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MaxxTow 30x50 Wheelchair Carrier w/ 60" Long Ramp - 2" Hitches - Folding - Steel - 500 lbs

Code: MT70260

51 reviews



Product Specs:

Hitch Cargo Carrier

Carrier with Ramp

Folding Carrier


Class III
Class IV

50 Inch Long

30 Inch Wide

Heavy Duty

Fits 2 Inch Hitch


Easily load and transport a wheelchair or other equipment with this extra-wide cargo carrier. 60" Long ramp makes it easy to wheel items into place. Ramp folds and pivots up for transport. Entire carrier folds up against vehicle when not in use.

Video of MaxxTow 30x50 Wheelchair Carrier w/ 60" Long Ramp - 2" Hitches - Folding - Steel - 500 lbs

Customer Reviews

MaxxTow 30x50 Wheelchair Carrier w/ 60" Long Ramp - 2" Hitches - Folding - Steel - 500 lbs - MT70260

Average Customer Rating:  4.3 out of 5 stars   (51 Customer Reviews)

Easily load and transport a wheelchair or other equipment with this extra-wide cargo carrier. 60" Long ramp makes it easy to wheel items into place. Ramp folds and pivots up for transport. Entire carrier folds up against vehicle when not in use.

- MT70260

by: Venkatarao R12/08/2014

2014 Honda CR-V

The people at e trailer are so friendly and work with the customers to solve the problems. My association with this company sans two months. In October I ordered this carrier . It was delivered quite fast. but I could not assemble it for quite some time due to lack of help . Then I discovered that the item was damaged. The company sent me the replacement but it was the wrong item. The third carrier was received.. The carrier was quite easy to Assemble. Make no mistake it takes two people . The video does not mention that let alone stress that point. We worked with the carrier on the ground. We laid it obits side with he ramp raised up in the vertical position to atach the base to the platform. This will be less strain on the back. The video shows one man lifting it and attaching it to the hitch receiver!!!! have another person help you lift it and insert the carrier in to the receiver. The ramp is simple to extend. Be careful of your fingers getting skinned or caught in the hinge. Lifting the platform to the closed position is quite simple, but be carful it will not fall on to the back of the vehicle. The anti-sway attachment makes the carrier quite stable. The carrier is attached to 2014 Honda CRV. We have used a couple of times sofar. Secure the scooter with straps . 163622

- MT70260

by: Mike T06/19/2014

What great service! I ordered my wheel chair carrier to we could transport a life long friend who has fallen victim to MS. I ordered at 6pm and paid the nominal fee to get it in 3-5 business days, at 10 am the next morning it was on my front door step, WOW! It is a great product, well built and easy to use. The only down side I experienced was that the wobble bracket isn't very universal, it doesn't work with my hitch receiver. However I saved almost $200 over what a local dealer wanted so I can get one that works for my needs. I have had an unsurpassed experience with the product and company! I'll be back! 136518

- MT70260

by: Peter B. McD02/07/2015

Very fast delivery, two days. Very simple to assemble. The instruction pictures have the carrier assembled opening into the street and not towards the curb. Here in Pa it is illegal to park against on going traffic, the ramp should be on the passenger side. This was an easy fix while assembling. Happy with construction. I will be rebuilding the anti-tilt locking bracket since it was welded crooked and throws off the level of the platform. I will also add extra welds to the bottom square tubing near the weep holes. In all very satisfied with and will purchase from again. Thanks 172780

- MT70260

by: Shannon11/04/2013

Here are some pictures. Took me twenty minutes to build it without looking at the instructions. Very easy to setup. Easy to install to the vehicle by myself as well. 106259

- MT70260

by: Ryan11/12/2015

I bought this carrier for my dad's power chair. His truck sits high so we needed the 60" ramp. I haven't used the carrier yet because it is a surprise for him so I can't give 5 stars. I'm giving 4 for the ease of ordering, fantastic shipping and quality of the carrier. I ordered this carrier on a Sunday afternoon and it arrived Wednesday evening! I did opt for the express delivery which states 3-5 business days. I assumed I'd get it Thursday at best but I was pleasantly surprised. I put it together by myself using a grand total of 5 wrenches. I could've reduced that number to 2 if I'd used adjustable wrenches but I had ratchet wrenches on hand to fit everything. Speaking of that, all the bolt/nut sizes are emperial (not metric) and that made it easier. I had it un-packed, assembled and installed on my truck to fit test everything in under 30 minutes. It is a little heavy and awkward for one person to lift/mount but it isn't impossible. I'm of average height, weight and strength and managed it without too much strain. The fact that it is heavy is a good thing, in my opinion. I'd be afraid of a steel carrier of this size if it wasn't substantially heavy. The finish is very good, all components were in the packaging and I'm very satisfied with my purchase. I'll come back after we've put some miles on it and see which way I need to amend my review! 231843

- MT70260

by: Bob E.06/02/2014

The carrier is as advertised. Assembly went well, but would have been faster had I done it fifty years ago. :-) I have not yet installed it on my vehicle. Primary use intended is for my wife's power wheelchair. I may have uses for it as a substitute for my large utility trailer. Assembly instructions are complete and accurate. I may submit a picture later after installation on vehicle. I am pleased overall with the purchase. 133684


I dont use the carrier often, but nice to have it when needed. I put it on by myself, so when take it off, set it up on blocks at near the right height for mounting. I have to agree with others, pins and chains are flimsy, but I have no major complaints with the unit. Serving my purpose.

Bob E - 06/02/2015


- MT70260

by: Kent Wesley12/18/2013

I purchased this carrier so I could move my snow blower from job to job and it works excellent. Great carrier that I highly recommend thats at a great price. 110404


Hi Patrick,The Cargo Carrier is excellent. I use it often and am very glad I purchased it.ThanksKent

Kent W - 12/19/2014


- MT70260

by: John K.06/30/2014

This is a great cargo carrier and has the quality I expected. My need for this is to haul around a 4 wheel Mobility Scooter and it does it's job. It is well built and a solid hookup when you use the anti rattle and tilt device that's furnished with the cargo carrier, no tilt or rattles at all except the fold up ramp when it's folded up but a bungee strap stopped that. All in All it's a great product and no complaints what so ever and is a super place to shop and are extremely helpful when information is needed. I rate this website and product 5 STARS 138298

- MT70260

by: Don F.05/24/2015

The Carrier was delivered to me very fast. Upon assembly the holes in the tongue were misaligned and it was impossible to put the hitch pin through them. { This was a problem caused by the factory } The Lady I called at customer service was very courteous but she explained it would be at least a week before I even received a return label for the part. Rather than wait I had the holes drilled out to align them enough to put the hitch pin through. Other than that this seems to be a good carrier but it is very heavy for anyone disabled to use without assistance 195331

- MT70260

by: Josh02/07/2014

Been using for snow blower for route. Working great! Been holding up good so far with heavy abuse. 116023


How big is you snowblower

comment by: Kent - 08/20/2015



It is a 24 inch blower

comment by: Josh - 08/25/2015


- MT70260

by: Mike R.08/31/2016

2014 Ram

Item arrived as scheduled. I checked to make sure it was all there, all but a small pin was there. I set the unit out on floor and proceeded to assemble it, it was an easy job to get assembled. I then put the entire unit on the back of my 2014 RAM. it was a little heavy, but all went well and it is now on the rear of my truck awaiting the new recreational scooter that we just purchased. when it arrives, I will update, possibly with pictures. I currently rate it a 5 star unit. Thank you for the excellent service. 289666

- MT70260

by: Tim01/29/2015

Pros. Easy to put together. I had it on my SUV in about a half hour. Works as advertised. I use it to take my large rolling trash can out to the street a half mile away on my way to work. Beats rolling the can through the snow! Cons. Had to tweak the sides a bit as they were bent in a little causing the ramp to bind when lifting from the platform. The chains holding the lower ramp pins break really easy. Accidentally broke both during first use. 171718

- MT70260

by: Daniel H.03/25/2015

Overall this is a good product. It serves its main purpose. my main complaint is the paint-job, not a very big issue but i felt like if im paying $200+ i should be getting a decent paint job. It showed up on my door step with rust on the bottom. So far i have used it once and there was absolutely no noise from rattling. However, if i could go back and do it all over again i would still purchase this same product. 180857

- MT70260

by: Don D.08/10/2016

Everything I wanted. My chair goes up just fine. Would like higher sides to keep me on the carrier when my hands are twitching bad, but am doing okay. I have to use an adapter to haul it with my Van, otherwise the bottom of the carrier will scrape when I enter driveways or some parking lots. I like the stabilizer-adapter you sent, but I need another to stabilize the riser to the Van. Can I purchase one? 282298

- MT70260

by: Bob M04/19/2016

Good product everything fit together nicely. Plan on using it to transport my wife's mobility scooter which will allow us to go places other than Walmart or Meijers. 246123

- MT70260

by: Rod R.11/04/2013

I used the carrier yesterday to pickup our new 24" wide two stage snow blower. It worked great! The only issues were the chains to hold the lynch pens broke off with just a slight tug. Also the paint scrapes off easily. I might repaint it to help prevent rusting. 106272


I had the same problem with the chains. Fortunately I had some jack chain around.

comment by: John K - 07/19/2014


- MT70260

by: Brenda.B08/30/2016

We did receive our etrailer yesterday. It was on time, and the box and everything else was in very good shape. We hope that with a longer ramp we can put this on our larger SUV, and get out of our driveway without dragging. This is for my husband's wheelchair. As soon as our son in law comes over and puts it on , we will send picture. 289146

- MT70260

by: Lisa M10/06/2015

we are pleased with the cargo carrier we recently purchased. Our order was processed and delivered in a timely manner. It looks nice, assembled as advertised and the ramp can easily go on the right side or the left. We have not taken it on the road yet, but if it travels as well as it went together we will have no complaints. 229367

- MT70260

by: John P01/20/2016

Just purchased this MaxxTow Carrier so that I can transport my snowblower. Product arrived quickly, was easy to assemble and appears sturdy and well made. The company made some follow up calls to make sure that everything arrived in good order, which was good to see. I would recommend purchasing this unit from this company. 235830

- MT70260

by: Richard M08/06/2013

Product was easy to put together and fits my purpose of loading and carrying my handicapped scooter. The long ramp makes loading easy. The only problem was getting the pin inserted when the carrier is in the folded position. It took a bit of jockeying the unit until the hitch pin would go all the way through. 93568

- MT70260

by: Steve Phipps07/14/2016

Placing the order was a breeze. The follow up was outstanding. I loved the ability to keep up with the transportation and the email to let me know when it was delivered. An outstanding experience. If I need anything like this again or anyone asks where I got it from I will be sure to recommend your company. 272031

- MT70260

by: Tim01/27/2016

The service from etrailer was fantastic, I ordered the carrier and received within two days and was using within three. It works as advertised I was able to roll my 26" snowblower up the ramp without a problem and the carrier was very stable in transporting it several blocks. Thanks etrailer. 236399

- MT70260

by: Michael D.09/16/2014

So far it has been pretty good. The anti rattle device doesn't fit on the hitch collar very well(too small). It is also rusting already in some spots. Paint coating is not very thick. Pins for second ramp section are somewhat flimsy. Don't get me wrong though it fits my use well. 151405

- MT70260

by: Nick H.03/12/2015

Audi Q5

This carrier has been great for getting my snow thrower around to different job sites during winter. And of course I am looking forward to carrying my lawn mower around in the remainder of the year. It's half the price of my previous manual lift carrier I had. 178006

- MT70260

by: Chris B.06/20/2016

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The product seems to be just as advertised. Excellent quality. Very little assembly required. Only problem we have had was the design of my hitch on my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado, the no tilit brace doesn't work well with the rounded edge it has. 262776

- MT70260

by: Kathy07/02/2014

Just as described this was easy to install and works great! We have a large scooter we load onto it and its a breeze to get it up the ramp. The arm connectors are a bit troublesome to hook and unhook but over all this is a great ramp!!! 138666

- MT70260

by: COY08/12/2015


- MT70260

by: Paul H.03/28/2016

My handicap scooter is just about 200 lbs. and the hitch part of the carrier is cracked. The scooter now hangs down like it's ready to fall off! I bought a carrier rated for 500 lbs. to be safe. What a waste of money 242150

- MT70260

by: Larry e05/20/2014

item arrived very quickly. some of the frame was scratched in shipping. the carrier fits my Q5 perfectly and will be used to transport my 30 inch snowblower. great product at a great price. 131534

- MT70260

by: Denise08/31/2016

We have been using for 1 year now and still love it. It is easy for even me to unfold ! Would recommend this item to anyone. We use it to haul husbands hover round and it it works wonderfully. 289466

- MT70260

by: Rodger F.01/01/2014

30x50 just what I needed to carry my 28" snowblower , Wish I had read a little far , just got to make sure it's strapped down good and tightother than that it's exactly what I was looking for 111666

- MT70260

by: Marion11/05/2014

More difficult to put together than I wanted but very sturdy, nice looking carrier. The customer service was great and the price was reasonable. I would recommend this carrier to friends. 159602

- MT70260

by: Machelle Woods02/19/2015

Outstanding product, went together like a dream!!! Very happy with purchase, shipped in no time, installed in minutes.... If you need something like this, look no further!!!! 175321

- MT70260

by: Stephen Link04/10/2014

sorry haven't taken a picture of it yet but receive product installed works perfectly don't know why I ever hesitate it on buying one man I'm glad I did have a great day thanks 124583

- MT70260

by: Gary F.01/03/2014

I bought myself one for xmas. I use it to transport my snow blower. I've used it several times this week with no complaints. I'm very happy with this product so far. 111808

- MT70260

by: Dan07/16/2016

The ramp was exactly like it shows. Easy install, eight bolts and it was ready to hitch to my truck. Very fast delivery ordered on Sunday and had it Friday. 272732

- MT70260

by: John S.01/27/2014

Etrailer was quick to deliver the product and even gave me personal email updates along the way. I would order from them again. 114871

- MT70260

by: Billy T11/14/2013

this cargo carrier was larger than expected. But it was very sturdy and easily assembled. It fits all their needs perfectly. 107296

- MT70260

by: Zack04/29/2014

It's just what I was looking for. It' a birthday gift for my father in law and will be installed tomorrow. Thank you zack 128116

- MT70260

by: Gary08/04/2015

Easy to put together !!! Put together Well !!! Great staff support from Ordering thru Follow up Thanks again Lexus G. !!!! 216671

- MT70260

by: Theodore H01/29/2016

Very fast service when ordered. Received about 2 to 3 days sooner than expected. Easy to assemble and install. 236501

- MT70260

by: Sherrie09/30/2015

So far so good. It went on relatively easily. Will be taking it to a local festival and see how it works!!! 228502

- MT70260

by: Scott A.02/02/2016

Well designed and not as heavy as expected, well balanced and lots of space to carry my large snowblower. 236819

- MT70260

by: john ny02/03/2015

Fast shipping considering all the snow we got this past week. No damage and looks great. thanks 172323

- MT70260

by: Jc08/31/2016

Easy to install. Looks good on vehicle. Service was great. Will recommend to others. 289485

- MT70260

by: Judy P.07/02/2015

Welds will need to be rewelded already coming apart when I took it from the box. 208809

- MT70260

by: johnS07/10/2016

Sold it for less than half. Doesn't hold its value 270264

- MT70260

by: Margaret02/25/2013

This is exactly what I needed for my mobile chair 67709

- MT70260

by: Rick W.07/10/2016

Simple to put together & quality looks good. 270346

- MT70260

by: excellet09/19/2016

Product met my needs just fine 297166

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