Establish a secure connection between your trailer and tow vehicle with this metal, 4-pole plug. Round brass pins ensure minimum voltage drop, and pull grips enable easy insertion and removal. Lowest Prices for the best Wiring from Pollak. Pollak Heavy-Duty, 4-Pole, Round Pin Trailer Wiring Connector - Metal - Trailer End part number PK11402 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Pollak Heavy-Duty, 4-Pole, Round Pin Trailer Wiring Connector - Metal - Trailer End

Pollak Wiring

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Pollak Wiring - PK11402

Establish a secure connection between your trailer and tow vehicle with this metal, 4-pole plug. Round brass pins ensure minimum voltage drop, and pull grips enable easy insertion and removal.


  • Heavy-duty, metal, 4-pole plug connects trailer to socket on tow vehicle
    • Fits Pollack Heavy-Duty, 4-Pole Round Pin Wiring Socket (PK11404)
    • Does not fit Pollak Heavy-Duty, 4-Pole, Round Pin Socket, Concealed Terminals (PK11410)
  • Round, solid brass terminal pins
    • Minimum voltage drop is ensured
    • Dielectric (non-conducting) grease
      • Prevents corrosion and resistance
    • Solid brass terminal screws
  • Zinc, die-cast housing for durability
    • Finger grips make insertion and removal easy
  • Cable lock with plated steel retainer screw
    • Prevents chafing
    • Provides more support for cables
    • Saves installation time
  • High-impact, ABS thermoplastic interior
    • Includes extended lip for easy removal and replacement
    • Accepts up to #12 gauge wires
  • Interchangeable with competitive brands


  • Volt rating: 12 volts - 24 volts
  • Current rating: 35 amps
  • Wiring configuration:
    • Color - circuit:
      • White - Ground Return
      • Green - Right Turn and Brake Lights
      • Yellow/Red - Left Turn and Brake Lights
      • Brown - Tail Lights
  • 1-Year limited warranty

11-402 Pollak Heavy-Duty, 4-Way, Round Pin Trailer Wiring Connector - Metal - Trailer End

Video of Pollak Heavy-Duty, 4-Pole, Round Pin Trailer Wiring Connector - Metal - Trailer End

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Pollak Wiring PK11402 Review

Today we'll be reviewing part number PK11402. This is the Pollak heavy duty 4 pole round pin trailer wiring connector. The 4 pole plug is going to connect the trailer to the socket on your tow vehicle. It will fit the Pollak heavy duty 4 pole round pin wiring socket, part number Pk11404. It will not fit part number Pk11410. It's going to feature round, solid brass terminal pins. It's going to ensure that minimal voltage drop is attained.

They also have a nice dielectric, non-conducting grease coating on them, that's going to help prevent corrosion and resistance. It's going to feature solid brass terminal screws. The housing is made from a zinc diecast construction for strength and durability. It's got the nice finger pulls here, for easy grip, and a nice secure grip, that way you can disconnect the plug very easily. It's going to feature a cable lock system, with a plated steel retainer screw.

It's going to prevent chaffing. It's also going to provide more support for the cables, and it saves installation time. The interior here is made from a high impact ABS thermoplastic material. It's going to include the extended look for easy removal and replacement. It will accept up to number 12 gauge wires. This is interchangeable with different brands.

It's going to give us a volt rating of 12 volts to 24 volts, with a current rating of 35 amps. When it comes to the wiring configuration, the white wires are going to be your ground, the green is going to be for right turn and brake, yellow or red is going to be for left turn and brake, and then your brown is going to be for your tail lights. In order to get your wires installed, you need to undo the screw here at the back. That's going to raise up the cable lock system, or that little steel plate that you see in there. Then, you need to undo the set screw here on the top. That's going to allow this insert to actually come out. Feed your wires through the housing, connect your wires to the back of this portion here, put it back in, reset the screw, and then tighten down the screw here at the back.

That's going to try to help limit the amount of dirt and moisture that gets to your connection points. That's going to do it for today's review of part number Pk11402. This is the Pollak heavy duty 4 pole round pin trailer wiring connector. .

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Pollak Heavy-Duty, 4-Pole, Round Pin Trailer Wiring Connector - Metal - Trailer End - PK11402

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (19 Customer Reviews)

Establish a secure connection between your trailer and tow vehicle with this metal, 4-pole plug. Round brass pins ensure minimum voltage drop, and pull grips enable easy insertion and removal.

- PK11402

by: Jim09/02/2014

This Pollak brand works really well...fits nicely into the matching Pollak vehicle receptacle. I aways get matching Pollak connectors for this reason. I found more than one wiring diagram on the etrailer website with different pole assignments. This one was wrong... . I ended up using the configuration that matched the flat round to four round connector... . If I had used the wrong configuration recommended by the experts Q&A articles then my wiring would not have matched the factory converter. So I recommend wiring the Pollak PK11402 to match the Custer ADP001. 149546

- PK11402

by: John R.06/19/2012

Easy to locate within the web site and easy to order, Price is good. As always, shipping charges can be irksome - but the shipment tracking and followup provided - all help off-set the charge. I appreciate being able to purchase name brand items at reasonable prices. 44751

- PK11402

by: J D Nevada08/25/2013

This is the first time I have changed out a 4-way flat for a 4-way round. Easy to do once I figured out what needed to be done. The on-line instructions were very helpful. Project turned out well. Good product and have had no problems on the road. JD 96867

- PK11402

by: Dave H.07/10/2015

Nice and sturdy, easy to attach wires. Recommend you use some sort of insulator/tape around wire at hold down clamp. Fits a little snug first times on and off receptacle. I am using as adapter to a 4 wire flat trailer connector. 210784

- PK11402

by: Kevin S05/12/2015

Needed a hard to find 4 post plug. Order process was easy. Shipped and arrived in timely fashion. The product is exactly as represented and of nice quality. 192016

- PK11402

by: Darrell H09/10/2013

Just what we needed to fit our truck, shipped quick, I have bought from here before and will buy again. 99324

- PK11402

by: Darby H11/20/2013

Product was exactly as described. Fit perfectly. Really fast shipping. 107933

- PK11402

by: Jerry F.04/25/2014

Great company to deal with. Fast shipping and great communication. 127297

- PK11402

by: Cathy T04/20/2015

Fits HD Pollak Connector where other brands do not. 186701

- PK11402

by: Sid03/20/2014

Exactly what I needed.I have used them for years 121394

- PK11402

by: Rick G07/31/2012

Great alternative to flat-4 connectors. 49939

- PK11402

by: GDK05/04/2015

Pollak makes good quality products 189970

- PK11402

by: Dale T.03/24/2014

Excellant service & fast shipping. 121906

- PK11402

by: jack08/08/2015

too large diameter, will not fit. 217813

- PK11402

by: Ewald05/11/2011

Everything was great. Thanks 13341

- PK11402

by: GDK03/20/2015

Connector works as expected 179938

- PK11402

by: K. Matherne05/12/2011

good qaulity and durable 13648

- PK11402

by: Joe Cockrell02/25/2014

Top of the line parts 117595

- PK11402

by: Dennis C.09/14/2013

just what I needed 99889


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  • Availability of 4-Round Trailer and Vehicle Connectors that Will Accept 12 Gauge Wire
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  • Which 4-Way Round Trailer Side Connector Fits Pollak Heavy-Duty, 4-Pole, Round Pin Socket # PK11404
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  • How to Make a 4-way Round to 6-way Round Adapter
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