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  • How to Measure to Determine the Correct Grease Seal on a Trailer Hub
  • I could not find any information on the seal number you listed so yes, you will need to take an accurate measurement of the outside diameter of your existing seal, or the inside diameter of the mounting surface for the seal in the hub. You will also need an accurate measurement of the spindle at the seal surface. I have posted a photo to show the dimensions you will need to measure. A dial caliper will provide an accurate measurement to determine the correct seal for your hub and spindle. I a
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  • Bearing Buddy Spindle Seal Kit For Hub Using L68149 Inner Bearing
  • The Bearing Buddy Grease Seal Kit you referenced, part # BB60002 would be the appropriate replacement seal for your hub. It is compatible with your L68149 inner bearing and is the proper replacement for your existing 10-19 seal. The two most common causes of seal failure are 1) Using a single lip seal instead of a double lip and 2) Overfilling the hub (or a combination of the two.) A double-lip seal incorporates a spring into the seal, providing a tighter seal around the spindle. To fill the
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  • Bearing Buddies for 8000 LB Arctic Trailer
  • In order to choose the correct model Bearing Buddies for your trailer, you would need to determine the inside diameter of the hub bore. You would need to use a digital caliper to get the hub bore measurement, as a ruler or measuring tape would not be accurate enough. Once you know the hub bore, you can use the provided link to find the correct Bearing Buddy. With the hub bore diameter, you can use the link to go to the bearing protector product page, where you can use the filters on the left
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  • Determining Bearing Buddy Size For Folding Trailer
  • The best way to find the correct Bearing Buddy for your folding trailer is by checking the numbers on the outer bearing. I have attached a photo that shows where the numbers can typically be found. You can use those numbers to find the correct Bearing buddy that will work for you. Another way to find the correct Bearing Buddy is by measuring the hub bore. You will need a caliper to get an accurate measurement. After getting the measurement you can choose the Bearing Buddy that fits. I hav
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  • Are Other Parts Needed to Install Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors # BB1980A-SS
  • The Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors you referenced, part # BB1980A-SS, do not require other parts for installation on your trailer hubs. What is important is that your current trailer hubs have the correct bore for these parts, 1.980-inches as measured with a digital caliper, and that your outer bearing number matches one of the three that are compatible with this Bearing Buddy kit: L-44643, L-44649 or L-44640. Also please note that Bearing Buddies cannot be used on EZ-Lube spindles (th
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  • How Does Inner Bearing Get Grease When using Bearing Buddy
  • Bearing Buddy pumps grease into the center of the hub all the way back to the grease seal. A double lip seal should be used to prevent grease from blowing out the seal when added. When the hub and seals and bearings are first assembled, they should be packed. After a period of time and when you want to maintain the grease on the bearings, the grease would travel from the zerk fitting on the Bearing buddy through the outer bearing. It would then fill the cavity inside the hub and continue to the
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  • Correct Grease Caps for an Axle Equipped with a Grease Zerk
  • It sounds like you have an EZ Lube type of spindle, that has a grease zerk on the spindle. You are correct that the standard grease caps do not provide the proper clearance for this style of spindle. With the bearing numbers that you provided I was able to determine that outer diameter of the grease cap that you will need is 1.986 inches. Then the correct grease cap fitting for your is the TruRyde EZ Lube Grease Cap # RG04-040. These grease caps have a removable rubber center portion that wi
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  • Bearing Buddies for a Bearing with 1.625 Inner Diameter on a Motorcycle Trailer
  • Bearing measurements have to be as precise as possible so if you are not using dial or digital calipers you will want to get some. But that is only if you cannot read the bearing number on the outer bearing. It should be stamped into the metal of the bearing. The diameter of the Bearing Buddies is its outer diameter where it fits into the end of the hub. It is actually slightly larger than the opening because you need a very tight fit. If your outer bearing number is # LM-11949 then you can u
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  • How to Determine Correct Bearing Buddy for 1994 Ranger Trailer with Outer Race # 68110
  • The outer race number you provided, 68110, corresponds to part # L68110 from TruRyde. This race works with bearing # L68149 and has an outer diameter of 2.327 inches. The Bearing Buddy with the closest diameter to this is part # BB2328, which is a chrome-plated pair of bearing protectors that fits a hub bore of 2.328 inches. We also offer a stainless-steel version, part # BB2328SS. You will need to confirm either the outer bearing number from your trailer spindle or take a precise measu
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  • Bearing Buddy Recommendation that is the Next Size Smaller than the # BB2240
  • The next smaller size Bearing Buddy from the Bearing Buddy part # BB2240 that you referenced would be the Bearing Buddy # BB2080. I attached a link to a page that has all of the Bearing Buddies we offer.
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  • Grease Seal Recommendation for a Spindle with Inner Bearing # L44643
  • It sounds like you are looking for the correct grease seal for your spindle. If your inner bearing is part # L44643 and the grease seal journal, or mounting location, on the spindle is 1.25 inches, then you have two grease seal options. For a standard double lip grease seal, you can use part # 34823. This seal will sit on the grease seal journal of the spindle. Your second option is the Bearing Buddy Grease Seal Set, # BB60001. These seals mount on a stainless steel seal ring and sit on the
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  • How Do I Determine Which Bearing Buddy Bearing Protector Will Fit My Aspen Motorcycle Trailer
  • The best way to make sure you receive the correct Bearing Buddy bearing protector is to measure the inner diameter of the hub bore (see photo). Unfortunately, the manufacturer of Aspen trailers does not provide much information about their trailers or replacement parts, so I was not able to obtain the OEM grease cap size that Aspen uses. I strongly recommend measuring the hub bore with a precise measuring tool such as a dial caliper because hub bores can vary down to the thousandths of an in
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  • How to Determine Which Bearing Buddy Set Will Fit a Boat Trailer
  • There are 2 ways to determine what size Bearing Buddy you will need for a given trailer hub. First and most accurate is to get the outer bearing number off of the bearing. You can do this without removing the hub. You just need to be able to see the outside of the outer bearing. Wipe away the grease to see the number stamped into the side. With that number I can determine if there is an option available. The other way is to measure the hub center hole using a set of dial or digital calipers.
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  • Bearing Buddy for 1.98 and 2.13 Inch Trailer Hub Center Hole
  • First I would get the hubs matched up because if they are different sizes that can lead to uneven wear of the tires and suspension components. Not to mention you would have to buy two sets of replacement parts all the time. But if the 2 hubs are on two different axles, that makes more sense. We have a lot of options for the 1.98 size. I have included a link to them on the right. For just a regular set use # BB1980A. The 2.13 is more difficult because it is in between sizes. If you can tel
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  • Bearing Buddies for Trailer with Inner Bearing L68149 and Outer Bearing L44649
  • Are you sure the outer bearing is not L44649? If it is then you can use # BB1980A-SS or # BB1980A. With an inner bearing of L68149 the matching outer bearing is most likely L44649.
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  • Can Trailer Dust Caps, Grease Caps, and Bearing Protectors Fall Off By Themselves
  • Dust covers can indeed fall off on their own if they are not driven in correctly. If they are crooked then what happens is when the wheels are turning the cover will look like its wobbling (like a washing machine off balance) and gradually it being off center will cause it to work itself free. It is possible that the shop did not drive them in all the way. This seems to happen more with bearing protectors like # BB1781 that you have referenced because they can be a little more tricky to drive
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  • Determining Size of Bearing Protector Needed for 2001 Load Rite Trailer
  • The best way to determine the size of bearing buddy needed would be to take a highly accurate measurement of your hub bore using a digital caliper. I have edited a photo for you that shows this dimension. If you happened to know the reference number from your outer wheel bearings, the proper bearing protector could be determined. If you would care to reply with either the hub bore dimension or the outer bearing number, I would be happy to suggest a bearing protector for you.
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  • Does Bearing Buddy Bra Need to Be Removed Before Backing Trailer Into Water
  • The bras on the Bearing Buddies are meant to be left in place unless you are adding grease or checking the grease level. There is no need to remove them before backing your trailer into the water.
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  • Will Spindle Grease Seal Set # BB60011 Work With EZ Lube Spindle
  • The Spindle Grease Seal Set, part # BB60011, can be used on an EZ Lube Spindle provided you have correctly matched the seal and spindle dimensions. The best way to determine what seals would work for you is to match your existing seals based on their part number. Please refer to the photo provided that shows the typical location for the part number on both grease seals and bearings. In case you cannot locate the existing part numbers, I have also attached a drawing that shows the places t
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  • Determining the Appropriate Bearing Buddy Size Using Bearing Part Numbers and Existing Measurements
  • To determine which Bearing Buddy would fit your trailer you will need either a measurement of the hub on your trailer, or the bearing part numbers. To measure your existing hub it is recommended to use digital calipers to get a precise measurement. The measurement needs to be of the inner diameter of the hub bore. Once you have that measurement then you can choose the Bearing Buddy that is the next size larger. The most reliable method to identify parts for your trailer is via part numbe
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  • Rubber Covers for Model 1980 Bearing Buddy
  • Yes, the # BB19B would work with your 1980 model of Bearing Buddy protectors. These covers will keep grease where it belongs, and off the tires and wheels of your trailer. These are sold in packages of 2, so please order accordingly for how many axles your trailer has. I have included a link to the part listed above for your reference.
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  • Need 1-1/2-Inch Bearing Cover for Small Trailer Axle
  • The link provided will take you to our main page for grease caps. The various diameters available are shown at the top of the page. The option closest to your quoted 1-1/2 inches is the 1.786-inch size. We offer the Fulton # F001503, which is sold as a single unit. These caps are made of 22-gauge zinc-plated steel and can be installed with a rubber mallet.
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  • Do Trailer Hub Bearing Buddies Also Work with Inner Bearings
  • A Bearing Buddy allows you to pump grease into the center of the hub all the way back to the grease seal. A double lip seal should be used to prevent grease from blowing out the seal when added. You can pre-pack the bearings if you wanted to but that would negate the function of the Bearing Buddy. The outer bearing is mentioned because that is how the hub bore size is determined.
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  • How Does a Bearing Buddy Get Installed and Removed
  • Installing Bearing Buddies like # BB1781 is fairly straight forward. I have included a link to a video and if you fast forward to about the 5:20 minute mark, our installer puts one on. He lines it up first and gives it a tap to get started. Then he places a block of wood over the end of the Bearing Buddy. The block of wood disperses the force of the hammer used to tap it into place. To remove a Bearing Buddy I would use a rubber mallet and gently tap it on the sides to unseat it.
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  • How to Determine Correct Bearing Buddy for 1991 Lil Rider Boat Trailer
  • You can determine the correct Bearing Buddy for your 1991 Lil Rider boat trailer by checking the part numbers on the existing outer bearing and race. I have attached a photo showing where these parts numbers are typically found. Trailer manufacturers do not necessarily use the same components on all production runs so a check of your existing parts is called for. You can search our site with the bearing number to find the appropriate Bearing Buddy. An alternative method for identifying the co
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  • Bearing Protector Grease Cap Installation on a Boat Trailer with EZ-Lube Spindles and Disc Brakes
  • When installing a disc brake kit, like the Titan Disc Brake Kit, # T4843400, on your boat trailer I recommend staying with the original EZ-Lube grease caps, like part # RG04-040. Bearing protectors are not recommended for use with EZ-Lube spindles because the grease zerk in the end of the spindle will interfere with the inside of the bearing protector when pressed into the hub. Grease zerks are pressed into the end of EZ-Lube spindles and are usually very hard to remove. If you were able to r
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  • Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors Keep Falling Off Trailer at Highway Speed
  • First, make sure that you have the correct size Bearing Buddy. It should be slightly larger than the hub bore though it is difficult to tell just by looking. If you can tell me the outer bearing number I can determine which is the correct model. Bearing Buddies and other similar products have to be installed just right. If they are off just a little, when the wheel spins the Bearing Buddy can kind of wobble and work itself loose. The do-it-yourself method is to get the Bearing Buddy started
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  • Looking For CoverBra For Bearing Buddy
  • It sounds like you are looking for the Bearing Buddy coverbra # BB19B. The closest Bearing Buddy sizes that are close to the 2 inches that you measured are either 1.98 inches or 2.047 inches. The Bearing Buddy # BB17B you referenced are too small for your bearing, the largest they hold is 1.81 inches. To get an accurate measurement to find the correct coverbra, measure the inside diameter of the Bearing Buddy where the hub sits with a caliper.
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  • Choosing Correct Bearing Buddy Size for 2001 Coleman Taos Tent Camper
  • The particular bearing buddy you reviewed, part # BB1781, fits a hub bore of 1.781 inches and an outer bearing number LM-11949 Trailer and camper manufacturers may use different components in their products from one production run to another, so the only sure way to know what bearings are used in your Coleman Taos camper is to pull the wheel and hub and check the outer bearing number. Please refer to the photo provided. The next best method is to measure the hub bore using a digital calipe
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  • What Size Bearing Buddy to Replace 2-7/16-Inch Grease Cap
  • The best way to measure hub bore to determine which Bearing Buddy size you need is with a digital caliper. If you do not own one you may be able to borrow or rent one from a local auto parts store. Your other option is to obtain the outer bearing number from your trailer. You may be able to obtain the bearing number without having to pull it from the spindle; try wiping it clean of grease to see if the bearing number can be read. The size you quoted, 2-7/16 inches, corresponds to 2.437 in
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