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Part No.CapacityABCDEFRound/Square
R104BT81000 lb1.251.240.990.991.004.00Round
R104BTREZ1000 lb1.251.501. - E-Z Lube
R104BT8-381000 lb1.381.240.990.991.004.00Round
R204841750 lb1.751.731.381.061.004.00Round
R20384EZ1750 lb1.751.731.381.061.003.00Round - E-Z Lube & Flge
R2061-2841750 lb1.751.731.381.061.006.50Round
R506422500 lb2.252.241.741.251.006.00Round
R50342EZ2600 lb2.252.241.741.251.003.00Round - E-Z Lube & Flge
SP204BT81000 lb1.501.240.990.991.004.00BT8, 1.5" Square
SP204841750 lb1.501.731.381.061.004.00#84, 1.5" Square
R404841750 lb2.001.731.381.061.004.00#84 Round

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