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Redline has become the industry leader in trailer parts and accessories through their dedication to customer service. They pride themselves on having parts in stock, shipping orders the same day they were placed, shipping orders correctly and being competitively priced.

  • Offers a full line of trailer products for enclosed, utility and boat trailers
  • Manufacturers toolboxes, wiring and trailer jacks
  • Produces top-quality products at unbeatable prices

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  • How To Mount Redline Rear Hanger # 30-20 On A Trailer
  • On the Redline Rear Hanger, part # 30-20, the hanger has top stamped into one of the sides of the hanger. The hanger is welded to the trailer with the side marked top, facing the outside of the trailer with the word top showing. I am including a picture of the hangar that shows the top marking and how it is positioned on the trailer. The Dexstar Aluminum Star Mag Trailer Wheel, # AM20305, has a zero offset. This will mean the hub mounting surface of the wheel is at the centerline of the wh
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  • Replacing a Spindle on an Enclosed Trailer Axle
  • When replacing the spindle on your trailer with a EZ Lube Spindle 1.75 inch RD x 3 inch STUB, part # R20384EZ, you will need to cut off the existing spindle and weld a new one in place. I would strongly recommend you take it to a qualified machine shop to have the appropriate welds done.
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  • Hanger Spacing Dimensions for Installing Double-Eye Leaf Springs on a Trailer
  • The Trailer Leaf Spring, 2250 lbs. 6 Leaf, item # PR626, is sold as a replacement spring for older trailers and measures 26 inches for eye to eye, center to center. If you are replacing the springs and hangers you will need to use the same center to center dimension as the original mounting brackets. These springs are designed for a 4,500 pound axle. If you are building a new trailer you will need to determine the weight capacity of the axle you will be using and order springs and hangers acc
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  • What Size Spindle is Needed for a M/H trailer
  • The axle spindle you need to order will depend on the weight capacity of your trailer and on the type of spindle (see link) already being used, if you only need to replace one spindle. To figure out which spindle is correct you can use the bearing part numbers, both inner and outer, and the shape and length of the spindle stub on your trailer. The bearing numbers will let you cross reference the correct spindle measurements for your hub. The axle stub shape and length will allow you to use th
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  • Depth of Full Size Locking Steel Flush Door Latch L3980
  • I spoke with the manufacturer and they told me the depth of this door latch, product # L3980, from the recessed area to the housing area is 1 inch. The depth from top of the latch to the bottom is 1-3/4 inches. This door latch mounts in 3-3/8 inch x 4-5/8 inch hole. I am sorry, we do not have a diagram of the measurements.
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  • Galvanized U-Bolt Plate
  • The U-bolt plates you have selected are not galvanized or coated. They are steel and would need to be painted and possibly coated with a rust preventative before installation.
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  • Dimensions for a Brake Mounting Flange for a 3 Round Axle
  • The measurements of the Brake Mounting Flange for a 3 inch Round Axle, part # 4-44-1, are correct, in that the inner diameter of the flange is 2-3/4 inches. This is because the flange will be mounted to the spindle, not the axle. You will need to check the Outside Diameter of your spindle, as this will mount on the spindle.
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  • Information on Bearing Number LM11949
  • This Bearing, part # LM11949, is most commonly used with the Agricultural Hub Assembly, 4 Bolt, 5 inch Circle, part # AH15450ECOMP. If you are attempting to replace existing bearings, you will just need to check your current bearings for the part number LM11949 to ensure you are ordering the correct replacement bearings.
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  • Does Redline Trailer Bearing Grease Seal # 29031 Include a Spring
  • The Redline Trailer Bearing Grease Seal # 29031 that you referenced does not include a spring. This single-lip seal is for use in the inside end of a trailer hub (the side closest to the axle and furthest from the spindle). I think the part with a spring that you are referring to is a special type of outer grease cap (not an inner grease seal) called a Bearing Buddy. These mount on the outside end of the trailer hub/spindle in place of a standard closed grease cap. They hold a supply of grea
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  • Mounting Orientation Of Gooseneck Coupler Head # 291300
  • I spoke with my contact at Redline about the Gooseneck Coupler Head, part # 291300. They said the mounting orientation of the pin should not make any difference when installed. My recommendation woudl be to mount it so that the pin is the easiest to access for you.
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  • Can a Car Hauler Trailer Be Built without Suspension
  • If you have ever went on a bike ride (on a bike without suspension) and hit a bump or dip or pot hole you know that there is a lot of sudden shock. Imagine that on a grander scale! It would be a very rough ride for the trailer and for anything loaded on it. Having leaf springs not only cushions the ride for the trailer but also helps reduce the shock to the cargo. I strongly advise using some type of suspension on the trailer. Otherwise it could lead to more damage above and beyond a spring.
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  • Carlisle Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator Recommendation for Converting a Trailer With Surge Brakes
  • I have a solution for you that you maybe didn't think of, but I checked the bearing numbers you gave and could not find any replacement hubs that match with both of those bearings. I would recommend you convert your trailer to electric-over-hydraulic brakes. Basically you will replace your surge actuator with an electric over hydraulic actuator and a hydraulic pump that is controlled by a brake controller will apply the hydraulic brakes of your trailer. EOH braking systems are literally the
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  • Availability of Hub for LM11949 Bearing
  • Is both your inner and outer bearing the same part number? The only hub we offer that uses a LM11949 bearing would be the # AH15450ECOMP agricultural hub assembly, but it used a LM67048 inner bearing, which has a 1.25 inch inner diameter. An agricultural hub is typically used on farm equipment for low speed applications, under 20 mph or less.
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  • Replacement # 84 Spindle Recommendation to Replace a Trailer Spindle
  • It looks like you cut the spindle off but left the brake mounting flange on your trailer. I would recommend you cut off the entire spindle and have a qualified trailer fabricator weld on the EZ Lube Spindle # R20384EZ as long as your brake assemblies are compatible with the 4 on 4-13/16 inch bolt pattern flanges of this spindle (it should). Is your hub okay? If you email me back with the bolt pattern of the wheels of your trailer and the diameter of your brake assemblies I will recommend you
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  • Thickness of the U Bolt Plate # 115983
  • I went out into our warehouse and measured the thickness of the U-Bolt Plate # 115983 and found that it is 1/4 of inch thick.
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  • Compatibility of Redline Replacement Axle Spindles with Dexter Hubs
  • Redline Spindles are indeed compatible with Dexter hubs, if the spindle is matched properly with the bearings your hub uses. To find the correct spindle, match the inside diameter of your inner bearing, outer bearing and grease seal to the dimensions of the bearing surface of the spindle, as shown in the photo I provided. You'll also need to match the weight capacity of the spindle with that of the axle.
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  • Shackle Straps Break on a 20ft Tandem Axle Trailer and the Rear Axle Slides the Tires
  • One of the most common causes for shackle straps to break is over-tightening of the shackle bolts. If the shackle bolts are too tight, the shackle straps are not able to move with the suspension. This causes binding and it can bend or even brake the shackle straps, bolts and hangers. The sliding that you are experiencing on the rear axle is common for tandem and triple axle trailers and it is usually called scrubbing. The rear axle scrubs because trailer axles are not steering axles, so the
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  • What is Trailer Spindle # R50642 Made Of
  • The trailer spindle # R50642 is made of good old fashioned steel. All of the spindles we carry are made of steel. I have included a link to a video review of this spindle for you.
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  • Measuring a Trailer Slipper Spring to Find the Correct Replacement
  • We may have a spring that will work but it might not have the same number of leaves in it. The capacity needed is the most important thing. I have included a link to our slipper spring main page for you so you can see how the springs we have are measured and see if there is one with the proper measurements and capacity that could work. I have also included a link to our help article on slipper spring trailer suspension for you to view.
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  • What Parts are Needed to Add a Wheel to the Redline Trailer Spindle # SP20484
  • It sounds like you are looking for a hub that matches the Redline Trailer Spindle, # SP20484. This spindle uses the L44649 outer bearing, L68149 inner bearing, a 10-19 grease seal and fits a 3,500 lb axle, so you actually have a wide range of hubs to choose from. I have attached a link to all of the hubs and hubs/drums that will fit. When choosing a new or replacement trailer hub, there are a few things to keep in mind. If your trailer does not have brakes, then you will want an idler hub, l
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  • Installation Method for the Surface Mount Ring Tie Down # HW03-040 On a Trailer with Metal Studs
  • If you can, I would recommend you anchor the # HW03-040 to the steel studs of your trailer. We don't have recommended hardware for this product because every application might require different installation methods. The best recommendation I could give you would be to determine what the best, most secure way you could attach the # HW03-040 to your steel studs and then find the appropriate hardware to complete the install. I would look into a medium sized self-tapping bolt that would fit the
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  • Latch Width and Hole Diameter for Trailer Coupler # CA5400
  • I went out to the warehouse and pulled trailer coupler # CA5400 to measure the latch width and its hole diameter. The latch outside width is just over 7/8 of an inch at 0.88 inches. And the hole diameter is just over 5/16 of an inch at 0.32 inches. If you end up needing a lock the Diversi-Tech lock, # DT30010, would be a good choice. It has a 7/8 inch span and a 1/4 inch diameter pin. We also have DeadBolt lock # RC6 with the same measurements.
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  • Are the Wheel Bolts, # RG02-020, 1/2"-20 Thread Size
  • Yes, the Wheel Bolts, # RG02-020, are 1/2-20 bolts which seems to be the standard for many hubs, drums, and wheels. They also have the industry standard 60 degree cone and are fine threaded.
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  • Difference Between a Tandem and Dually Axle
  • It sounds like you have a tandem axle, which means you have a total of two axles on your trailer. A dually axle or dual wheel axle would be one where there are 4 wheels on a single axle. So if you had a tandem dually axle you would have a total of 2 axles and 8 wheels. Typically torque specs for trailer rims is between 50 and 75 ft lbs of torque. I attached an FAQ on trailer tires that you might find interesting also.
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  • Recommended Hubs and Spindles for 2500 lb Homemade Trailer
  • The first thing to determine is if you want an idler hub or a hub/drum. The weight threshold at which brakes are mandated varies by state, so you might want to check that with your state police or highway patrol. If you decide on an idler hub (no brakes), I'd recommend the # 42655UC1 hub from Dexter Axle. The bearings, races, grease seal, lug bolts and grease cap are included. The hub will have more than enough capacity for your application. This hub would use the # R50642 spindle. For a h
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  • Tires Rub On Frame When Home Made Trailer Is Loaded
  • Since the trailer was home made the axle is probably not the correct width for the body or deck of the trailer. It is also possible that the tires on it are not trailer tires or trailer wheels. Passenger vehicle tires and wheels should not be used on a trailer because of the differences in the construction between the two. Going to a more narrow tire that fits the same wheels could work depending on how much interference there is. You would also go with a wheel that has a negative offset to p
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  • What is the Overall Length of Trailer Spindle # R50642
  • Trailer spindle # R50642 has the following measurements: Width of the F or stub is 6 inches Width of the B or seal surface area of the spindle is 0.550 inches Width of the C or inner bearing surface of the spindle is 1.00 inches Width of D or the outer bearing surface is 1.075 inches Distance between the inner and outer bearing surfaces is 1.350 inches Width of the threaded portion is 0.780 inches Overall length of the spindle is approximately 10-3/4 inches I included a color co
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  • How to Determine the Correct Replacement Leaf Springs for a 1985 Rustler 2-H Montrose BP Trailer
  • To find the correct replacement leaf springs for your 1985 Rustler tandem axle trailer you will need to measure the spring with the weight off of it. You can do this by either removing a spring or by jacking up one side of trailer and measuring the spring on that side. I have included a picture showing the important measurements for a double-eye leaf spring. To get the best information on the axle capacity there should be a sticker or plate on the trailer frame/tongue somewhere with the axle
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  • Replacement Leaf Springs for a 1962 Shasta Astrodome Trailer
  • To find the correct replacement springs for your trailer, if available, you will need to measure the old springs with no weight on them. You can do this by either removing the old springs or by jacking up one side of the trailer. Then you will need to take the measurements you see in the picture I have included. With those measurements I should be able to determine if we have springs that will fit. The spring capacity is listed per spring. So for example a 3,500 pound gross trailer weight
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  • Does the Rubber Keel V-Type Roller for Boat Trailers # 807 have a Weight Capacity
  • The rubber keel roller # 807 does not have a weight capacity though it is designed to support the added weight of heavier boats. At any given time, it is not likely that any one roller will have to support the entire weight of the boat so it is not really a concern. If you are replacing a roller then the key is to get one that is the same size as the previous roller.
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