This heavy-duty trailer connector socket has an outlet for 7-way, 5-way and 4-way flat plugs. A weatherproof, insulated lid covers the terminals. The cover is also easy to open and extra-durable. Lowest Prices for the best Wiring from Hopkins. Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow 7-, 5- and 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector - Vehicle End - Ergonomic Design part number HM48470 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow 7-, 5- and 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector - Vehicle End - Ergonomic Design

Hopkins Wiring

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Hopkins Wiring - HM48470

This heavy-duty trailer connector socket has an outlet for 7-way, 5-way and 4-way flat plugs. A weatherproof, insulated lid covers the terminals. The cover is also easy to open and extra-durable.


  • Reinforced, easy-grip lid
    • Opens 180 degrees for easier connections
    • Internal seals for ultimate weatherproofing
    • Rugged, oversize hinge
  • Mounting bracket, hardware and terminal grease packet included
  • Works with 7-way, 5-way flat, and 4-way flat trailer connectors
  • 3-Year limited warranty

A heavy-duty bracket holds the vehicle-side connector. The lid of the outer casing opens 180 degrees for direct connections. The lid features internal seals to protect the inner outlet's 7-way blade, 5-wire and 4-wire flat terminals from the elements.

48470 Endurance Connector - 7-Way Blade, 5 and 4-Wire Flat Connector Socket (Vehicle End)

Video of Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow 7-, 5- and 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector - Vehicle End - Ergonomic Design

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Hopkins Wiring HM48470 Review

Today were going to review part number HM48470. This is the Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow seven, five and four-way flat trailer connector for the vehicle end. This heavy duty trailer connector socket right here has an outlet for the seven way right here, has an outlet for a five way flat and a four-way flat that can be plugged in right down there. Both of these outlets have the weather-proofed insulated lids to help cover the terminals. You can see this one has a very strong reinforced lid. On the inside has the internal seals for alternate weatherproofing.

This lid also has the seals in there. They do open 180 degrees on both of them for easier connections of your terminals. It also has this nice large rugged oversized hinge which will hold up very well. Now, this part number does include everything shown here, the connector, the mounting bracket, the rear cover that covers your connections on the back, a couple packets of terminal grease and the mounting hardware to mount it to the mounting bracket. So basically when you install this you just mount your mounting bracket to wherever you need to on your vehicle and then you would just line this up.

The four holes right here will line up with the four on the back and then you will use the mounting hardware. Put the screws through here and the nuts back here to tighten it down. Once you get it installed then you can run your wire through here thats on your vehicle and out here, make your connections and then basically this cover will just snap on. You just push it in and it will lock right into place, just like that and then youre ready to go. Now, I do also want to mention that sometimes it gets confusing on the very bottom.

We show a total of five terminals, so when you have five-way flat, like this one pictured here, the trailer will have the four open terminals and then the one ground terminal thats in rubber, all you would have to do is on this one, the ground would be the exposed terminal right here, so you just line the ground up with the housing and you just it in like that and thats how you make your connection, very simple. What gets confusing is sometimes people say, Well, if I have a four-way flat and theres five holes, what happens Its pretty much just the same way. What you would do is, I have an example here of a Hopkins heres a four-way. It has three terminals and then the ground thats coated in rubber. Same way, you just line the ground up, push this in and then three of the holes will line up.

The other hole on the very end would stay open. That causes no problem at all. So you can hook up a five-way flat or a four-way flat in that bottom terminal.That should do it for the review on part number HM48470, the Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow seven, five and four-way flat trailer connector for the vehicle end. .

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Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow 7-, 5- and 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector - Vehicle End - Ergonomic Design - HM48470

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (83 Customer Reviews)

This heavy-duty trailer connector socket has an outlet for 7-way, 5-way and 4-way flat plugs. A weatherproof, insulated lid covers the terminals. The cover is also easy to open and extra-durable.

- HM48470

by: Vito Lotta - San Diego08/02/2014

I could not find a 7 round with a 5 flat connector anywhere in San Diego. Most of the people I spoke with at trailer shops or RV stores said no one makes it only with a 4 flat connector. I just kept looking because I needed one with a 5 flat for my boat and didn't want to keep using my adaptor. I found etrailer and the rep I spoke with was very knowledgeable and said he had exactly what I was looking for and it was a great price. I will be always using etrailer for my trailer parts for now on. Thank you, Vito Lotta - San Diego 144089


Still working Great

Vito L - 08/02/2015


- HM48470

by: John L05/19/2011

I received the product quickly and in perfect condition the packing was excellant. I installed the connector easily and quickly. I consulted the Gm wiring diagram and als found the wires for all the 7 connections. I had a tight spot within the bumper edge, but managed to find short bolts to attach the bracket in old exsisting holes. The rest was easy attaching the connectors and making sure all wires were through the rear enclosure and tightening them down. I tested the 4 wire connector with my boat trailer lights and it worked like it was designed to do. I LOVE the versatility of this connector. Thanks!! Great product at a great price. 14869

- HM48470

by: Bill D06/03/2014

Installed the Hopkins muti-tow 7, 5, and 4 way flat connector this morning. I ripped the original connector that was attached to the bottom of the hitch receiver off when I was 4-wheeling into the Doll House campgrounds in the Maze District of Canyonlands a month ago. So, I cut a hole in the bumper and mounted the new Hopkins connector, cut off the old broken connector mounting bracket, and connected the factory wiring to the new Hopkins device. Hopkins product installed easily, looks great, is now out of the way, and has the flexibility of multiple trailer connectors when required. I am pleased with the product. Attached is a photo. 133981

- HM48470

by: Marc Allyn02/13/2014

Had everything you need. Be careful tightening the terminals, they bend easily so you may short one to another. Otherwise good bang for the buck. I would buy again. 116423


After a year the connector is still working great. Just remember to close the cover for the 5 pin flat connector. Still feel good about it.

Marc A - 02/15/2015


- HM48470

by: Darryl F02/11/2014

I had broken my factor connector on my 06 Tacoma, frankly due to a poor design placement by Toyota in my opinion, however I was not going to pay a premium $200+ price for a new OEM part and I wasn't planning to place it back in the original spot to only get broken again. This is a great replacement plus I no longer need a wire adapter. The unit fit perfectly in pre-cut hole that held my left tag light. Only had to drill 4 small holes for the bolts to secure to the bumper. Only pain was cutting the old wire and attaching it to the new connector, but that only took 10 minutes top. 116271

- HM48470

by: Gerald09/13/2013

Installed: 9/12/2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Installation of the plug was a quick and easy. The existing Warrior hitch has a tab on the side for a trailer wiring socket. Drill a new hole on the installation bracket (comes with the trailer connector) so the bracket on the hitch matches bracket on the trailer connector. Done deal. This is the only trailer connector I found which has the 7, 5 and 4 connector options. Flexibility is always a good idea when you are borrowing someone else trailer or renting. 99853

- HM48470

by: Bryan12/28/2010

Plug installed on my Jeep Turned out pretty cool, if I say so myself. 4716

- HM48470

by: Rik09/15/2014

the perfect plug for mt Wrangler tj 151123


Its tough.

Rik - 09/15/2015


- HM48470

by: Nathan03/20/2015

I am the purchasing manager for a company that fabricates and installs custom truck equipment. Usually our customers don't want the 7 way RV style plug. When they do want this plug, we always install the Hopkins model. It is a great unit, and also gives the customer 4 way and 5 way flat options as well. This is the one I use on my personal truck. Great product, and E trailer always ships fast and has everything in stock. Much better than our local trailer supply company. 179954

- HM48470

by: Brian N.09/06/2014

Part arrived quickly and was exactly as pictured. Installation on my 2008 Dodge Durango was a little tricky, as there is no easy place to install it. Luckily my buddy was able to drill holes in bumper next to the hitch and then tap them so we could attach the connector with screws. There is not much room for the connector to fit, but by bending the metal mounting plate slightly it worked perfectly. The chart included with the product made it easy to wire correctly. 150280

- HM48470

by: Smiley01/31/2012

Great product - the overall depth is a bit deep and for my specific application I had some challenges finding a good mounting point (partially due to the depth of the adapter and partly due to the lack of solid mounting surface. The product itself is sold with a flexible five/four way plug (single plug accommodates both the four and five pin) that will not easily break. The seven pin plug has a fairly stiff cover that is spring loaded. Wiring was simple too! 30756

- HM48470

by: Todd R11/05/2013

I bought this to replace a factory Jeep 7 point connector. I didn't figure out till I was done that the brackets were the same shape and I could have left the original on. It was very easy to install, even for someone as mechanically challenged as I am. The bracket that was included is a bit flimsy and there were no self tapping screws with it. Otherwise it was exactly what I needed. Less than 30 minutes to install 106389

- HM48470

by: RCC09/11/2012

Very well made, nicely designed. Note, if you mount this vertically, as suggested, a plastic cover is provided for the rear, and the unit may extend beyond your old bracket. My old bracket was a part of the original Hidden Hitch, and this extended beyond the old bracket. Because the rear plastic cover is NOT waterproof, it can be sealed with a small bead of RTV or similar sealant under the edge of the cover. 54217

- HM48470

by: Norm B04/06/2012

Actually I had two (2) seperate order because i could not make up my mind as to how i wanted to wire the trailer and other accessories that I have. Anyway, both orders were packaged extremely well. Shipment/receipt was great; took a short timeframe from the time items were ordered. Only one problem. No one showed up to help install all the parts I ordered. Thanks for the products and the support! 36330

- HM48470

by: RMC07/10/2013

Looks good, seems sturdy enough. I had a little trouble getting the back cover on after squeezing all my wires through. The rubber seal for the wires kept getting stuck on my wires when I tried to slide it down, probably be a good idea to make sure they're all in a nice and tight bundle to make it easier. Haven't been able to try it yet, though everything seemed to work when I used a test light. 88699

- HM48470

by: John S01/12/2014

This seems to be a pretty nice plug. Makes it nice with the 4 way and 7 all in one. The lid has a pretty stout spring on it so it should keep the weather out. Fast shipping excellent service. 112601

- HM48470

by: Greg C03/12/2014

This is a nicely built durable connector , the install was easy but took some time ...I pre wired it with a four blade male which plugged into the factory four blade female on my 2013 f150 ... just make sure your connection screws are tight , I added silicone to them so they dont back out ... Looks great and it is defiantly a nice piece of hardware , spring shuts tight and seals nice ... 120457

- HM48470

by: Calvin P.01/02/2015

I used this to complete the factory 5th wheel wiring in my 2015 Silverado 3500HD. Gives me a professional installation for my 5th wheel RV. 167564

- HM48470

by: David Messenger05/14/2011

I like this trailer connection. It seems to be well made and it is reasonably priced. I received my order in a reasonable time as well. The installation was not difficult and the wiring diagram was clear and understandable. I really like the idea that I can now tow a trailer with just about any type of connection and it will work. 14028

- HM48470

by: Greg09/03/2013

The connector interfaces very well with my XC90 and there is no drilling or advanced skills needed. Everything went together very well. 98025

- HM48470

by: Chris01/21/2012

Its exactly what I needed to rewire my truck (2002 F150). My only complaint is that once you snap all the parts together in the rear, its very difficult to take apart. I ended up breaking off one of the clasps while trying to adjust the wiring. It still seals in the wires and has a tight fit. I really like my setup now!!! 30096

- HM48470

by: James04/07/2013

A quality product from a quality supplier. This was a simple task to purchase and delivery was prompt. Information supplied by vendor was EXEMPLARY ! Without prompting I was informed of each step in the purchase, shipping, delivery process. I would recommend this company and will gladly purchase from them again. 74629

- HM48470

by: Leonard Moore04/05/2011

Great plug. The rear cover has two clips to hold the wire cover on the back. If you attach the wire cover, don't try to remove it, brand new the clips break off. Very fragile. Other than that the plug is easy to install and wire and hold the trailer plug firmly. 11114

- HM48470

by: Mike A.12/27/2013

wow!!! what a surprise, we expected to receive our order after Christmas but got it on Christmas eve. Merry Christmas to me woohoo!!! looks sturdy and ready to install as soon as the new year comes i will have my trailer back on the road. Thanks etrailer Mike 111319

- HM48470

by: fw05/17/2014

I occasionally need to tow trailers with both the seven and 4 way flat connection. This connector gives all connections in one unit which was easy to install and cosmetically appealing. A solid unit that works as advertised. I strongly recommend this product. 131104

- HM48470

by: Victor Lagomasino01/24/2014

This website has a huge selection of products. Shipping was very fast and the regular updates were appreciated. The item is very robust and appears to be well built. Installation was straight forward. Was a great replacement for the stock F-250 connector. 114683

- HM48470

by: Bruce01/29/2013

The product is well constructed. I did not realize until after starting the project that my car (volkswagon) had a the type of electrical system thtat required an electrical converter. I look forward to many years of use once I get the system hooked up. 64436

- HM48470

by: Frank Folkmann09/11/2012

Great Product. I can not give enough praise to etrailer for the ease of ordering and promt shipping also the followup of my order. There should be more companies like etrailer. The Multi-Tow Connector will enable me to use trailers with different wiring 54242

- HM48470

by: Lynn E07/10/2015

I needed to replace my previous plug because the hinge had broken, allowing the now unsecured plug to fall out. I hoped to find a metal replacement but this much improved plastic design should be just fine. Price was good and delivery was fast. 210754

- HM48470

by: Steve A.02/28/2013

Wanted a socket that I could plug "all" my toys into without separate adapters for each trailer. This looked like it would fit the bill, and it did. Installation was very straightforward following the trailer diagram offered on the website. 67954

- HM48470

by: Jim S08/06/2012

This item is very nice. I was replacing the Ford original on my F150 pickup and the existing wires fit without any modification. I like the dual connectors. Now I can use either the 7 way or 4 way without any additional adapters. 50742

- HM48470

by: Bob K08/13/2015

I wish they'd spend a few extra cents and include stainless bolts with this. I've installed several and the bolts always rust badly. I now always have to make a separate trip to obtain stainless bolts. Otherwise works great. 218899

- HM48470

by: Kevin L09/12/2013

Overall , great plug and decent design . The rear cable entry could be a bit better to make it more weatherproof but works ok as is . I would highly suggest using a dielectric grease and tinning the wires to prevent corrosion . 99570

- HM48470

by: Deon D03/06/2013

Great product. After losing two 4-pin adaptors I decided to purchase this product. 15 minute installation. Mounted in factory location on 2004 Chevy 1500, just had to drill four holes in OEM bracket. Too easy. 69295

- HM48470

by: Art K09/12/2014

The product installed very easy and works great I,m good with electric connections but I had to look up the wiring schematic to find what wires went where other then that no problems. Great service as well 150871

- HM48470

by: Tow Man06/18/2013

Order was delivered fast and correct. Pretty easy to install. After installation, it worked as intended. Looks like this cover and hinge is a lot more substantial than the one it replaced. 85130

- HM48470

by: Eric05/07/2014

Great product. Used it many times in the short time i've had it and love it so far. Very heavy duty, even I can't break it. Not too bad to install either if you use hand tools occasionally. 129515

- HM48470

by: Paul06/29/2012

Good quality, easy to install. Would be top marks if it wasn't made of such light plastic; Everytime I use it I think I might break it. So far so good, will see how it holds up in the snow. 46179

- HM48470

by: Topkat04/15/2014

Easy install. Excellent product! Would have been nice to come with a couple bumper mounting screws and nuts. I did break one of the tabs on the backshell but that was my fault. 125157

- HM48470

by: dean h05/30/2012

great product will make it easy to hook up camper, boat. and cattle trailer, all three with different connectors and also trailer brakes. being very sturdy and water tight helps also 42074

- HM48470

by: David S.10/01/2015

Good solid product. I would definitely order from eTrailer again if I ever need any more trailer parts that they handle. Parts arrived sooner than expected an in solid condition. 228768

- HM48470

by: Don F04/24/2014

This connector is really solid, the hinge for the top connector looks almost indestructable and I no longer have to look for my flat adapter having both in one connector 127061

- HM48470

by: John05/12/2014

I like having the 2 most common connectors on my truck. The great thing about this is the 5 way flat works with 4 ways and the cover for it is hinged like the 7 blade. 130033

- HM48470

by: JR07/17/2015

Very rugged device, good design. This alleviates having a 4 or 5 wire connection hanging from your vehicle. Great for replacement of old connector. Great for DIY 212372

- HM48470

by: G.01/04/2015

HARDWARE IS NOT STAINLESS OR GALVANIZED! Within a few days the painted hardware started rusting pretty bad. Swapped it out for galvanized hardware to salve this. 167652

- HM48470

by: B Adamache01/04/2014

This is my second unit. Its the best plug I've found for allowing both a 7 pin and a 4 pin trailer plug with both having good covers to keep things clean. 111907

- HM48470

by: Ray M.12/13/2013

The part was shipped fast. The directions were easy to follow and the quality of the material is excellent. I'll be doing business with them again. 110075

- HM48470

by: Troy C04/25/2013

I am very pleased with product and will come back for my next purchase. Also very friendly people to work with. I could not ask for better service. 77770

- HM48470

by: Steve K.09/02/2011

Very well built the only problem i had was I used connectors and they were a little hard to fit them in to the back cap but is did and it works good. 23481

- HM48470

by: Geoff S.02/12/2011

great plug, had to replace my other plug becasue it wouldn't stand up, this one will, also like the 4 pin so I don't have to carry the adapter plug 7067

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  • Is there a 7-Wire Hopkins Flex-Coil Cord without Trailer Connectors Attached
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  • If the black wire on your 2001 Mercury Mountaineer is the 12V power wire from the vehicles battery you will want to connect that wire to the terminal at the eleven oclock position on the back of the Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow Trailer Connector, part # HM48470. When wiring the Hopkins connector to your vehicle I would recommend to use a circuit tester like the Quickee Tester, # 3808 to test the functions of the wires and wire the connector by function and not just color. I am including...
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  • Will the # DW04914-1 Cable Fit in the Hopkins Endurance 7-Way connector # HM48470
  • I pulled a short length of the cable from the warehouse and found that is measures .6 inches in diameter. The cable is a tight squeeze, but it will fit through the hole in the rear of the connector. I stripped some of the wires and found that the copper conductors are pretty stiff, I doubt you would be able to wrap them around the terminals of the connector. Using some crimp on ring terminals like part # 44-5310A or fork terminals would be your best bet.
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  • Vehicle Side Trailer Connector with a 7-Way Blade Style and 5-Way Flat Style Connector Built In
  • We have the Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow 7-, 5- and 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector, # HM48470, which has 7-Way, 4-Way, and 5-Way connectors. I have included a link to the installation details below. The factory 7-Way will have to be removed and the new connector would be hardwired in. You can use the wiring FAQ article, linked below, to attach the wiring to the correct terminals on the connector.
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  • Parts Needed to Add a 7-Way Trailer Connector to a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500
  • If your 1998 Dodge Ram came with a 7-Way and you need a replacement you can use Pollak 7- and 4-Pole Trailer Connector Socket, # HM40975, and Pigtail Wiring Harness, # PK11998 if needed. The Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow 7-, 5- and 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector, # HM48470, can be used as well but it is a hardwire connector meaning you would have to attach existing wires from the truck to the connector according to the wiring diagram I have linked for you. If the truck came with a factory...
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  • Need a Vehicle 7-pin Round Adapter to Connect to a Boat Trailer 5-Pin Flat
  • We do offer several adapters for a 5 pin flat to a 7-way blade vehicle connection. If your van connection point is a 7-blade configuration then you can use the Optronics # A75TB. This is an adapter that will plug into a vehicle 7-way blade style connector and will attach to your 5-pin flat boat trailer wiring connector. If your van has a 7-way round pin vehicle connection pin, unfortunately we do not offer an adapter for that configuration. However, there is an option, and I recommend...
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  • Differences Between Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow 7-, 5- and 4-Way # HM48470 and # HM47570
  • The Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow 7-, 5- and 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector # HM48470 is a combination 7-, 5- and 4-way trailer socket for a tow vehicle that connects to the vehicle through screw-down wire terminals on its rear. With this item in place you can connect trailers with either 4-pole or 5-pole flat connectors or a 7-way blade style. Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow Trailer Connector Adapter # HM47570 serves a similar purpose but its connections are different. This part connects to...
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  • You will need to use a circuit tester like # 3808 if needed to test the wires on your 2008 Nissan Frontier to determine the function of each wire. Make sure that you label the wires somehow to make installation and troubleshooting easier. Once you have determined the unctions of all of the wires you will connect them to the back of the Hopkins 7-Way trailer connector, # HM48470, in the following way: Center pole = reverse lights 1 oclock position = running lights 3 oclock position...
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  • Replacement 4 and 7-Way Trailer Connector for a 2000 Ford F-350
  • You can use the Hopkins 4/7-Way connector # HM48470. All you will need to do is attach the wires from the old connector in the same places on the back of this connector then mount it where you want it. No other wiring harnesses are needed. The replacement 7-Ways we have for a 2000 Ford F-350 that also have the rectangular plug do not have a built-in 4-Way. We have # C55243 and # 118243. You could use one of these and then use an adapter, # HM47570. If the truck came with the factory...
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  • Availability of a Combined 7-Way and 4-Way Trailer Connector
  • We have the Pollak 7- and 4-Pole Trailer Connector Socket w/ Mounting Bracket - Vehicle End, # HM40975. This vehicle side connector can be used to replace a 7-Way on Chevy, Ford, GMC, and Nissan trucks/SUVs. It can also be used to add a connector to 2003 and newer GM trucks and SUVs. And it is an exact replacement for Chrysler/Dodge vehicles with a factory 7-Way. I have included a video showing installation below. We also have the Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow, # HM48470, which has 7-Way,...
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  • Does Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow Trailer Connector Adapter, # HM47570 Come with a Mounting Bracket
  • The Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow Trailer Connector Adapter, # HM47570, is meant to plug into a 7-Way trailer connector that is already mounted on the back of a vehicle so it does not come with a bracket. The Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow 7-, 5- and 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector, # HM48470, does come with a mounting bracket. The only difference between this connector and the first one is that it does not have a 6-Way function. I have included a link to the installation details for this connector...
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  • How To Install A 7 Way And 4-Way Connector To Factory 7-Way On A 1995 Ford F-250 SuperCab
  • The Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow 7-, 5- and 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector, part # HM48470, would have to be hardwired to your existing wiring harness. If the 7-way you have on your 1995 Ford F-250 SuperCab is a plug-in connector you will need to sever the wires on the back of the connector. Then, attach each wire from the factory harness to the screw, for that same function, on the back of the Hopkins connector. If you have a plug on your 1995 Ford F-250 SuperCab wiring harness that matches...
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  • Brake Controller and 7-Way Recommendation for a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan
  • The absolute easiest way to upgrade your 4-way to a 7-way would be to return the part # HM48470 and get the part number # ETBC7 instead. This comes with absolutely everything needed to upgrade the 4-way and make it fully functional, including the installation of a brake controller and running the power line to use for maintenance charging the battery of your trailer. A brake controller by itself would not come with everything needed to install in a vehicle. I attached an install video...
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  • Wiring of Trailer Connector Adapter on 1995 Toyota Pickup
  • Although the wire colors can vary by vehicle or trailer manufacturers, there is one standard way to wire a 7-way blade style trailer connector. If you are looking at the front of the connector as it is installed on the rear of a vehicle, beginning with the top pin just right of center and continuing on clockwise, first pin carries 12 volts for any trailer accessories needing power, the next pin carries the right directional/brake light signal, the next pin would carry the output from the...
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  • Removing European 7-Way and Installing US 4/7-Way on a 1999 Land Rover Ranger Rover
  • A European 7-Way does the same thing that a US 4-Way does so the problem you would run into is that you would still need a converter of some kind because the European 7-Way has separate brake light and turn signal circuits. US trailers have combined turn signal and brake light circuits. What you could do is cut off the European 7-Way. Then use a circuit tester such as # 3808 to test the wires to determine the functions. Then you could use converter # 119192 and 4/7-Way connector # HM48470....
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  • Converting 4-Pole on 2005 Chrysler Town and Country to a 7-Way Trailer Connector
  • Your best bet for an easy install would be to use the 4-pole to 7-way adapter, part # 37185. The adapter will plug directly into the 4-pole supplied by your T-One connector, leaving 4 remaining wires. The white wire would be grounded to the vehicle frame, the purple wire would tap into the reverse lamp circuit (if needed), the black wire which supplies a 12-volt accessory power circuit to the trailer if needed is ran to the battery and the blue wire carries the output voltage from a brake...
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  • Wiring Options for a 2009 Chrysler Aspen Towing a Boat Trailer with a 5-Way Flat Trailer Connection
  • Yes, the Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring for the 2009 Aspen by Chrysler, item # 118390, is the correct wiring harness for your Aspen and you will need one other item to complete the wiring to lockout the brakes on your boat trailer surge coupler. You can go one of three ways for this wiring. The easiest way in my mind is to install the # 118390 T-One and then splice the 5-Flat Vehicle End 72 inch Wiring Harness, item # 20016, to the 4 like wires left by removing the 4-way vehicle...
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  • 7-Way to 5-Way Trailer Adapter Does Not Operate Right Turn and Brake Lights, 2003 Chevy Trailblazer
  • The adapter that you purchased may be wired or configured differently than your trailer. You will want to plug in the adapter and test the pins on it for function. A traditional 5-Way flat will have the far left pin as electric brakes or for an electric lock out. Since your trailer has surge brakes, it probably has an electric lock out so this pin would need to be connect to the reverse light circuit on the vehicle. The pin next to that is for right turn and brakes. The next pin is left...
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  • Turn Signal Not Working when Using Brakes and Using Hopkins 40955 Wiring Kit
  • Since you have a new trailer connector on your vehicle that tells us that the issue is likely on the trailer somewhere and it sounds to me like it is a bad ground. Make sure all your ground connections are good and clean. There will be a ground connection coming from the trailer connector to somewhere on the trailer tongue and each of your trailer lights should have a ground connection through either a ground wire ran to the trailer frame or grounded through a mounting stud on the light...
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  • What Type of Trailer Wiring Should I Install on a 2014 Infiniti QX60
  • I am glad to hear our videos helped you install your trailer hitch. Many people want to do their own work themselves and we like to help as much as we can. There are two common types of trailer connectors, the 4-way flat connector like part # 18172 and a 7-way RV style connector like part # PK11893 (see photo). The type of trailer wiring that you would install on your 2014 Infiniti QX60 will depend on the type of connector on the trailer you will be towing. If you do not have a trailer...
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