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Tube Step Notification for 2011 GMC Sierra/Chevy Silverado

Technical Bulletin

Summary: New notification from General Motors regarding the body mount bolts on Chevy Trucks


When installing Tube Steps or Running Boards requiring the loosening of cab mounting bolts, DO NOT use an impact wrench to un-tighten bolts! Always loosen them by hand or you will most likely brake the nuts lose from inside the body. GM uses a HD Loc-Tite type product that causes the weld nut to brake loose and spin inside the body when an impact gun is used to loosen the bolts.

GM also states that anytime you work on stainless fasteners and use an impact gun, it could cause the nut to seize to the bolt. They highly recommend that you always use an anti-seize product when working on vehicles with stainless nuts and bolts.

SOLUTION: Dee Zee takes pride in offering easy to install products that customize any vehicle. We will attempt to inform the end consumer before installing their new product. The above warning notification will be included to all Dee Zee product instruction sheets for related applications moving forward.

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Manufacturer: Dee Zee

Bulletin Date: 12/06/2010

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