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Classic Accessories Round Smoker Cover - Hickory Series - 18" Diameter

Code: CA55037

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Product Specs:


Patio Furniture Covers

BBQ Grill Covers

Oak and Mahogany

18 Inch Diameter

Smoker Cover

Classic Accessories

Keep your round smoker or fryer looking and functioning at its best by protecting it from the elements. This heavy-duty, water-repellent cover has interlocking seams, integrated air vents and built-in straps for easy attachment.

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Replacement Foot for Thule Rapid Aero Roof Mounted Foot Pack

Code: 753-2999



Product Specs:

Accessories and Parts

Roof Rack

Tower Parts

Foot Pack


This replacement naked foot for the Thule Rapid Aero roof-mounted foot pack creates the base of your entire rack system. The foot is constructed of corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel. Plastic outer cover is sold separately.

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