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Tekonsha 7-Way Trailer Emulator Blade Style Connector

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Tekonsha Wiring - 6562

Tekonsha 7-Way Trailer Emulator Blade Style Connector


  • For proper installation and set-up of a brake control when a trailer is not readily available
  • Uses a built-in load module that simulates electric magnet brakes on a trailer
  • Also checks electrical continuity of all circuits in the 7-Way blade style connector
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Note: Designed for use with Tekonsha and Draw-Tite aftermarket brake controllers and Ford OEM brake controllers. May or May not work with other manufacturers brake controllers.

6562 7-Way Blade Tester and Trailer Emulator with LED Display

Video of Tekonsha 7-Way Trailer Emulator Blade Style Connector

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installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Tekonsha Wiring 6562 Review

Today we're going to review part number 6562. This is the Tekonsha 7-Way Trailer Emulator Blade Style Connector. Now, this is used for proper installation and setup of a brake controller when the trailer's not readily available. Basically, you'd plug this into the 7-way on the vehicle and it will use a built in load module that will simulate electric magnet brakes on a trailer. Also, with these lights here, you'll be able to tell, it checks all the electrical continuity of all the circuits in that 7-way connector. Basically, what will happen is when you plug this into your 7-way, the first light that should come on is the 12-volt. There are 6 red lights here, as you can see.

Under each one, they have them labeled LT for left turn, TL for taillight, RT for right turn, and then 12-volt labeled here, BK for brake controller, and BU for backup lights. When you first plug this in you should get the 12-volt reading to show that you have power. From there, as you activate those specific functions like left turn, right turn, backup, and then taillights, those should all light up also. The one right in the middle on the bottom here is the BK, the brake. This one should not, it should be off until your brake control is activated. This will tell you by just plugging it into your 7-way, if your functions are working correctly in your vehicle. This is designed for use with Tekonsha Draw-Tite aftermarket brake controllers and also the Ford OEM Brake Controllers.

That should do it for the review on part number 6562. The Tekonsha 7-Way Trailer Emulator Blade Style Connector. .

Customer Reviews

Tekonsha 7-Way Trailer Emulator Blade Style Connector - 6562

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (30 Customer Reviews)

Tekonsha 7-Way Trailer Emulator Blade Style Connector

- 6562

by: Jason B12/23/2014

This was received in Etrailer's usual expeditious time line. The emulator blade is high quality and performed exactly as described by etrailer. The wiring for a 1999 Ford F350 with a Tekshona braking unit is difficult to follow and this makes it much easier to detect miswiring . Anyone who tows should have this in their bag. I originally bought from etrailer because of their helpful online website advice. However they provide excellent products and service. I have yet to be disappointed after several purchases. They are on my "favorites" list for both advice and their products and I use them without hesitation. 166645

- 6562

by: Greg06/10/2014

Works for checking wiring 134989


Work as it should. Shipping was fast and the product was of good quality.

Greg - 06/10/2015


- 6562

by: Richard C.02/07/2014

Had I puchased this years ago, I would have saved hours troubleshooting my truck when the problem has been with the trailer. Having been through several truck side adapters due to damage from a trailer cable that was to short, would have been great to help verify installation and saved many blown fuses from testing the connector with a meter from shorting between ground and the left turn. And it verifies the brake controller too. When plugged into the connector in the bed of the truck, I can see the lights from the cab which makes it reaaly quick to verify wiring. 116051

- 6562

by: David J.06/27/2011

Appears to work as advertised. I am having trouble isolating a problem with my electric brakes on my trailer and this tool enabled me to determine that the problem does not lie with the vehicle or brake controller. It will be handy to use as a test before/during long road trips. I have to say however that the way it was shipped was not satisfactory. No packaging material inside the box to absorb the shock of shipping. It got knocked around enough that the tool packaging was partially open. Not too cool for an electronic device. 18014

- 6562

by: Darral T.03/29/2010

Did exactly what it's suppose I tried a cheaper version of the "TowReady" and it will not test the brake controller. The Tekonsha "Emulator" will along with every other function on a 7-pin connector. With the 6562 installed, you can drive and watch the brake controller working. I dont know why Tekonsha didnt put a "lock" on the device to make sure it stays in for test-driving the vehicle with it installed. A minor issue. I highly recommend the 6562 for the ultimate in 7-pin testing with a brake controller installed. 2878

- 6562

by: Mark10/10/2013

I bought the emulator because I plow and have a back up warning buzzer in the cab. Since I have a salt spreader on the back, the alarm goes off every time I put the 2013 f350 truck in reverse. Plugging in your trailer emulator tricked the system into believing there is really a trailer on the back of the truck. No more alrm!! exactly what I was looking for. 103311

- 6562

by: Dave Maisel07/22/2015

Tried unit on my 2003 F150 to verify my 7 pin receiver and brake controller was still working OK. Will be using to test 2012 F150 and Chevy 2500HD this weekend. Very easy to use and read the LED lites. Will be a great troubleshooting tool in the future and expect it will be used by many friends and neighbors in the years to come' 213665

- 6562

by: Derrel E.11/08/2013

I have taken my trailer to three different places to have the brakes fixed and all have told me: "There is nothing wrong with the trailer. The problem is with the tow vehicle." This product has proved to each of them that it was not the "tow" vehicle but the trailer. The problem has been found and fixed. -- Great Product!" 106760

- 6562

by: no name02/12/2013

This device makes it easy to check all connections at once and with out a meter, and you can check things by yourself. I appreciated being able to check the function of my brake controller without having to hook up my trailer. 65916


I have used this device multiple times and it continues to function well.

comment by: Mel H - 02/12/2014


Thanks for the follow up, glad to know the tester still works!

Patrick B - 2/13/2014

- 6562

by: Jeff K.02/17/2015

Worked great for testing my new install of the 7 way adapter kit with Tekonsha Prodigy 2 controller. Even though I didn't hook up my camper this quickly told me that everything was functional and could sense the different wires were hooked up correctly. 175054

- 6562

by: Stuart N.06/28/2012

Works great to check your vehicle's 7 way connector. I was able to use it to troubleshoot some wiring issues, and this allowed me to rule out the truck wiring. A bit pricey for a limited use, but definitely saved me a bit of time. 46079

- 6562

by: Bill D03/11/2014

Does just what I wanted. I got a new tow vehicle and wanted to be sure all was wired right, including brake controller. It tested all and gives me confidence it will work fine when I plug into the trailer next weekend. 120258

- 6562

by: Chris S.06/11/2015

I ordered a trailer emulator, to check my wiring for my 2014 F-250 ,that I tow my 5th wheel camper with. It arrived one day early and it works just as advertised. Thanks Chris S. P.S. I will order from etrailer again. 202538

- 6562

by: Dennis S.10/01/2013

Made short work of checking out my truck. Now I know my issue is in the trailer wiring, not the truck. Saved time. Looking to try it on another of my trucks I bought used and don't know if it's wired right. 102139

- 6562

by: Billy05/16/2011

Product works as designed. As always, excellent customer service from etrailer.com, the original tester arrived and didn't work, it was replaced quickly, no questions asked. 14216

- 6562

by: Jeff03/30/2015

This did the trick testing the newly wired vehicle side connector. It is great being able to test the vehicle side connector without the trailer being hooked up. 181464

- 6562

by: Raymond Martinez07/27/2012

I've been trying to find a short on my ford f350,but instead it was a greater product I bought because now I can now test all of my trailer's lights and brakes. 49489

- 6562

by: Larry05/24/2011

I installed and checked all my trailer connections and everything worked perfect. I connected my trailer cable and my lights and brake controller worked fine. 15262

- 6562

by: Crown Guy09/19/2014

I should have bought this years ago. made the testing the install so simple. No need to back up to the trailr anymore, plug it in and test. Easy as that! 152100

- 6562

by: MJS Racing05/18/2011

Nice piece. Will work not just to check the tow vehicle light wiring, but also checks the trailer brake controller. Big time saver. 14692

- 6562

by: Mike M05/16/2011

Good Product. Does it it needs to and shows tow vehicle system is working to Check Brake Controller with out a trailer. 14129

- 6562

by: Russell F.11/07/2012

Great tool - a huge help if you're not familiar with the function of the pins or if you don't have a multimeter handy. 58962

- 6562

by: Frank G.07/13/2015

Excellent Product. Exactly as represented. Worked straight out of the box with bothering to read the instructions. 211448

- 6562

by: Ken P08/25/2014

Wonderful, easy to use tool for verifying proper vehicle voltage signals to output receptacle. 148416

- 6562

by: Ranger03/25/2015

This is a must have item! Great product, price and fast shipping!!! 180925

- 6562

by: Ranger03/17/2015

Wonderful tool! Get this one from ETrailer!!! FAST shipping!!!! 179130

- 6562

by: Arturo12/17/2014

Product works as advertised and arrived on time. 165741

- 6562

by: KEN R11/18/2013

Work as advertised. Will use before each trip. 107711

- 6562

by: Ray R08/23/2012

This appears to be a good test device 52683

- 6562

by: ernie05/20/2014

great. 131515


Ask the Experts about this Tekonsha Wiring
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  • Prodigy Brake Controller Only Shows n.c Code after Charging the Vehicle Battery
  • There are certainly a few troubleshooting steps that we can try that will tell us where the issue lies. Changing or charging a vehicle battery with the brake controller connected can cause different and random issues. It could be possible that something in the brake controller was damaged during the charging process if the battery cables were still attached to the battery. The first step that we will want to take is to reset the brake controller. This is done by simply unplugging the...
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  • Comparison of the Tekonsha 7-Way Trailer Emulator # 6562 and the Tow Ready 7 Way Tester TR20117
  • Yes, both the Tekonsha 7-Way Trailer Emulator, item # 6562, and the Tow Ready 7 Way Tester, item # TR20117, will test the function of the left turn and stop, right turn and stop, tail/marker lights, 12 volt power, electric brake, and the backup circuit in the 7-Way vehicle side connector. With both testers, the electric brake test will tell you that the circuit is supplying power for the trailer brakes at the plug, but will not check for actual, or correct, voltage. A multi-meter, item...
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  • Can the 7-Way Trailer Brake Emulator # 6562 be used with the 2010 Ford Integrated Brake Controller
  • I spoke with the electrical engineer at Tekonsha to find out if the Tekonsha 7-Way Trailer Emulator Blade Style Connector, item # 6562, will properly test the brake controller output from your Ford factory integrated brake controller. My concern was that this brake controller has a pressure switch that is activated by the master cylinder and that it may interfere somehow with the testers ability to properly read the output from the brake controller. I was informed that the tester will...
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  • What Do the LED's of the Tekonsha 7-way Trailer Emulator Indicate
  • According to to my buddy at Tekonsha, the 7-way Trailer Emulator is compatible with the OEM brake controller used on Ford trucks, but NOT on Dodge or GM trucks. The LEDs indicate the following: LT-Left Turn/Brake Lamp TL-Tailllights RT-Right Turn/Brake Lamp 12V-12-V Accessory Power from Battery BK-Brake Output Voltage from Brake Controlller BU-Back-Up Lamps. The Emulator will work great with any vehicle equipped with many different aftermarket brake controllers.
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  • Installation of a Reverse lockout Circuit or Brake Controller on a 2000 GMC Sierra
  • I believe we can help. We will need to determine whether you have a trailer with surge brakes or with electric brakes. Surge brakes on trailers are not electrically activated, they are activated by the pressure created between the vehicle and trailer when the vehicle slows. Many times surge brake couplers have an electric lockout, so the trailer can be backed without applying the brakes. This electrical connection is spliced into the vehicles backup light circuit so the lockout is activated...
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Wiring when 2015 GMC Sierra DIC Message Says To Check Trailer Wiring
  • Based on my research and information from the 2015 GMC Sierra 2500's owner's manual, the "check trailer wiring" message means that either a trailer with electric brakes has disconnected from the Sierra, or there is a short in the wiring to the trailer's electric brakes. The owner's manual says that when this message appears, it means there is not longer power running to the trailer brakes. You will want to check the wiring on both the vehicle and trailer that leads to the trailer's...
    view full answer...

  • Will Tekonsha 7-Way Trailer Emulator Work on a 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 with Factory Brake Controller
  • Factory integrated brake controllers are sort of hit and miss in terms of compatibility with items such as the Tekonsha emulator, # 6562. It all depends on the power draw required to tell the integrated brake controller there is a trailer connected. However, there is a load resistor inside this unit that creates a power draw that simulates what actual trailer brake magnets draw, so it is very likely that it will work. You may need to turn the gain up on the factory brake controller if...
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  • Troubleshooting Poor Trailer Brake Performance
  • I would first check all the grounds of the trailer and make sure they are making solid corrosion-free connections. The next thing to check would be the magnets in the brake assemblies. When these wear out can get poor brake performance. If the magnets show abnormal wear or if you can see the windings beginning to show through the friction surface of the magnet then they will need to be replaced. I attached an FAQ on troubleshooting brake magnets for you to check out. Another possible...
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  • Troubleshooting Tekonsha Brake Controller Installation that Shows Trailer Not Connected
  • You can test the brake circuit output at your truck's trailer socket by using your volt meter on the appropriate pin while you have a helper press the manual override. Press the controller's manual override with the power/boost settings at maximum. You should detect close to 12 volts on the truck's brake circuit. If you don't check the vehicle wiring for wear spots or cracks in the insulation that could be causing a short. You can also test the trailer brakes directly by bypassing the...
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting Dimly Lit Tail Light Circuits on a Tekonsha 7-Way Emulator with 2002 Toyota Tundra
  • If the Tekonsha 7-Way Trailer Emulator # 6562 that you referenced is picking up a small amount of voltage then that issue is coming from your 2002 Toyota Tundra and not the trailer. Some vehicles will have a small amount of voltage available on certain tail light circuits. If the tail lights of your trailer seem to work when connected to your vehicle then I would not let this bother you. If you are still concerned you could take a multimeter like our part # BTMT15 and test to see how...
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting Not Connected Display on Brake Controller
  • A display reading on your brake controller that shows n.c. which changes to . . means there is power to the brake controller, but the trailer is not connected to your vehicle. When your trailer is connected you should not be receiving this message. The first step that we will want to take is to reset the brake controller. This is done by simply unplugging the brake controller for about 20 seconds and then reconnecting the brake controller. If the brake controller continues to show...
    view full answer...

  • BK Light on Tekonsha # 6562 Trailer Emulator Flashes When Plugged Into 7-way of 2008 Toyota 4Runner
  • To check the lighting functions of your trailer connector using the Tekonsha # 6562 Trailer Emulator, plug the unit into the 7-way and activate the lighting functions (right turn, left turn, brake lamp and running lights) one by one. As each function is activated, the corresponding LED on the tester should light. As for the BK lamp, I'm assuming you have a brake controller installed. Modern brake controllers send a pulse back to the trailer connector to determine if the trailer is plugged...
    view full answer...

  • No Trailer Brake Signal on Factory 7-Way Using Prodigy P2 Brake Controller on 2003 F-250
  • Given the 11-year-old age of your vehicle (and presumably its 7-way factory-installed trailer connector) the issue you are having with no brake signal at the brake circuit pin on the 7-way could be a result of a corroded or damaged 7-way. You can use # HM40975 as a replacement for a factory 7-way. First I suggest you carefully inspect both sides of the F-250's 7-way looking for any signs of damaged wire, worn insulation or even slight greenish or whitish discoloration. Corrosion does...
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  • Would the Tekonsha 7-Way Emulator Connector # 6562 Work on 2013 Ram Integrated Brake Controller
  • The Tekonsha 7-Way Trailer Emulator Blade Style Connector # 6562 that you referenced SHOULD work with the factory brake controller you have in your 2013 Ram 2500. However, we do know for a fact that this won't work on the 2009-2012 Dodge controllers Factory integrated brake controllers are sort of hit and miss in terms of compatibility with items such as the Tekonsha emulator, # 6562. It all depends on the power draw required to tell the integrated brake controller there is a trailer...
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