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Rola Roof Mounted Cargo Basket - Steel - 52" Long x 40-1/2" Wide x 6" Deep - 130 lbs

Code: 59504

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Product Specs:

Roof Basket

Cargo Basket

Round Bars
Square Bars
Factory Bars


Medium Capacity

Short Length



Load up this sleek rooftop cargo carrier to free up more space inside your vehicle. Aerodynamic styling and an included fairing reduce drag and wind noise. And the corrosion-resistant powder coated basket fits most factory and aftermarket roof racks.

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Customer Reviews

Rola Roof Mounted Cargo Basket - Steel - 52" Long x 40-1/2" Wide x 6" Deep - 130 lbs - 59504

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (286 Customer Reviews)

Load up this sleek rooftop cargo carrier to free up more space inside your vehicle. Aerodynamic styling and an included fairing reduce drag and wind noise. And the corrosion-resistant powder coated basket fits most factory and aftermarket roof racks.

- 59504

by: Vince04/15/2011

Toyota 4Runner

After reading a lot of reviews, I ordered the Rola roof cargo basket with extension last weekend. On Thursday, the packages arrived at my door. The basket and the extension are black powder coated and of very strong and solid construction. No visible damage from the factory or shipping. Assembling the 3 pieces was easy. I read some reviews that said one or a couple of the screw holes did not align very well and there were no holes pre-drilled on the front for mounting the plastic wind deflector. I was fortunate that neither was true on mine. All the holes aligned fairly well and there were 4 pre-drilled holes in the front for wind deflector mounting. However, I did have one of the holes on the side that was just a tad too large so the screw would not have much bite going in. In fact, I could easily use my fingers to screw it in all the way in and take it out. There was no way to totally secure the screw - it just kept spinning once it's in. I figured it probably wouldn't be a big deal because there were 11 other screws to hold the pieces together and it did seem pretty solid. I ended up using some loctite on that particular screw, which may or may not do a good job. As some of the other reviews have suggested, the joints where the front, rear and extension tubes are joined together are not very precise (although joining them was a breeze) - several have visibly larger gaps, which is the culprit of developing rust for a lot of people when water gets in those joints. I applied silicon right away on those joints after I put the pieces together and let it dry overnight. This should prevent water from getting in the joints and developing rust. I'd recommend everyone doing so, regardless of which brand of basket you buy - it's impossible to have the joints so precise and air tight to the degree of water proof. Make sure you use the kind that's meant for outside and sun-proof :) A whopping $5 will save you a lot of headache down the road. This evening I mounted the basket with extension on top of my '06 4Runner. Yes, the basket is pretty heavy, but even mounting it by myself wasn't difficult at all. The brackets seated very well on the factory cross bars and the baskets sits on top of my truck very securely. I'm glad that I got the extension (I suggest you do too!) - the length is perfect for the 4Runner and it provides a much larger area to tie your cargo down. I know some people are concerned about not being able to use their sun/moon roof with the extension. It probably covers 1/2 to 2/3 of my moon roof, but there's plenty of clearance underneath for the moon roof to operate. I've looked at some pictures of the trucks with the basket without extension mounted and I think it looks sort of weird being that short and you lose quite a lot of cargo area. I love the low profile of the basket. It's just tall enough to function perfectly, but it looks so much better than Yakimas, Thules, and most other off brands. AND I was so excited to confirm that I had plenty of clearance to get through my garage door opening!! I think with most other baskets, I would not be able to park my truck in the garage anymore unless I take them off. That's why my big Thule roof cargo carrier always sits in the garage until I go on backpacking trips with my dogs. My Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd ride in their crates when they're in a vehicle and friends and I usually have quite a bit of gear that needs space in and on top of the vehicle :) I took the truck out just now for a spin on the highway to test the basket out. It was 8:30 at night and a lot quieter than day time. I could hear some wind noise once I got above 60 mph, but it was fairly minimal. It's certainly a lot quieter than my Thule cargo carrier. And I had the stereo OFF!! The whine from my BFG AT KO coming from underneath was more noticeable than the wind noise generated by the basket. I do agree with several other people's reviews and think that it would be even better if the manufacturer made the plastic wind deflector longer and cover the entire width of the front - I don't know why they didn't or don't. It would further reduce wind noise and look better too. The fastest I went during the test drive was 75 mph and there was no rattling whatsoever. I have not tested the basket with cargo loaded - will do on the next backpacking trip :) But I'm very confident that it will hold its own very well given the sturdy and solid construction. If they could make it a big lighter without sacrificing strength and rigidity, I would be even happier. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the purchase! I'm glad I did not spend more money getting a Yakima or Thule. The Rola is a really high-value product and I would rate it an "excellent" despite a couple of minor QA issues. Its strength and sturdiness give me peace of mind and I LOVE the lower profile it has compared to most other brands of baskets! Etrailer did a great job statusing me via emails after I placed my order and shipping it out so fast! 11835


Now THAT is how to write a thorough review!

comment by: Sonny - 04/21/2015


- 59504

by: Finke01/26/2014

2014 Subaru Outback

Looks sharp on the 2014 Subaru Outback!!! I have been looking at the various cargo baskets for weeks and finally decided on the Rola Cargo Basket. I couldn't be happier. The basket fits perfectly on the new Outback. It doesn't look to small like the Yakima Loadwarrior (a.k.a the OEM cargo basket) or too large like the Yakima Megawarrior. It also isn't cheaply made like some of the other cargo baskets. Assembly was a breeze and I highly recommend purchasing/using a all weather silicone to prevent rust. Etrailer is a great company and upgraded my shipping for free! Delivery took about 3-4 business days and their customer service staff kept me updated along the way. 114776


It was my pleasure. I dont usually write reviews but in this case, etrailer is an excellent company and it was the least I could do. The Rola basket has worked really well and have used it several times on family vacations. Im actually in the market to by a new, bigger cargo basket Yakima Load Warrior wextension and I was wondering if etrailer offers any discounts for returning customers? I would be more than happy to write another review with pictures of this helps!

Finke - 03/04/2015


- 59504

by: Mac80612/08/2012

2013 Subaru Outback

After camping out of our 2013 Subaru Outback for the first time, we realized the usefulness of a roof rack to put tubs and coolers overnight. We looked around for a quality basket when we came across this Rola basket at and the pricepoint was right on. (I'm not that guy who spends $$$+ for anything because it's a yuppy brand. I like quality products but shop around for competitive prices before I buy anything.) The package arrived exactly when quoted, undamaged. I opened the box right away and found the basket VERY easy to assemble. The rack comes in two main pieces. All you have to do is align and slide the two main pieces together, and drill the screws in. It's easy enough for one person to assemble with only a screwdriver or cordless drill with Phillips head bit. The Rola rack feels very sturdy and is a well-made product. Once I screwed on the wind deflector, I could tell it was a sharp design and was happy with the sporty looks. I could also tell the mounting brackets were easy to figure out and seemed they would be quite effective at bracing the rack to the top of our new Subie. I was able to lift the basket and lay it upon the factory crossbars without help, though I wouldn't recommend it unless you're fairly strong and/or rather tall. (I'm neither, but was determined to get it done to surprise my wife.) If I remember correctly, it weights a bit over 40-lbs. Aligning the rack on the vehicle and determining its position is a personal preference and is as easy as sliding and nudging it until you're good with it. The mounting brackets then mount around your factory crossbar in four places, and attach to two of the cross-tubes as shown in the manufacturer's photos. Very easy to attach and tighten, even BY HAND. Lots of PROS to the Rola basket, and too! Product Availability. Price. Ease of Assembly. Quick Delivery. Our only CON to the rack is the added wind noise, but we expected that. Great looks! Great design! Easy Assembly. Very happy Subie owners! 60969

- 59504

by: Mark D.09/11/2016

Service and product delivered by Etrailer was Excellent. I ordered online and was contacted by phone and email regarding my order status. They were courteous and professional throughout the process. I did pay extra for expedited shipping and was not disappointed. My Rola vortex cargo basket arrived in 3 days. I immediately started assembly. I was very impressed with the quality, the powder coated look, and the baskets firm and solid structure. It was completely assembled in less than 30 minutes. I read in some other product reviews that some of the screw holes didn't match up...I did not have this problem. I used silicone at each screw point and around the 4 connection points where the 2 sides of the basket fit together. Rubber sleeves were also provided to minimize water intrusion into the bars themselves. Minimizing the potential for rust down the road. Fully assembled Rola's 48"x37.5"x4"(interior dimensions) basket weighs about 35lbs. It is easily installed by one, however I had help after placing it in position on my roof with the bracket install, not necessary but simplified positioning. From box to roof took less than hour to complete. After stepping back and enjoying how much I liked the look of this edition to my vehicle. I took it for a test drive. With windows and sunroof open, the noise level remained relatively the same, even at highway speeds, I barely noticed. I plan on ordering a Rola cargo bag from Etrailer in the spring, this will most definitely have noise issues, but that'll be for another review. Thank you again Etrailer, the experience was Excellent and you have earned my repeat business! 293460

- 59504

by: David H.10/17/2011

2008 Hummer Edition AlphaH3

I have had a Rola Rack 59504 with extension 59505 since 2006. I first had it on my 2006 Hummer H3 and it is now on my 2008 Hunner Edition Alpha H3. It made an over 4000 mile 9 state expedition loaded with a spare tire and camping gear. I traveled offroad on the Mojave Desert Road, trails around Death Valley and offroad trails in Moab, Utah. I really like this rack that I can easily remove without help and it only weighs 50 lbs so the rack itself does not use up weight allowed. I just ordered two 59506 mounting kits so I can add a third cross bar just for insurance offroading. Ashlea C was very helpful with my order. 25692


I have installed my ROLA roof rack and Im happy with the look but I have been in the market for a rear spare tire cooler rack which is featured in these pictures could you provide information as to who markets this product ??? Thanx BillyB

comment by: BillyB - 06/28/2013


We actually carry something very similar, the Surco Spare Tire Cargo Basket. Instead of sitting on top of the spare and securing around it, this one actually secures to the studs that are used to secure the spare. It works in much the same way as a spare tire mounted bike rack. Be sure to check out the review video too.

Patrick B - 6/28/2013


Hi David how did you mount the spare tire to the Rola roof Basket???? They do not offer a mounting device?Looks great!Let us know!

comment by: John S - 11/02/2013


- 59504

by: BJL88805/23/2011

2007 Chevy Tahoe

Got the Rola Rack & Extension Was delivered only in 4 days, and i just installed my rack which i purchased on etrailer Im very satisfied with the rack beside the little minors like the extension were you connect them w/c has a little gap and also little bubbles with the powder coat finish... Other than that unit fits my 2007 Chevy Tahoe Truck just right and Im happy with this product,just like the massive material used and design is just right ... together with couple of more inches long with the ext... next upgrade (lift kit & wheels) 15129

- 59504

by: T. Metz08/31/2009

2008 Chevy Equinox

Another great product Rola! The Rola Platypus Expandable Roof Bag along with the Rola (59504) Cargo Roof Basket proved to be a great combination on my 2008 Chevy Equinox. The problem with the Equinox is the short space between the factory installed roof rack cross bars (only 26 inches). The solution was the Rola Cargo Roof Basket. It was easy to assemble (requiring only a screw driver) and mounted to the vehicle's roof rack without any tools at all. Once the basket was in place, attaching the Platypus bag was a snap...literally. Put the platypus on the basket, open the roof bag all the way, load the roof bag (we had 2 duffle bags, 2 gym/stuff bags, 1 small suitcase and a suit bag), close the roof bag zipper, strap it to the roof basket and pull it tight. Total install time was 15 minutes to put on the basket and about the same to load and secure. While on the road the Platypus was great. We traveled over 2500 miles round trip from NJ to Southern FL and we found little change in vehicle noise and only a slight decrease in the fuel mileage. Once we arrived we removed the Platypus Roof Bag and left the Basket in problems at all. We hit some monsoon type rain (summer in Florida, what would you expect) and the Platypus performed just fine. This is not a 'water proof' bag and it states that right in the instructions. By placing the duffle bags and the other contents in plastic garbage bags, everything remained dry, without exception. One minor thing that I had to do on my own was to purchase caps for the thread ends for the 'U-bolt' mounts so the roof basket didn't puncture the Platypus Bag. I simply used tire valve caps ($2.00 for 8 at Wal-Mart) and they worked perfectly. 2326

- 59504

by: Wanda H.09/09/2015

2015 Subaru Outback

We have a 2015 Subaru Outback. It has side rails and cross bars but nothing to keep our roof top cargo bag from sitting directly on the roof. So we were looking for a basket for mounting to the rails and holding the cargo off of the roof, saw good reviews on this one and felt it was a good price. Since we had a limited amount of time left before needing it, I called into etrailer and spoke with Vince. He was very easy to converse with, answered my questions, took my order over the phone so that the basket could be sent out as soon as possible and even told me how I could get a price match applied to my purchase. I received the basket yesterday, assembled it and mounted to my Subaru this morning. It is a very sturdy piece of equipment, well made, fit well, looks good and will certainly hold all of the items we will need to haul. The basket comes in 2 halves which you put together using rubber gaskets to cover the connecting screws and joints. There is the deflector that is mounted to the front using 4 screws and then the mounting brackets that are used to mount it to the roof crossbars. Our bars were 30" apart center to center and everything fit perfectly and looks great. We will be putting it to use this weekend on our beach trip. 224645

- 59504

by: Alf06/21/2011

I like the rack, I think it looks good on the Tahoe. I plan on leaving it there most of the time. There were a couple of minor dings, nothing more then buying it at a store (and it is a rack). Only real complaint was that the Rola sticker was on crooked, upside-down, and torn. Guess I'll need to peel that off and find another sticker. Here are some pics of the rack on my Tahoe. 17572

- 59504

by: Stephen S.09/30/2010

Very good rack!! I purchased the rack and extension (don't pass up the extension) for trips to the beach. With the extension, it easily handles my canopy, chairs, etc. MUCH easier to bungee that stuff down in a basket as opposed to strapping it securly to my crossbars. Overall I'm VERY pleased. Two minor points that could be improved: 1) connections when assembling the halves/extension. They imnproved the design by welding in one half of the connection tubes, thereby reducing the number of screws being relied upon. However, in the older models (as shown in the directions with the kit) you received a tube of sealant. This sealant has been excluded (or was not included in my shipment) which leads to a bit of rust inside of the connections and around the screw holes. I solved this by dis-assembling, cleaning, painting, and re-assembling this time with silicone in the joints. Really sounds worse than it is. Took perhaps 30mins total,spread over 2 nights. Now, I leave my basket on al the time, so it's constantly exposed to weather. 2) tie down brackete assembly. the large plastig pieces that fit between the bars should really be coated with some sort of rubber to increase friction against your cross-bars and prevent sliding. I had the basket REALLY loaded and experienced a shifting on my first right turn. Solved it with a bit or rope I had, cross-tied from front to basket to opposite side of roof rack. All that said, these are VERY MINOR and I LOVE this basket.....especially for the $$$. Very well built. 3490

- 59504

by: Rob06/27/2009

Jeep Liberty

Some quality control issues Overall, I like the basket, think it is fairly priced, and am happy with it. However, there were two quality control issues that should be noted. I'll mention those in a moment. The overall unit is solid and looks good on my black Jeep Liberty. It fit well on the OEM crossbars and was straightforward to install. The unit is pretty heavy, but it has a really solid, substantial feel that makes me think it will securely hold whatever I put up there (within the 130 lb limit). Now, on to the complaints. These are really small things, but are still worth noting. First, there is a noticeable dent in the main large tube on the left front side. It is clearly a factory defect because the dent has been powder coated along with the rest. If I had bought it locally, I would have taken it back and exchanged it. Having had it shipped, I simply cannot go through that. Second, there was an error in the placement of the holes where you use screws to hold the two halves together. Three of the four screw holes lined up fine, but on one of the smaller tubes, the inner hole didn't match the outer hole. I had to drill my own hole to set the screw. These aren't major problems, but it's sloppy on both counts. On balance, I would recommend the product and would not make a different choice if I had it to do over. Also, I should note that etrailer did everything you could ask for. I ordered it on a Saturday evening and they shipped it on Monday morning. It arrived Wednesday. You can't ask for more than that. 2065

- 59504

by: Sue06/23/2014

We have installed and used this product. It was easy to put together and it makes loading our roof bag a snap. I would have given it an excellent rating, but we had some rusty screws that we had to replace as they were the ones that hold the front windscreen on and they were ugly and we couldn't stand looking at them. It didn't leave us feeling confident that the rest of this rack isn't going to rust, but it has been in the rain already with no signs. We'll see how it goes in winter. Overall, it is a great product though. Shipping was fast and it was simple to get on the roof racks. 137028


Weve been using this product for a year. We have taken it off the roof and reinstalled it several times and it still works great. My only issue is that we have had more rusting on certain parts of the rack installation equipment. Its meant to be in weather so they really should have done a better job on this. Overall, we have been very happy.

Sue - 06/25/2015


- 59504

by: Ralph08/24/2016

pics 287185

- 59504

by: Cory F.06/28/2016

2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee

So it has been a year with the Rola Roof Basket on our 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it has been well used! Some feedback on it would be: - It has a good balance of size and depth with regards to holding capacity. - It appears to be well made and thought out. I currently have a couple of small concerns that lead me to rate it 4 out of 5. - The plastic clamping spacers for the cross bars work well enough, but they could stand to be taller for the length of the u-bolts that are provided. With the factory Jeep roof bows, the outer basket tubing CAN contact the retaining knobs even with very precise placement. I cut rectangles of 1/4" (.250") thick rubber mat that I zip tied to the contact section of the plastic spacers to lift and insulate the basket from the cross bows. This solved all of my concerns with using it on the factory Jeep bows. - UV resistance. We do not leave the roof basket in place when it is not needed and simply hang it on heavy duty hooks from the garage ceiling. However, we left it in place for about 1 month and it began to fade pretty quickly. The vinyl decal on the lexan wind deflector showed the most fading. It could definitely be better, but like anything else, it still functions well regardless. Overall, a great looking and valuable storage/carrying product for those who need it at a good price point. 265902

- 59504

by: 06 Grand Cherokee06/08/2012

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Holes didn't line up exact. Welds were sloppy but will hold fine. Used a little silicone to seal up the rack since it's in two pieces to help prevent rust. Rola did a poor job packing so there were a few scratches fresh out of an undamaged box. As far as looks go you can't beat the Rola rack unless you want to drop $1,000+ on a Gobi rack. Which the price is high because they originally designed them for Hummer owners who have alot more money. Functionality it works great. Other than it doesn't have attachments like the Yakima, but some Yakima attachments will work they are very similar. What it really comes down to is how much you want to spend and if you care about looks. Honestly Yakima probably is a better choice and not that different in cost. Though the Rola is nicer looking. At least on a Grand Cherokee. It's all personal preference. I think I covered everything except installation which didn't take long at all. 43335

- 59504

by: John12/18/2012

Great product, and absolutely amazing price! Easy to assemble and install. Looks great. 61726


Still great. I only put the rack on for extended trips where we need the room. The rack is easy to put on, take off, and store. Its also big and sturdy enough to load up, and fits cargo bags that I bought to go with it. The only down side, as mentioned in other comments, is that the screw heads and joint for the frame rust. I did what others suggested and put black silicon caulk around the tube joints to keep the water out and prevent rust, to make it last longer. It seems they should recommend this, or even through a tube of sealer in the box to help with this. Also, it seems the screws themselves for the joint and windscreen could be made of stainless steel or something out that wont rust like the ones used.

John - 06/23/2014


- 59504

by: Frank H06/22/2015

Hi- I have just mounted the Rola Roof Cargo Basket on the roof of my Honda Pilot. I have to say it looks fantastic. Assembly was essentially very easy (though I wish I had some rubber safe lubricant available at the time [ my error- the instructions clearly stated to use some] ). Mounting it on the roof bars was incredibly easy and the mounting mechanism is intuitive and yet appears really secure. It is a good size, looks fabulous and seems really strong. As it was cheaper than some of the more established brands, I was a little concerned about how it might look- but absolutely no worries there. 206331


Excellent. We are planning on going camping with it shortly and it has been well used throughout the year. It still looks as good as it did upon purchase and feels as strong

Frank H - 06/21/2016


- 59504

by: John H.09/18/2012

Product is well constructed and is solid on the car. Easy to put together and installed in less than an hour using a screwdriver and tape measure. Etrailer had the product delivered less than 72 hours. Great experience! Happy with product and the service! 54993

- 59504

by: Joe F10/06/2014

The package arrived after 6 days and it was in good shape. The cargo basket also serves as a crossbar for Thule fork mounts. It fits perfectly well with my Jeep. I also put a bike lock to protect my investment. Thank You E Trailer 154627

- 59504

by: Seaside07/27/2013

I just installed my second Rola cargo basket on our other Subaru and decided I really should review it since it is an excellent roof rack. Construction, assembly and mounting are all solid. The paint seems perfectly good as well. If you live in an arid region, install and enjoy. If you live in a rainy region (Pac NW, coastal area, etc) I can now strongly recommend that you take a few minutes to rust proof your rack. You don't need to touch the outside, but you should briefly address the inside of the tubing where the rack slides together. I didn't on the first one, and then went back after several rainy months and sprayed rust inhibitor down inside the tubing, followed by expandable foam (to displace any future water), and then reassembled the two halves with stainless screws from the hardware store (highly recommend). On the second Rola rack, I did the above and then sprayed black rubberized (gutter-type) sealant on the joint. Overkill perhaps, but my roof rack is bomb-proof now. And rain proof. It is an awesome, sturdy, good looking rack that is much less expensive than some other options. If I hit a moose and ruin it, I'll buy another one. Subaru that is, the rack will be fine. 91965

- 59504

by: David S-D12/24/2014

Overall, this is a great product. It has sturdy construction, a durable finish, and looks great on my SUV. What I like: its well built, easy to install, and is very functional. What I don't like: (minor things) the manufacturer advertises the product in two ways - inside dimensions, 48 x 37.5 x 4 or outside dimensions 52 x 40.5 x 6. This confused me and I thought that I got the wrong model when it arrived, Thankfully, the awesome folks at Etrailer CALLED me shortly after I sent them a confusing email. Kudos to the folks at Etrailer. Two other things that I think could be better are the design of the mounting bolts and the rubber gaskets on the seams. The mounting bolts are easy to install and tighten down, but the threaded portion of the bolt sticks up toward the interior of the cargo area. The rubber gaskets are a little difficult to install, even after I figured out the that I needed a rubber safe lubricant. I also figured out that a second person is real handy to assemble and install the roof basket. I love the way it looks and its very functional. 166797

- 59504

by: Dan08/30/2012

Jeep Grand Cherokee

The one review that made me purchase this item was someone saying that they didn't understand why someone would pay more for Thule or Yakima. I have to say I 100% agree, my uncle has a Yakima he bought used on craigslist for more than the Rola cost me new and I think the Rola is much nicer looking for my purposes. I bought it with the extension as I plan to primarily use it on my Expedition, but like that I can remove the extension so it fits on my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Also, want to say that etrailer was great to deal with and they shipped the item out pretty much the same day I ordered it and it was at my house in less than a week. They even follow-up with you to make sure you like your purchase. I will buy all my trailer supplies from them going forward!! My only recommendation is to Rola, please package your stuff better, mine showed up pretty scratched up for a new item and one of the pieces even had a good size dent (not noticeable once I put everything together). I would have rated this a 5 if it wasn't for the damage. 53551

- 59504

by: upso09/26/2011

Really happy with this rack. The build is surprisingly sturdy for how little it costs. It fits great on my older model RX300, and did not need the extender. The installation was a breeze, and my only complaints are those already listed by other reviewers. The shipping leaves a little to be desired (not etrailer's fault). The box should have more packing materials... a little styrofoam would go a long way. The rack arrived a little scratched up, but as mentioned... nothing that wouldn't happen after a couple hundred miles of driving on the road. Also, the place where the front and back section connect is a little poorly thought out. I'd like to see some sort of rubber ring or other coverage to seal up the connection. But oh well... it's inexpensive, easy to install, looks great and i'm sure will do a great job. 24665

- 59504

by: Doug D.09/29/2014

2014 Subaru Outback

This roof basket is well made, east to set up and fit our 2014 Outback perfectly. The outback roof rack lacks the ability to mount things to the side bars like straps for a roof box, this roof basket provides unlimited mounting bars for whatever you want to carry. I have read some other reviews regarding poor fit with the screw holes and areas that need silicone, I found none of these issues. I am very happy with the Rola roof basket and would recommend it to anyone. 153515


We are still very happy with the Rola cargo carrier.Thanks

Doug D - 10/02/2015


- 59504

by: Ben01/16/2014

2000 Jeep Cherokee

Great product! Easy to put together and install. Looks great on my 2000 Jeep Cherokee. Customer service was top notch as well. I highly recommend etrailer and the rola roof rack. 113956


Rack is working great a year later and e-trailer has even followed up to make sure! It is nice to buy quality from a great vendor.

Ben - 01/16/2015


- 59504

by: israel m04/26/2013

2012 Dodge Journey

was a perfect fit. very easy to install. and I can still park my suv in the garage. 77898


hi, its working out very well and after a year of owning it the only thing i had to change were the screws on the front deflector because the originals were rusting. replaced them for stainless screws. thank you.

israel m - 05/16/2014


- 59504

by: Robert W.12/26/2014

2012 Dodge Journey

Loaded up luggage for 5 people and drove to Florida on top of my 2012 Dodge Journey. With a couple of tarps and proper ratchet straps and bungy chords, it worked like a charm, and saved me quite a bit of cargo room in the back. Had minimal wind resistance and hardly affected my gas mileage at all. Even wind noise on top was not significant. I highly recommend the Rola Rooftop Basket. 166962

- 59504

by: Brian H.08/01/2011

Volkswagen Touareg

Went together with no issues except I did have to "DE-UPS" it by taking out a bent tube end where the 2 halves join. UPS also through in some free scratches to boot. (I prefer Fed-Ex). This was a standardized fault of UPS and not the product. I did get the extension, it is longer & still SOLID. Bolted to the Factory VW Touareg crossbars with no issues. The Rola rack adds flexibility to carry long items also form local home centers. It also makes space for our 135LB German Shepard St. Bernard mix dog since all vacation supplies go up on the rack now. 20695

- 59504

by: Zac F10/16/2014

2014 Subaru Forester

I mounted the Rola basket to a 2014 Forester with Factory aero bars. Construction of the Rola Basket is good for the price. Putting it together was a bit tricky since the two halfs took some effort to get together. Also, the Rola logo on the windscreen was smeared, as though it was packaged before the paint was dry. The basket is functional and sturdy, however, i was surprised that the mounting brackets will not stay in place unless the basket is installed. This means you need to line everything up again if you remove and reinstall the basket. I used a couple screws and washers through the square cut outs on the mounting brackets and now the basket can be removed and reinstalled easily without having to realign the mounts. Also, use of black silicon between the halves of the basket is recommended. Good product for the price. Best value I have seen for such a product. Etrailer has fast shipping which only makes it better. 156305

- 59504

by: Kenny A.04/14/2011

The roof rack is better built than I thought it would be. It's securely mounted and doesn't move around when you grab it and give it a good hard tug. It looks great on my truck. Apparently, Rola doesn't include sealant for the joints as in previous versions. However, the joints are nicely powder coated, so that should help. I'll pick up some black silicone and put a small bead around the joints anyway, so it's all good. This was my first purchase from etrailer, and I have to say I'm impressed. I ordered it Saturday afternoon and it was delivered Wednesday. Even more amazing is there was a bad storm and their warehouse was struck by lightning, crippling their computers. They STILL got it to me quickly. Kudos to etrailer, I'll 11706

- 59504

by: 4Runner Dogs11/03/2012

Built very Strong. I like that it is made out of STEEL. Welds are better than average. The phillips head screws that were provided to assemble the tube halves were too small for the application and the pre-drilled holes were too large, so I substituted my own heavy duty screws to complete the assembly. The person that fabricated the tubes used a lot of excessive force bending up the tubes to be in the proper shape. It looks like it was not an automatic machine that did the bending. Although it is very close to a symmetrical shape and all the rungs lay on the same plane, it has some areas on the rear of the basket that are pretty hammered up that give less of the appearance I expected. The clamps that hold the basket to my roof rails are very good and strong. It is a rock solid installation. All in all, I am satisfied with the product. I may be critical because I worked a career in maintenance and fabrication. 58757

- 59504

by: William Macaluso06/29/2011

Bought this rack nearly 2 years ago. It has suited my needs very well. It has carried people, wood, and cargo. For the price you can't beat it! Its starting to show its age with some rust spots, but hey its metal, metal rusts. Don't let this deter you from buying it, GET IT MAN! I attached some pictures of it installed on my Jeep 18218

- 59504

by: JMac08/15/2013

2006 Jeep Commander

Sturdy, easy to put together! We bought it to help transport my daughter's ridiculous amount of luggage to college-- our poor Kia Sorrento couldn't fit it all. This basket will help keep the her things safe and secure. Fortunately it didn't weigh 130 lbs-- she and I were easily able to lift it onto the car. Nice to have the links with the product information as well! 95285


The roof rack is holding up great, thanks.

JMac - 03/04/2015


- 59504

by: boyznthewoods06/11/2012

2006 Jeep Commander

Great basket! We got the 18" extension and all parts fit together well and were easy to assemble. The mounting brackets are the best we have seen on similar priced racks and hold to rack securely to the rails of our 2006 Commander. The loading of camping equipment is much easier with a roof basket, just load it all on top and there are lots of places to attach tie-downs. Fits in standard garage on 4WD Commander with about 4" to spare. Overall great basket for the price, appears very well constructed and is pretty heavy steel. Make sure you check manufacturers weight limits for the rack on your vehicle, especially if ordering adding the extension. Good service and prompt shipping from etrailer. 43778

- 59504

by: Toby09/04/2015

Whistles at freeway speed when empty. Pilot holes for the self-tapping screws were misaligned causing two screws to snap. The outer dimensions are shown in the description, however the inner dimensions are important also. The basket attached easily and feels very sturdy. I am happy with it. 224028


Works Great ! The whistling sound was from the crossbars. NOT the basket. Very strong and sturdy.

Toby - 09/03/2016


- 59504

by: Kim in GA07/29/2012

2013 Kia Sorento

Installed the Rola Cargo Basket on my 2013 Kia Sorento and absolutely love the way it looks. I did read the prior reviews and took the advise of using black silicone on the screw holes and pipe connections to help avoid and rusting that may occur with exposure to rain. Our twins are older now and we traded in the minivan for this vehicle but we still have a ton of "stuff" needed for our activities and we are confident that this rack will get the job done! Our vehicle has a sun roof and a moon roof over the second row so laying anything on the roof of the vehicle was not an option. BTW - I assembled and installed it on my own while my husband was at work so it can be done solo =) 49703

- 59504

by: Caleb G.06/07/2012

I was extremely impressed and satisfied with the item and how quickly it got here. 43168

- 59504

by: Sweet Sue11/29/2013

Honda Element

Decent rack for the money but the total weight, including the mounting brackets, is more like 43 lbs....not the 38 lbs that is stated. Also, it is definitely not 6" deep. The depth was the main reason that I purchased this one but if you measure the depth of the inside of the rack it is only 3.5" on the front and back - the most important areas - and about 4.5" on the sides. As previous reviewers have came scratched and, in my case, one of the connecting side bars crushed in a bit so that I had to pry it open to connect the two halves...but after that all went well. Like I said...not bad for the money but disappointed that the depth offers much less protection than I had hoped for and the weight was greater. I have a Honda Element with a very limited load rating so the 5 lbs made a bid difference to me. 108714

- 59504

by: Jeff I.11/15/2011

1996 Jeep ZJ

So far, this basket works great for everything I need and it looks great on my 96 Jeep ZJ. I added some silicone sealant where the pieces go together, and to the screws so water doesn't get in the tubes and rust. I'm very satisfied. 26974

- 59504

by: Aaron P.06/24/2016

2013 Ford Explorer

This is a nice rack. Seems built well enough and looks great on our 2013 Ford Explorer. The added basket extension really rounds it out nicely. Now, the downside. This thing oxidizes like crazy! Within a month, it turned from a nice deep black to a ghostly gray. We keep our vehicle in a garage so I was very, very disappointed in how quickly the finish went away. It's not like it was sitting outside weathering away! It is a rough, powder coated finish so I haven't found any products to restore the original black color. So we have this nice, shiny Explorer with a rack on the top that looks like it's 20 years older. I thought maybe we just got a bad one but I've seen other Rola rack models like our's around and they too are gray in color. It is a nice rack but really bummed at the short life span of the finish. 264592

- 59504

by: Seth L.01/29/2014

2004 Toyota 4Runner

This product arrived quickly! Very pleased with the construction. The rack is very cosmetically pleasing on my 2004 4runner and was a breeze to install! 115118


Yes, I still own the rack, it is fantastic! It is very well built, the only thing I?ve done is spray paint the bolts to cover up the rust from the weather.

Seth L - 01/30/2015


- 59504

by: Bachakil05/11/2010

Great product I have to agree with everyone here, this is great roofrack and there's nothing IMO to envy about thule or yakima. The one issue that is really annoying and can be corrected by including another wind deflector is the noise. I had to go through yakima for the one that attaches to the rack in the front, to avoid the unbearable noise inside the vehicle when using the extencion on the rack. I didnt like having to buy this, but i rather that, than dealing with the tremendous noise inside the 07 t4r(4runner). I also had some issues with the screws and the a little dent in the rear tube but nothing that would make me reconsider my puchase. Altogether a great buy, the price is unbeatable, however keep in mind that you will need that extended wind deflector if using the extension. 3023

- 59504

by: Kirk S.04/11/2011

2001 Jeep Cherokee

I was very impressed with the rack. The box was a bit mangled in shipping and caused a scratch in the finish, but nothing I wont do while off roading anyways. The rack itself is very well built with nice lines, quality welding, etc. It fits my 01 Grand Cherokee like a glove; right between the sunroof and the rear hatch. My only complaint is I cant get the factory rails to latch back down again due to the spacing in the rack. This is a Jeep design flaw, not Rola's problem. Even with the rails not locked the rack is still quite sturdy up there. I would purchase it again with no thought. 11499

- 59504

by: Felix xavier05/26/2016

Me comunique con el vendedor nunca me contesto le compre un Rack cargo de una medida y me enviaron un rack mas pequeño del cual yó page el mas grande. De verdad la responsabilidad de por lo menos comicarse conmigo es pobre. Para ganar clientes y ser responsable debe haber comunicasion. Gracias y no fue mi intencion pero les envie 3 mensajes y nó contestaron. Translation: "I contacted the seller and they never responded. I bought a specific length cargo rack and they shipped me a smaller rack, so I ended up paying for the bigger, more expensive one. Honestly, the responsibility of at least contacting me back was very poor. To gain customers and be responsible there has to be communication. Thank you- this wasn't my intention but I sent three messaged and no one answered me." 251750

- 59504

by: Aaron D.07/27/2012

I ordered the Rola roof rack from etrailer and I was very pleased! It came in a day before the expected delivery date, and I put it together as soon as I got it. It's a great roof rack for the price and It's just as beefy as it looks. ( I had some fun getting it on my roof) The only Complaint I have is that the Joints dont sit flush when you screw them together. Which could be prone to rusting and dripping on top of your roof (but nothing that electrical tape cant fix!) Overall For the price you can't beat it! Highly Recommend this roof rack and ordering from etrailer! 49544

- 59504

by: AL S XJ04/06/2012

Jeep Cherokee

I gave this product an excellent rating for value. It is very well built for the money and I would recommend. The downside is there are no accessories available for this item. I would like to have the option of ordering a spare tire carrier, hi-lift jack,ax/shovel, or off-road light mounting system(s). These will have to be fabricated (nothing some plate steel and velcro shouldn't cure). I should have ordered the extension kit...this rack is a bit small for my Jeep Cherokee and wastes some very valuable roof storage. My 31x10.5-15 spare tire takes up most of the inside area...but like I said, I would buy it again! P.S. Buy a tube of Black RTV sealant for the adjoining parts and screw holes, let dry overnight before will thank yourself later. 36397

- 59504

by: Scott07/30/2015

1999 Jeep Cherokee

Got this rola rack for my 99 jeep grand Cherokee. The rack arrived very quickly and free shipping was part of the deciding factor to buy it here. Rack arrived in perfect condition and was easy to put together. Installation was easy enough to do by myself. Rack seems to be of good quality especially for the price. I had heard of using silicon where the two pieces come together, but this rack came with rubber to cover the connections and screw heads. I had considered the extension, but I think just the rack looks great. I used the factory crossbars and they seem like they will handle the job just fine. I really don't plan on putting a ton of weight up on it, and this rack seems perfect for camping trips or hauling gear, etc. Overall great product and company. 215492

- 59504

by: Robert Crabb08/26/2013

Sturdy, well constructed, applicable and a great value 96946


Ill stand-by my original review: Sturdy, well constructed, applicable and a great value. Since then, Ive purchased a net which better secures the cargo and must add how easy the entire set-up is to install.

Robert C - 09/07/2014


- 59504

by: Nick05/09/2016

After owning the rack basket for a little over a year, I have a mixed review. I like it a lot, it seems sturdy. It looks nice on the car, and it was not very expensive compared to other roof rack baskets. However, I don't think I would buy it again. I only use it during hunting season, and have only had it on the car for the last two archery seasons. The season is a month long, so that is a total of only 2 months on the car. I also don't load it up with gear, it is just on there to hold a hind quarter or two if I have a successful hunt. When I took it off last fall to put it away for the year. One of the brackets that holds the basket to the rack system was broken. I feel like with such little use there is no way it should have broke. 249310

- 59504

by: Jim S.01/07/2015

Really nice rack for the money. I added the extension and it all went together tight. I am modifying mine to mount direct to the roof for a lower profile, as well as adding a LED bar on the front. 168076


what size light bar you mount up there and how hard was it to mount it?

comment by: Thor - 06/24/2015


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