TH460. I confirmed this with my technical contact at Thule. The Tracker II Foot Pack # 753-2152 is now discontinued.
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  • What Roof Rack for 2014 Honda CR-V with Factory Side Rails Can Use 72-Inch Thule Square Load Bars
  • The width of your 2014 Honda CR-V measured from the outside edges of the two side mirrors is 71 inches. For safety reasons it is not recommended to use crossbars that are substantially wider than the roof line itself. If you were to mount your 72-inch Thule square load bars onto compatible rack feet the crossbars would extend out from each side of the roof enough to pose a potential hazard. The longest crossbars recommended for your CR-V are 50-inches but since it is possible to cut
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  • Roof Rack Feet and Fit Kit Only for Existing Crossbars on a 2013 Mazda CX-5
  • That all depends on the brand of bars that you have. If they are Thule 50 inch bars then for your 2013 Mazda CX-5 with a naked roof you would need foot pack # TH480 and Fit Kit # THKIT1721. Current pricing can be seen below. If you have a different brand of bars let me know what you have and I can determine the parts you will need. Thule is the only manufacturer than has exactly 50 inch bars for a naked roof 2013 Mazda CX-5. Other systems have longer or shorter bars depending on the system.
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  • Roof Rack Recommendation for a 2016 Ford Edge
  • If you have flush mounted rails that run front to back on your 2016 Ford Edge you would want the roof rack part numbers # THLB50, # TH460, and # THKIT4047. If instead you have a totally naked roof you would want the part numbers # Y00409, # Y00124, # Y00664, and # Y00731.
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  • Weight Capacity of Roof Rack on a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Carrying Two Kayaks
  • My wife and I just bought a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe that has the factory rails that run front to back. The limit of those is 75 pounds just like on yours, and I remember thinking, wow, that is not very much. Adding cross bars will not increase the capacity of the rails even if the cross bars themselves might be able to carry more weight. Even if this is the case, you will still be limited to the 75 pounds. If you were to add the recommended cross bars, # Y00408, and the Towers, # Y00138,
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  • Roof Rack and Bike Rack Recommendations for a 2012 Volkswagen Jetta
  • For a Thule roof rack for a 2012 Volkswagen Jetta, there are a couple of different options. First, there is a system with the traditional Thule square bars. And there is also a system with new AeroBlade bars. If cost is an issue, then going with a square bar system will be the way to go. You will need the following parts: Bars, # THLB50 Foot Pack, # TH480 Fit Kit, # THKIT1618 You can also add a fairing, # TH872XT For bike racks that will fit this system, I would go with the
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  • Roof Rack Recommendation for a 2016 Honda Fit with Sun Roof
  • The Thule roof rack part numbers # THLB50, # TH480, and # THKIT1751 has been confirmed as a fit for your 2016 Honda Fit with a sunroof. This is a great roof rack that would fit well on your vehicle. Check out the install video I attached that shows this rack installed on a similar Fit as yours. Keep in mind, it is likely you will not be able to open the sunroof while the roof rack is installed. If the sunroof add any additional height to the top of your vehicle, the sunroof may come
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  • Roof Rack and Cargo Box Recommendations for a 2012 Toyota Prius V
  • I will be happy to help you select a roof rack and cargo box for your 2012 Toyota Prius V. If you want a good economical roof rack I recommend Rhino-Rack roof rack with Euro-style bars using # DS126B and custom clamp kit # DK195. If you want something that looks more OEM, will be more aerodynamic, and have less drag and noise I recommend the RS style roof rack # RRRS372. If you want to keep all of the parts the same manufacturer then I recommend a Rhino-Rack Master-Fit box. They
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  • We can offer you several choices in roof racks for your 1998 Honda Accord with Sunroof. Just click on the link provided and use the Select Vehicle Style drop-down menu tool at the top of the page to select the 2-door or 4-door Accord. You'll then see roof rack systems suitable for your car. For the 2-door Accord I recommend the Yakima round bar rack consisting of parts # Y00408, # Y00124 and # Y00695. This includes 48-inch crossbars and a weight capacity of 165-lbs. You can add end caps
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  • Roof Rack Option for Sportsmobile Van w/ Fiberglass Pop-Up Roof
  • We have exactly what you're looking for. Thule does indeed offer a roof track system that features racks that are 60 inches long (not 6 feet). To assemble the roof rack system, you'll need the following parts: 60 inch roof tracks with mounting hardware, part # THTB60 (quantity of 2) 4 pack Podium roof rack feet, part # TH460 Additional roof rack feet for third crossbar # TH4602 (includes two feet) Fit Kit to connect feet to tracks, part # THKIT3101 (only sold in sets of 4, so you'll
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  • Part Need to Transfer Thule Traverse Roof Rack from 2008 Yaris 3-Door to 2013 Yaris 5-Door
  • The Thule Traverse square bar roof rack system that fits your 2008 Toyota Yaris 3-door hatchback consists of parts # THLB50 (50-inch bars), # TH480 (foot pack), # TH487 (short roof adapter) and # THKIT1677 (vehicle-specific fit kit). To install this rack on your 2013 Toyota Yaris 5-door you'll just need to add a new fit kit, part # THKIT1427. This will adapt the existing bars and foot pack to the new car. The adapter will not be needed on the 5-door.
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  • What Roof Rack for 2010 Ford Expedition XLT Can Carry Long Pieces of Lumber and is Easily Removable
  • Since you are intending to carry lumber on your Expedition I suggest that a first step be a review of your owners manual to confirm the vehicle roof weight capacity. I was able to find an online copy of the manual for the 2010 XLT but not a specific listing for roof weight capacity. Your owners manual or local dealership should be consulted for the roof weight limit to ensure that your intended lumber loads do not exceed it. Another consideration is that since you are transporting long
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  • Thule Roof Rack for a 2004 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab
  • The Thule Traverse Roof Rack with the square crossbars, # THLB50, Traverse Foot Pack, # TH480 and Fit Kit, # THKIT1064, will fit your 2004 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab as long as it has a bare roof. A bare roof will not have a factory roof rack or side rails. At this time there are no roof rack fits for models with factory side rails. The Thule Traverse roof rack has a maximum weight capacity of 165 lbs. I strongly recommend checking your owners manual or with your local Toyota dealer to
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  • Kayak Carriers for a 2008 Subaru Outback Wagon with Factory Roof Rack
  • The 100 pound capacity on the 2008 Subaru Outback Wagon most likely refers to the system as a whole. In all probability they took the lowest rated component in the system, either the roof, the side rails, or the crossbars, and went by that rating for the whole system. You may be able to find the capacity of each separate component in the owners manual or by contacting a dealership. But even if you were to add different crossbars like the Thule Load Bars, # THLB50, Thule still states
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  • Roof Rack Option for 2015 Ford Transit Full-Sized Van
  • None of our roof rack manufacturers (Thule, Yakima or Rhino Rack) offer a custom roof rack solution for your vehicle, but I do have a solution for you. As a first step, you'll need to install roof rack tracks on the roof of the vehicle, which will involve drilling into the vehicle roof. The tracks are available in a 42 inch length as part # THTP42 or a 54 inch length as # THTP54. With the tracks in place, you'll assemble the actual roof rack using the following parts: Thule Podium
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  • Yakima Roof Rack for a 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport with Panoramic Sunroof and Flush Side Rails
  • First, regarding the Saris Cycle-On Pro, that particular bike carrier has been discontinued. The only place it is mentioned on the Saris site even is in the archives of the manuals section. There are many other similar carriers though and I have included a link to them for you. The Yakima RailGrab towers # Y00138 do actually fit the flush rails on your 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. Since you already have RailGrab towers you will only need the pin adapter, # Y8880201. The 2015 Santa Fe
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  • Thule or Yakima Roof Rack Recommendation for a 2015 Nissan Xterra with Side Rails
  • Both the Thule Crossroads roof rack that consists of part numbers # THLB50 and # TH450 and the Yakima RailGrab roof rack that consists of part # Y00408 and part # Y00138 are confirmed to fit your 2015 Nissan Xterra with raised side rails. Personally I like the Thule better because I prefer the square bars that won't let roof accessories like snowboard carriers roll forward or back like the round bars do and because I like that the Thule attaches by wrapping all the way around the side
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  • How Best to Carry 2 Kayaks on Roof of 2005 Ford Explorer
  • For transporting two kayaks on the roof of your 2005 Ford Explorer you can choose between two different strategies. One option will save you a lot of money. As you note, many roof rack crossbar shapes can have compatibility issues with a specific kayak carrier. Adding a roof rack also can represent a significant additional cost. If you do not need a roof rack for other purposes then absolutely your lowest-cost option is to use a foam block kayak carrier that requires no roof rack at
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  • What Roof Racks Fit a 2008 Scion tC, xB, or xD For a Roof Mount Cargo Basket
  • In the 2008 model year, there were a few different Scions available. Do you have a tC, xB, or xD? The model you have will determine the crossbars you will need (if you do not already have some crossbars that run side to side) so that you can mount a basket. If you have an xD and need crossbars, you will need the following parts in order to install a cargo basket: Load Bars, # THLB50 Traverse Foot Pack, # TH480 Fit Kit, # THKIT1468 For an xB, you would need: Load Bars, # THLB50 Traverse
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  • Kayak Carrier and Roof Rack Recommendation for a Toyota Prius V
  • I attached a link to a page that has a Thule roof rack for your Toyota Prius V that you could use for a kayak carrier. For a rack to carry 2 kayaks I would recommend you get a Yakima BigStack Roof Mounted 2 Kayak Carrier System # Y04041. I attached installation instructions for this product for you to check out also. Before you attempt to carry 2 kayaks on the roof of your Prius you will need to consult your owners manual to determine if you have the carrying capacity for the weight
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  • Roof Rack for Carrying a Kayak on a 2012 Toyota Prius V Station Wagon
  • I spoke with Rhino-Rack, Yakima and Thule, and all of them have roof racks that are forth-coming but not yet available for a 2012 Toyota Prius V. However, there is still an option for carrying a Kayak on the roof of the new car. You can use SportRack Premium Bar Harbor Foam-Block-Style Kayak Carrier, # SR5527, which will fit on a vehicle with no roof rack of any kind. I have included a link to the installation details for you to view.
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  • Is Thule Traverse Roof Rack System a Universal Fit for Most Vehicles
  • The Thule roof rack parts you referenced, # THLB58, # TH480 and # THKIT1538, make up a complete Traverse roof rack system that will fit your 2007 Nissan Sentra 4-door as well as a range of other automobiles. It is not a fully universal-fit product that will fit all or most vehicles. When installed on your 2007 Sentra 4-door, this roof rack will be positioned with its two crossbars 27-inches apart (measured center-of-bar to center-of-bar). If installed on another one of the compatible
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  • Recommend Best Way To Carry 12 Foot Jon Boat With 2011 Kia Soul
  • A concern you will have when going with a roof rack system is the roof load carrying capacity of your 2011 Kia Soul and the weight limit of the roof rack. You will want to make sure not to exceed the load limit of your roof or roof rack. The roof rack, plus the weight of the boat and any other cargo will be considered weight on your roof. The roof load carrying capacity of your Kia Soul can be found in the vehicle owners manual. The problem you will run into is the capacity of the roof
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  • Will a Thule Traverse Roof Rack Interfere with a Sunroof on a 2011 Ford Fusion
  • The Thule Traverse Roof-Rack Foot Pack # TH480 that you referenced that is part of a roof rack for your 2011 Ford Fusion would work fine with you having a sunroof. Depending on what you plan on carrying on your roof rack you may not be able to open your sunroof, or if the sunroof has a tilt feature where the back of the glass comes up as a vent you may not be able to do that either. I attached a picture for you to check out that shows this rack installed on a vehicle with a sunroof. The
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  • Roof Rack Availability for a 2012 Volkswagen Beetle
  • I checked the etrailer FitGuide, and Thule's, Rhino-Rack's and Yakima's as well, and regrettably there are no roof racks offered for your 2012 VW Beetle. This is likely due to the short length and curvature of the roofline. But if your goal was to transport some light cargo or bikes, then we can still help you with a trailer hitch. With a hitch installed you can use a hitch-mount bike rack or a small hitch-mount cargo carrier. The linked page will show you all light-duty Class I hitches
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  • Carrying a Kayak on a Toyota Prius and Camry without Installing Roof Racks
  • A foam block set up, such as # SR5525, would be the best option if you do not want to install roof racks on the Camry and Prius. The foam blocks are not vehicle specific so you can use them on either vehicle. But if either vehicle has a sunroof you will not be able to use the foam blocks because the glass is not meant to support weight. You would likely be able to the kayak most of the way in the Prius but the rear hatch would be partially open obscuring the view of the driver. It would
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  • Roof Rack Recommendation for a 2012 Toyota Prius V
  • A roof rack would work well for a paddle board carrier and for a bike carrier. However, you will first need to check the owners manual of your Toyota Prius V to determine if you have the roof capacity for the weight of your paddle board and bikes. For your 2012 Toyota Prius V I would recommend you get a Yakima Roof Rack Part Numbers # Y00409, # Y00699, # Y00731, # Y00124. For a paddle board carrier you could get a Thule SUP Taxi Stand-Up Paddleboard Carrier # TH810XT. I attached a
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  • Should the Thule Roof Rack Crossbars be Level with Each Other on a 2012 Toyota Prius V
  • It is not uncommon for the bars of a roof rack to be not level. This is due to the slope of the vehicle roof. Vehicles that have a flat roof (like vans for example) will not have this issue. If you look at the video I have linked you will see that the bars are not at the same height on the vehicle roof. You will need to position the canoe as best as you can to evenly distribute the weight and for the least amount of driver vision obscurity. With long loads such as a canoe it is difficult
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  • Roof Rack Recommendation for a 2011 Land Rover Range Rover Sport
  • The Thule Traverse Foot Pack, # TH480, is a great system that has performed well. The square bars it uses, # THLB58, do not look like factory type of bars which are normally elliptical but they work well. But, if you were looking for something that has more of a factory appearance you could use # TH480R with AeroBlade Bars, # THARB60. For either kit, you will need a roof fit kit. For the Sport model, you will need # THKIT1456. Either rack would be easy to remove if you needed to.
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  • Do You Carry a Set of Yakima Roof Rack Towers to Fit in Rain Gutters
  • The Yakima Tower Kit we have for Rain Gutters is part # Y00101. You will also need an SKS Lock Core Kit, part # Y07204. You will also need a set of cross bars. If you write back with the width of the Jayco trailer, gutter to gutter, I can suggest an appropriate length for a cross bar. Make sure to check the load capacity of the trailer roof before you use the roof rack.
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  • Roof Rack Recommendation for a 2010 Chevrolet Traverse With the Rear Moon Roof
  • We have many roof rack options for your 2010 Chevrolet Traverse with the rear moon roof. I have attached a link to the compatible roof racks for you to check out. Of the available roof racks, I recommend looking at the Rhino-Rack RS 2500 Roof Rack, # RRRS538B. This roof rack mounts on the outside of the flush side rails on your vehicles roof and will not interfere with the moon roof. I would not recommend opening the moon roof with the roof rack installed because the mounting hardware
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  • Thule Tracker Roof Rack Fit Kit Will Not Work on a 2000 Toyota RAV4
  • The Thule Tracker Roof Rack Fit Kit will not work on your 2000 RAV4. For the 2000 Toyota Rav4, 4 door with no existing rails or crossbars you will need the following items: Thule Traverse Roof-Rack Foot Pack, item # TH480 Thule Load Bars - 50 inch Wide, item # THLB50 Thule Roof Rack Fit Kit, item # THKIT1088 If you have a 2 door model you will also need the Thule Roof Mounted Short Roof Adapter, item # TH487. which will provide needed stability on the two door vehicle. Below
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  • Differences Between Thule Fit Kits 1531 and 1532
  • The main difference between the Thule Roof Fit Kits part # THKIT1532 and # THKIT1531 is the styles of roofs they are designed to fit. The biggest difference is the clip design. Check out the picture I attached that shows the clips next to each so you can see the differences. To figure out what fit kit you would need for your vehicle as well as the other components needed follow the link I attached that will ask for your year/make/model of your vehicle and all of the roof racks will be listed.
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  • Availability of Roof Rack to Fit on a 2004 Saturn Vue
  • The roof rack that I have available for a 2004 Saturn Vue will be the Rhino Rack roof rack # RRVA118B-2 with # RRSX001. The Thule Roof rack, part # TH480, will not fit on a 2004 Saturn Vue. Thule does have the Thule Crossroad Roof Rack, part # TH45050, which is designed to attach to the factory raised side rails on your Saturn Vue. I am including links to video reviews on the Rhino roof rack and the Thule Crossroad roof rack.
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  • Can I Use Thule Traverse Roof-Rack Feet on My 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan
  • If your 2008 Dodge Caravan does not have a factory roof rack, you will need some additional parts to use the rack with your van. In addition to the feet, part # TH480, you will also need the mounts part # THKIT1043, and the load bars, part # THLB50. The mounts attach to the door frame where the door seals against, and the load bars run perpendicular to the vehicle and provide the attachment point. We sell these 3 parts together as a complete package and I have added a link to the whole
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  • Will Thule Foot Pack # TH480 Fit a 2011 GMC Sierra Extended Cab With Running Lights and Antenna
  • The Thule Traverse Roof-Rack Foot Pack, part # TH480, requires the use of the Thule Roof-Rack Fit Kit, part # THKIT1532, to fit your 2011 GMC Sierra 2500 Extended Cab. This fit kit is required when using any of the Thule roof racks on your vehicle. This fit kit will have certain vehicle specific measurements listed that are needed when installing the foot packs to your vehicle. One of the measurements is the distance from the edge of the windshield, back to where the front roof rack
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  • Will Thule Traverse Roof Rack Interfere with Rear Hatch on 2013 Ford C-Max 5 Door
  • The Thule Traverse Roof Rack System for your 2013 Ford C-Max 5-Door, consisting of parts # THLB58, # TH480 and # THKIT1683, will not interfere with your rear hatch. I have included a video link showing installation of this rack on a comparable vehicle. (Please note that if your C-Max has a glass roof, Thule does not recommend use of a noise-reducing fairing with their rack.) However, some of the larger molded plastic cargo boxes may hinder opening the hatch completely when mounted to
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  • Roof Rack Recommendation for a 2015 Subaru Legacy
  • To complete a roof rack for your 2015 Subaru Legacy you will need the Thule Traverse Foot Pack part # TH480, the fit kit part # THKIT1761, and then for 78 inch square bars the part # THLB78. Most likely this rack is going to have crossbars that stick out really far on either side of your roof. Thule recommends the 50 inch bars # THLB50 instead. We would also recommend the 50 inch bars as well as the 78 inch bars might cause you to hit things or other vehicles. The WaveHog part #
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  • Roof Rack Cargo Box and Bike Rack for 2010 Mini Cooper
  • You would need to start with a roof rack, which can be constructed using the following parts: Thule Aero Blade Crossbars, part # THARB47, or Square Load Bar # THLB50 Thule Rapid Traverse Foot Pack, part # TH480R for AeroBlade Crossbar or # TH480 for Square Load Bars Vehicle specific fit kit, part # THKIT1366 Thule Short Roof Adapter, part # TH487 Keep in mind that this roof rack will have a 110 lb weight limit, which will include the weight of the accessories placed on it, plus
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