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1997 Suzuki Swift Roof Rack by Thule

Roof Rack Includes:

Thule AeroBlade Load Bars - Aluminum - 43" - Qty 2
Thule Rapid Aero Roof Mounted Foot Pack (Qty 4)
Thule Roof Rack Fit Kit for Aero and Rapid Aero Foot Packs, # 2017


Part Numbers: THARB43, TH400XTR, THKIT2017



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Thule AeroBlade Load Bars - Aluminum - 43" - Qty 2
part number: THARB43

Attach these premium, aluminum bars to Thule roof-rack feet to create a sturdy, stylish, roof-mounted rack that is supremely quiet and aerodynamic. Pivoting endcaps let you easily slide on T-slot-mounted accessories.


  • AeroBlade design produces one of the quietest roof racks on the market
  • Load bars work with Thule Rapid foot packs to create a roof rack for mounting various accessories
    • Mount a cargo carrier, bike rack, kayak saddles, ski carrier and more
  • Unique, Kammback-like shape creates a supremely aerodynamic system with minimal drag
  • Integrated T-slots make it easy to slide T-track-mounted accessories onto the bars
    • SwingBlade endcaps pivot open to allow full access to T-slots for quick, simple mounting
    • Clamp-on accessories conveniently wrap around bars
  • Rubber stripping inside T-slots keeps out dirt and grime while also providing cushion for cargo
    • Textured surface disturbs airflow to dramatically reduce wind noise
  • Crossbar length can accommodate the following, depending on the types of carriers and accessories used:
    • 1 - 4 Bikes
    • 1 - 2 Kayaks
    • 1 - 8 Pairs of skis
    • 2 - 4 Surfboards
    • 1 Cargo box (with enough room to fit 1 bike beside it)
  • Lightweight aluminum construction is durable and rust resistant and takes up only a fraction of your weight limit
    • BoxBeam extrusion process provides exceptional strength
  • Slight bow in center of each bar helps to ensure a sturdy, custom-fit rack
  • SmartSlide molded measuring strip eases installation and lines slots beneath each bar to further improve aerodynamics


  • Dimensions: 43" long x 3-1/8" wide
  • Fits the following Thule foot packs:
    • Rapid Aero Crossroad (TH450R)
    • Rapid Aero (TH400XTR)
    • Rapid Tracker (TH430R)
    • Rapid Traverse (TH480R)
    • Rapid Podium (TH460R)
  • Weight: 5-1/4 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 165 lbs per pair
  • Quantity: 2 crossbars
  • Lifetime warranty


Thule's AeroBlade bars are designed to be among the quietest, strongest, most aerodynamic load bars on the road. The low-profile, arced shape of the bars couples with the unique WindDiffuser stripping to produce a bar that is so quiet you'll forget you even have a rack on your car. Many factory and aftermarket roof racks produce an annoying whistle that can only be quelled by adding a fairing to your system. Not only is a fairing unnecessary with the AeroBlade, but adding one would actually make it louder and less aerodynamic.

Wind diffusing top strip

WindDiffuser Technology

A built-in T-track sits along the top of each bar, near the front. When no accessories are mounted, the included WindDiffuser rubber stripping covers the slot. (You can also cut the stripping so that it can be placed in the slot around any carriers or accessories that are mounted.) The rubber strip serves to keep dirt and grime out of the T-slot and provides a little scratch-resistant cushion for any mounted items.

The unique aspect of the WindDiffuser, which comes standard with the AeroBlade, is the ribbing. This textured surface disturbs the air flowing over the bar, tripping it to create turbulence. The result is less wind noise, little or no annoying whistle, and a more aerodynamic rack. In fact, the AeroBlade has been shown to produce 90 percent less sound energy than the elliptical Thule Aero bars, making them the quietest load bars in the industry.

Aerodynamic Design

Thule took a note from the manufacturers of high-performance cars, such as Ferrari and Maserati, and designed the AeroBlade with a Kammback (or Kamm-tail) style. This crossbar does not have a full-length teardrop-type tail; rather, it is cut off, leaving a square end at the rear of the bar. The aerodynamic effect is essentially the same as it would be if the bar continued into a full teardrop shape. Air continues to move over it in a streamlined fashion, flowing along the bar as it would if the tail were complete. Because there is no tail, though, the bar is smaller and weighs less.

Strong, Durable Construction

Extruded aluminum construction

The Thule AeroBlade load bars are constructed of extruded aluminum to ensure an extra-sturdy roof-rack system. During the extrusion process, metal is shaped to form a complex design on the interior of each bar, as seen in the cross section of the AeroBlade. Each fold adds to the overall strength and rigidity of the bar. This process creates crossbars that are primarily hollow but still reinforced for added strength. The result is a bar that can withstand more than 800 pounds of force, yet weighs so little that it takes up only a slight portion of your load capacity.

Installation of Thule AeroBlade Crossbars

To install your crossbars, use the included SmartSlide measurement system. This molded material lines the bottom slots of each bar and is scored and numbered to directly correspond with the instructions included in your custom mounting kit. By covering the bottom slots, around the feet, the SmartSlide manages to further reduce noise and eliminate whistlingas well.

SwingBlade Endcaps

Mounting accessories on your roof-rack crossbars has never been easier. With the AeroBlade you can slide accessories into the T-slots without having to wrestle off an endcap. Just pop the SwingBlade up and swing it out for instant access to the top slot.

ARB43 Thule Aero Blade Aluminum Cross Bars - 43" Long

Thule Rapid Aero Roof Mounted Foot Pack (Qty 4)
part number: TH400XTR

Get the perfect roof mount for hard-to-fit aero roof vehicles. These great looking steel adapters are long lasting and corrosion resistant.

  • Easy tool-free installation
  • Wide foot pads distrubute the load evenly for maximum stability
  • Long lasting, corrosion-resistant galvanized stamped steel construction
  • Thule Rapid Aero or AeroBlade aluminum load bars (sold separately) required
  • Thule vehicle-specific fit kit (sold separately) required
  • Optional One Key System locks available to secure Aero feet to your vehicle
    • Requires 4 lock cylinders
  • Quantity: 4 Feet

Thule Roof Rack Fit Kit for Aero and Rapid Aero Foot Packs, # 2017
part number: THKIT2017

These kits fit specific vehicle's gutterless roof rack bases. This adapter reinforces the weight distribution of the Aero Foot Pack to stabilize your cargo while securing the foot to the vehicle's upper door sill. This kit is easy to install.


  • Custom designed pads and brackets follow the contours of your vehicle's roof profile
    • Designed for use with Thule's 400XT and 400XTR foot packs
  • Simple to install - no need to drill
  • Easily removable when not in use
  • PEBAX coated brackets
  • Thermoplastic footpads provide a firm hold and prevent damage to your vehicle's finish


  • Set of 4 brackets and footpads

KIT2017 Thule Fit Kit for Gutterless Cars - Aero Foot Pack

Ask the Experts about this Roof Rack
Expert Answers about Roof RackDo you have a question about this Roof Rack?

  • Rooftop Cargo Carrier Recommendations that will Work on Thule Aeroblade Bars
  • There are Thule Roof Top Kayak Carriers available that will fit on the Thule Aeroblade bars, but the Yakima kayak racks you referenced will only fit square and round bars. Check out the Thule Hull-A-Port # TH835PRO. This is a J-style kayak rack that is confirmed to fit the Aeroblade bars. I attached installation instructions and a review video for this product for you to check out. For a Thule saddle style kayak carrier you should check out the Thule Glide and Set Carrier # TH883. This rac
    view full answer...

  • Are Square Thule Bars from 20 years ago the Same as the Ones Currently being Made
  • I spoke with my contact at Thule and she told me that the square cross bars have been the same for about 20 years so most likely the current Thule components would work with them. But just to be sure she instructed me to check your bars and make sure they have a black coating and are 1-1/4 inch by 7/8 inch. For the rest of the components needed you will need the following products. Thule Aero Roof Rack Support Feet part # TH400XT Thule Fit Kit # THKIT200
    view full answer...

  • Thule Roof Rack Removal for a Thule Rapid Aero Foot Pack on a 2006 Honda Accord
  • Basically to remove the Thule Rapid Aero # TH400XTR from a vehicle like your 2006 Honda Accord you will need to reverse the installation instructions that I attached a link to. If the foot pack is locked you will need to use the correct key to unlock it first. Then you will need to lift up on the release lever to release the tension in the rack and unthread it to the point that it can be removed from the roof. I attached an install video for a very similar Thule foot pack that will show yo
    view full answer...

  • Installation of a Thule Aero Blade Roof Rack System on a 2007 Toyota Yaris
  • To install your Thule AeroBlade roof rack on your 2007 Toyota Yaris you will have 3 components to the system; the fit kit, foot pack, and the load bars. The fit kit is composed of a large rubber pad, angled bracket, and a plastic spacer. The foot pack is composed of the foot, cover, convex washer, handle assembly, end cap (which does not fit your Thule AeroBlade load bars), a measuring tape and foot positioning stickers. The Thule load bars have end caps provided with the AeroBlades as well
    view full answer...

Thule Carriers

Fit to this rack on your Suzuki Swift, 1997


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