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7-Way Molded Trailer Wire Connector, 8' Long

Hopkins Wiring

(251 reviews)

Code:   H20046


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Hopkins Wiring - H20046

Trailer Connector RV Style 7-Way Blade with 8' lead

  • Pre-wired 7-Way Trailer Connector
  • Measures 8 feet long including connector
  • Wire gauges:
    • 14 Gauge - red, brown, green, and yellow
    • 12 Gauge - Blue
    • 10 Gauge - White and Black

Wiring Code
Molded Connector Function Usual Trailer Wire
White Wire Ground White Wire
Red Wire Left Turn and Brake Yellow Wire
Brown Wire Right Turn and Brake Green Wire
Green Wire Tail Lights Brown Wire
Blue Wire Brake Power Blue Wire
Black Wire 12 volt (hot lead) Black Wire
Yellow Wire Aux. -

20047 7-Way Molded Trailer Wire Connector, 8' Long

Video of 7-Way Molded Trailer Wire Connector, 8' Long

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Demo Hopkins Wiring H20046
Hopkins Wiring H20046 Review
Video install spectro trailer wiring junction box 38656
Spectro Trailer Wiring Junction Box Installation

Video Transcript for Hopkins Wiring H20046 Review

Today we're going to review part number H20046. This is the Hopkins Seven Way Molded Trailer Wire Connector. This trailer connector is an RV style seven way blade in with an eight foot long lead and the pigtail wires at the end.It is a pre-wired seven way trailer connector so this is all molded and pre-wired in the connector. The overall length of this including the connector is eight feet. Now the wire gauges on these-the blue right here is a 12 gauge. The white and the black are a bigger ten gauge and then the red, brown, green and yellow are all 14 gauge.Now one tip on this-what you want to do-there is a standard wiring color in the industry but not all manufacturers will go by that standard colors so what you do want to do-what you want to make sure is too when you install this to your trailer make sure to test the wires by function instead of matching color to color because the coloring in this will probably be different than is what on your trailer.What will also help you if you go to the product page for this part number there is a chart listed- a wiring code chart that'll show you what the functions are for each of these wires and what they compare to the standard trailer color wires.

That should do it for the review on part number H20046 the Hopkins Seven Way Molded Trailer Wire Connector.

Customer Reviews

7-Way Molded Trailer Wire Connector, 8' Long - H20046

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (251 Customer Reviews)

- H20046

by: Tabitha D.07/28/2013

Product shipped right away - ordered on Monday night and it shipped by lunchtime on Tuesday. (arrived Friday) I liked that I was notified via email with order confirmation and tracking information. The product was good quality and exactly as shown in the photo and description. I printed out the wiring diagram off the website, so the wiring presented no problem. An improvement would be to put a color diagram in the box with the unit. Other than that, everything was great. 92022


Still no issues - product is working great!

Tabitha D - 01/26/2015


- H20046

by: RAS05/16/2012

Great quality, fast shipping and the best customer service of any online retailer that I've dealt with. Although, I did not notice the "non standard" wiring (color coding). I struggled about a hour or so trying to figure out why my lights didn't work. Only after discovering that the wires didn't match the usual trailer wiring scheme I searched etrailer's site and found that it was described by others who had purchased these units. I think it would have been helpful to enclose the wiring scheme in the package to avert unnecessary downtime, even though it appears in the general description of the item on the website. Maybe alert with a large "IMPORTANT"?? Easily missed if you're already familiar with trailer wiring - you wouldn't be looking for it. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with etrailer as I've purchased numerous items from them. Thank you Rick 40639


Thank you, I thought Id gone nuts! I hooked up everything perfect

comment by: MikeA - 09/02/2014


- H20046

by: Andrew Cannon04/27/2013

Great item; works just as expected. No problems installing it at all, and combined with a 7 pin connector this fixed the issues I had been having with my running lights and trailer brakes. I couldn't be happier. 78107


This is still working great after one year. No problems at all...what can I say...its eight feet of good solid wire. I would buy this again.

Andrew C - 04/28/2014


- H20046

by: Bat Man05/07/2011

Pros: Best wire gauge in a 7 pin connector I could find. Cons: reverse lights (red), left turn (yellow), right turn (green), and running light (brown) and not wired correctly in the plug for their respective wire colors. I bought this for a sealed plug with good gauge wire to help save some time. What I got was a total headache trying to find out the problem of why it was not working correctly. This might not have been so bad had it not been on a new to me truck that I was not so trusting of the wiring in it. So I wound up looking at the truck first not thinking the plug would be wired incorrectly. Be warned. 13049

- h20046

by: Wayne M08/07/2014

This trailer was built from scratch using only the metal frame. I purchased some items from etrailer an was very satisfied with the products. 144935

- H20046

by: Doug B.07/22/2013

Great product, reasonable price. Shipping is fast and easy and doesn't cost a ton of money. 90902


Long term durability is outstanding!!! Certainly holding up longer than the lesser quality products I have purchased in the past. Worth the money!!!

Doug B - 07/22/2014


- H20046

by: Doug Mc08/11/2013

This product was easy to find, thought it would take a while with a 30 year old camper. Hooked up easy described as it is. Very happy. Questions were answered. Great customer service. 94425


No complaints. Did everything it should have done

Doug M - 08/13/2014


- H20046

by: Ron C.05/03/2013

Heavy duty and good wire sizes. Should last for years. Shipping was fast. Very satisfied with product. Great job Etrailer. 78935


Still working great. Nice wire and heavy. Will last for a few years.Thanks for a great product.Ron

Ron C - 05/03/2014


- H20046

by: David H.06/20/2011

I ordered an exact replacement trailer plug from etrailer.com after my original was damaged. I was very excited to find that etrailer.com carried the original product. The quality of this product is the best on the market. The moulded plug and cable provide water proof and extra heavy-duty abrasion protection for my extreme duty dump trailer. I am very happy with this product. However, I am even more happy with etrailer.com. This is the first time I have ordered from etrailer.com. The service is great. My order was upgraded to a 3-day delivery, without extra charge. The product arrived a day earlier than even predicted with the upgrade. etrailer.com is on my favorites list from now on. 17352

- H20046

by: Devon K.01/12/2011

Good product and quick delivery The connector is a high quality connector - well built and solid (and happily, it doesn't have the "etrailer" sticker on it like the picture - I was worried the sticker would get in the way of mating to the receiver). It's molded pretty solidly onto the wire 'bundle' and the insulation around the bundle looks built to last. The wires are high quality too. I was looking for a solid (as in quality) connector & wire harness to replace what I had currently on my trailer and this exceeded my expectation. And the shipping was quick too. (Another nice this about this site is all the documentation about wiring hook-ups etc...thanks!) 5382

- H20046

by: Michael05/05/2013

After cutting my cable in half on my last outing with the Summerland travel trailer, I needed a replacement. I was worried about the reviews about color code being incorrect with this replacement 7-pin cable. Since I have a multimeter and understanding of basic wiring, I decided that the price was worth the gamble. Well, it definitely WAS. The cable is great, and the wire colors matched my previous cable exactly. Through research, I also found that THERE IS NO STANDARD code for trailer cable colors. Product is great, I am glad that this repair went smoothly and I can take the family camping again! 79047

- H20046

by: Dan G.06/26/2012

My trailer cord was damaged during a recent trip and needed to be replaced. I looked around a several sites and chose 'etrailer.com' because of its reputation and reviews. Though some reviews stated that the wiring was mislabeled, I did not see that. We have a 2012 Keyston trailer and the wires matches one for one. Install was smooth, but I had the product wiring guide next to our trailer manual just in case. OTHER: Shipping was quick and product appears to be high quality (more so than the OEM that came with the trailer). Very satisifed customer and now ready for our next trip. 45731

- H20046

by: Richard L.05/27/2012

This Hopkins 7-pin molded trailer wire is a very high quality cable. While I have not yet installed this product, a side-by-side comparison with the cable that it will replace suggests that this cable is fully-comparable, or even superior, in construction. Quality appears to be top-rank. I see nothing right now to suggest that I will not be fully satisfied. I also want to express my satisfaction with e-trailer as a business. This firm is a favorite of mine: extraordinary service, good prices, fast shipping, high levels of "in stock" availability--what a great operation. 41807

- H20046

by: L Turner02/24/2011

I purchased the 7-way trailer wire connector along with a junction box from etrailer for my stock trailer. First of all the shipping was fast and the communication from customer service was excellent. The items arrived exactly as pictured and described. etrailer sells at good prices and is on top of their game. The only reason I did not give an excellent rating is for the same reason stated previously about the manufacurer. Unless I am missing something it would make sense to manufacture the trailer connector using the same color convention as the wire harness. 7827

- H20046

by: Frank R.02/18/2013

Of course, this is an excellent product of high quality as expected from etrailer.. It is replacing the original on the trailer that had developed bad connections. I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I first used a shorter replacement that turned out to be too short to make hard right turns. So, advice from here is make sure you order one that is long enough. You can always cut it if too long. 66765


Its been on several long trips since then and still doing fine. I need to get back with you for a couple other items that I need want?

comment by: Frank R - 02/19/2014


Sure thing. Feel free to shoot me an email whenever or you can always talk to our Customer Service team at 1-800-298-8924 if you prefer the phone.

Patrick B - 2/19/2014

- H20046

by: Rick12/12/2010

Molded plug is easier The junction box and molded trailer plug take a little extra energy to install- but the installation will be worth it, and replacements of the plug is much easier. The quality of the service from this company is Great! seldom do you find a combination of low prices, quality products and great customer service. My Order was delivered quickly and I received email advisory for each step of the process- including follow up on the delivery and they have installation videos and a great FAQ section. 4014

- H20046

by: Earle W.07/08/2013

Awesome product, I really like how robust it is. I bought it knowing about the non-standard colors, but forgot about it when it arrived a week later. After wiring up the trailer and seeing things all messed up I remembered. Doh! Minus one star for the scrambled colors. But this baby is heavy duty and feels like it will last a long time. I did pair this with the 38656 junction box (http://www.etrailer.com/Accessories-and-Parts/Spectro/38656.html) so fixing the crossed wires was a snap. 88410

- H20046

by: Hans V.04/22/2014

The only reason I had to order myself a second one of these is that I cut the first one too short...after grumbling "measure twice, cut once" to myself about 50 times, I ordered the new one and will do the job right this time. I would also recommend using a junction box to make your connections; this helped me organize the project, and make neater, more secure electrical connections than simply splicing wires. Measure twice! // Kudos to Etrailer.com for getting this to me quickly. 126506

- H20046

by: Bob H.08/20/2012

Had some real issues with this one. Should have noticed when purchasing this harness is not wired using standard truck/trailer color format. Other than that it went together fairly nice. If the connector would come apart I was thinking of fixing the wiring my self. 52399

- H20046

by: Kevin P.01/05/2011

Great Product I installed this trailer connector (along with the trailer wiring junction box, under the hood) on the front of my pickup truck so that I could connect it to my motorhome for flat towing. It appears to be a high quality, well made product. The outer jacket of the cord is very soft and supple and easy to work with. Shipping was VERY quick. I didn't expect to see the product until Thursday, but found it on my porch on Tuesday afternoon. 5017

- H20046

by: Bill D.08/20/2012

The wire connector is a great product. Including instructions with it would be helpful. The only issue is the difference in colors from the trailer wires to the wires in the connector. It is physically impossible to connect them one at a time because you must disconnect the old connector from the trailer to have room to put in the new one. Taking pictures is of no use because of the way the wires are all mashed together within the electrical box. 52351

- H20046

by: Byron D08/22/2014

Excellent service, one stop shopping on web, you guys had everything that I needed in one place. After the order was place I was notified that shipping would be expedited at no charge, I placed order on Thursday and received all products on Tuesday. I also received several follow up emails from the company to make sure everything arrived and I had no further questions or problems. I Could not ask for a better experience or a better company. 148041

- H20046

by: Marilou03/11/2013

Customer service was exceptional! I received emails confirming the order and shipping of the 7-way Trailer Wire Connector right away and received the connector within 2 to 3 days! I am very impressed. This is not the first time I have ordered from etrailer and each time the quality of the product has been great and the service equally so! 69934


Thank you! The Hopkins Wiring is doing just fine on my trailers.cantbelieve it is already a year!

comment by: Marilou - 03/12/2014


- H20046

by: James07/25/2013

Here are some pics. 91552

- H20046

by: Paul F.02/28/2014

Nice! Sealed unit not open to collecting water like the splice in connectors you buy at the autoparts stores. Can't beat the price locally. Seems like a quality piece. Plug is solid plastic. While its still plastic it is 10x better than the hollow cheap ones i'm used to. Already wired in the plug side and permanently sealed, one less set of connections you need to worry about. 117977

- H20046

by: John M02/12/2014

The molded trailer wire/connector appeared to be very high quality and matched the original cable. Purchasing on line was easy and was promptly acknowledged/confirmed. Delivery was also very prompt. I appreciate the additional information that was available concerning this product as well as installation/troubleshooting charts/photos. I would recommend etrailer very highly. 116404

- H20046

by: Ken B10/09/2010

Why not have the colors match? After running my wires neatly to a junction box then haveing lights not work right,I had to match each wire to the correct light,red to yellow,brown to green,green to brown.I come to warn other buyers and see they have the color codes on the site.So if all the trailers have the same colors, Why can't they just make the plug to match. 3503

- H20046

by: Carl Y12/20/2010

Not rocket science 7 wire cable with a plug stuck to one end, not rocket science, product looks fine out of the box and I expect it will carry electrons where I want them. The item got here in good shape and quickly. No instructions included but if you can't find those on line you shouldn't be doing this stuff yourself, get a professional to do it for you. 4398

- H20046

by: David L.01/20/2013

Cable length is approximately 8', a bit on the shorter side though. The issue I have is that the color code doesn't match up with the standard trailer color code. Fortunately I was using a junction box so straightening it out was simpler than if I had used crimp connectors. Otherwise it appears to be good cable & connector. Time will tell on durability. 63587

- H20046

by: Bryan Paris01/28/2011

The product seems to be of great quality. I am waiting for it to warm up a little to install it. Communication and service was outstanding, could not ask for more. Delivery was unbelievably fast. I will do more business with these guys, hopefully in person next time I am in Wentzville. I have a couple more trailers that need to be updated. Thanks! 6283

- H20046

by: Todd Rock01/11/2012

Katie: The quality of the product was in excess of my expectations. The heavy insulation on the outside of the wiring is much desired and made in the USA too! I have ordered several times over the years and have never been disappointed on quality. I appreciate the office keeping me up to date on shipping, tracking, etc. Thank you, Todd 29482

- H20046

by: Steve S09/19/2012

This wire harness is better than the factory harnesses I have replaced on all the trailers I and my son's own (9). I like the heavy cord design for durability. The 8' length is just right for gooseneck and 5th wheel applications. This time I upgraded my gooseneck horse trailer. The cross reference chart posted in the information section was handy. 55187

- H20046

by: Bob C01/20/2012

Productio is extremely well made. Purchased to hook my boat trailer to a new GMC truck. Just need to pay attention to wir colors since the 7-way connector has a different color standard than a typical boat trailer. etrailer's service was second to none. Ordered late in the day and yet it was shipped that same day. Great work. Thanks 30033

- H20046

by: Steve H11/29/2011

Very happy with the quality of the cable and the connector. I was not too worried about the color-to-color matching of the wires; a little extra effort and a sensor light takes care of that. A minor inconvenience, and you should have a tester light on hand anyhow. Its the quality, pricing and quick delivery that gets the high rating. 27489

- H20046

by: David L.08/26/2014

From the extreme tips of each end this product was just *less* than 8' long. If you need *at least* 8' then buy the 10' version. Other than the length issue, the product is well made and wire colors are industry-standard. If using crimp-on connectors, know in advance that two wires are 10-gauge, one is 12-gauge, and four are 16-gauge. 148635

- H20046

by: Brad W.02/28/2011

Extremely fast shipping!! The only complaint that I have is with the product itself. The connector is manufactured by Hopkins, and the wires do not match up with their online wiring diagram. You are shorted one 12 gauge wire, and have to figure out a couple of other wires functions. This in no way reflects on etrailer. 8025

- H20046

by: Rick B04/08/2014

Awesome products!! Thank you, everything works perfectly. Easiest install ever. The how to videos make life easy. I love the SUPER FAST SHIPPING!! always receive my orders with in three days of order. Can't be the shipping you offer and the customer service!! More businesses need to be like you! Thank you again! 124325

- H20046

by: Derek01/24/2013

This long connector is exactly what I need for my camper. I added a longer receiver as the clearance between the tailgate and electric tongue jack was VERY tight (1/8") and at times would hit. As a result the cord became very tight and would actually come out when in some turns. The extra length was perfect! 64039

- H20046

by: Terry K03/18/2011

I liked a molded plug on the end of my cable. It keeps the Minnesota road salt and grime from getting in from the back. Some guys like the type of end that comes apart so they can replace it. If it comes to that, just cut the end of the cable plug off and put a different end on. This is a good heavy cable. 9758

- H20046

by: Rick B08/04/2012

This made wiring my trailer easy! add in the junction box and wiring is a breeze. This was the easiest job ever! from start to finish, from installling junction box, wiring the lights and brakes was about 1 hour. Every thing works perfectly! Super fast shipping and great customer service! Thank you! 50574

- H20046

by: Gerald D.09/10/2014

Wiring was incorrect. Had to rewire in accordance with function of vehicle, not wiring diagram. Otherwise OK. Had local mech install the ETBC7 kit and the Prodigy 2 (90885). He did a good job, but took about three hours. Installed in a 2013 Subaru Outback. Seems to work OK at this time. 150583

- H20046

by: Brett07/18/2013

Agree with previous reviewers as to the wire color not matching the standard scheme for 4 of the wires. Standard/Should be color >>> Actual harness color. Purple >>> Yellow. Brown >>> Green, Yellow >>> Red, Green >>> Brown. Color aside, appears to be a quality molded plug and harness. 90347

- H20046

by: Alvin B.12/09/2014

This was the third product that I have received from Etrailer and it was exactly what I needed. I have a Sport Surveyor by Forest River and fortunately they followed the standard color coding so I didn't need to do any wire swapping (although I had the charts that you had provided). 163824

- H20046

by: Scott03/11/2014

I like the sealed plug end and it's long enough that I can cut it to the lenght I need. Like other reviews have stated, the colors don't match up with your trailing. If you can use an ohm meter or test light to figure out which wires go were it shouldn't be a problem. 120211

- H20046

by: Roseville, CA11/11/2013

This is a quality product. Our old trailer connector got ground to a nub after becoming disconnected and subsequently got dragged all the way home from a recent road trip. No problem ordering and arrived after only 5 days. Great! This one is a perfect fit! Thanks! 106974

- H20046

by: Stephanie02/22/2013

What arrived was exactly what I ordered. Service was excellent, and delivery (for USPS ground) was prompt. As a result, I was able to quickly re-wire my work trailer after the dog decided the pigtail was a chew toy, eliminating all lighting and brakes. Thank you! 67425

- H20046

by: josh11/28/2012

Good wire. The moulded plug keeps the salt out. This was at least 50% cheaper than a tailer parts store. A trailer dealer said all of these wires have the colors screwed up. It sounds like the industry standard for colors is different with 7 way plugs than 4 way. 60174

- H20046

by: Sherman M.11/04/2013

Solid plug and the jacket is thicker than most other brands. Though the wire colors aren't the same as a 4-wire (Green=R Turn, Brown=Running, etc.), they did match the wire colors of the Pace trailer I was installing it on (Green=Running, Brown=R. Turn, etc.). 106230

- H20046

by: Don G02/20/2013

Nicely put together. But it would have been really helpful if you included the fact the wire colors don't match the standard wiring scheme. Would not have thought to check had I not read previous reviews. Added a whole extra step and I had to decifer it myself. 67077

- H20046

by: Aaron G.03/06/2011

This product installed easily and functions perfectly. My complaint is that the wiring colors used in the whip are not the standard trailer wiring colors. It would create a simpler installation if the color coding on the whip wires were standard trailer colors. 8600

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  • Using a 2-Wire Trailer Tail Light on a Trailer with Separate Brake and Turn Signals
  • Since you have indicated that you do have separate turn signal and brake light wires on your Scamp trailer, connecting both of those separate wires to the same circuit on the light # STL90RB is probably what is causing all of the problems including back feeding to the truck. What you will need to do is use a special converter on the trailer side, # RM-732. The separate brake and turn signals will go to the input side of this converter which will then combine them for the output side....
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  • Wiring a 2004 Honda CR-V to Tow 1976 Scamp Camper
  • Lets start with the CR-V. After confirming that the weight of the trailer plus anything loaded on it is within the towing capacity of the vehicle, you will need to convert the existing 4-pole to a 7-way by using an adapter, part # 37185. According to my research, the 2004 CR-V is rated for towing 1500 lbs. The adapter will plug directly into your existing 4-pole, which will provide lighting functions to the trailer. The adapter will have 4 wires remaining. The white wire grounds to the...
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  • Truck Bed Wiring for a Slide in Camper on a 2008 Nissan Titan
  • With a camper in the bed, and an in-line wiring harness connected, you will retain the use of the 7-Way at the rear of the truck (if it has a factory tow package) but you will not be able to use both at the same time. Either the camper can be plugged in or the trailer. Trying to use both at the same time will overload the electrical system in the truck. If your 2008 Nissan Titan has a factory tow package, what you can do to provide wiring for the truck bed camper is install the Draw-Tite...
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  • Hooking Up Brakes On a Trailer w/4-Way To My 2007 Nissan Titan w/ 7-way
  • What you would need to do is replace the 4-way connector on your trailer with a 7-way connector. For this you will want to use Hopkins 7-Way, part # H20046. To install, you would begin by cutting off the 4-way connector and installing the 7-way. You will need to connect the appropriate wires from the 4-way to the 7-way (see linked Wiring FAQ). Then, you would need to run wiring from each brake assembly to the Blue Wire on the 7-way (see trailer brake video). Make sure that each brake...
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  • Wiring a Camper 7-way Connector Using the Pollak Metal 7-Pole RV-Style Socket # PK12703
  • The part that you referenced above, the Pollak metal 7-pole Trailer connector # PK12703 mounts to the towing vehicle. This 7-pole, also known as a 7-way connector, supplies the trailer with signals for the following: trailer brakes, trailer reverse lights, an accessory 12V battery power, right and left turn signals, running lights, as well as ground. Yes, the black wire is a 12V power supply on the 7-way vehicle connector and it will connect the vehicle battery to the 7-way vehicle...
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  • How to Change 5th Wheel Trailer Air-over-Hydraulic Brakes to Electric-over-Hydraulic Brakes
  • Converting your 5th wheel trailer brakes from air-over-hydraulic to electric-over-hydraulic will give you the faster response time of electric brakes while keeping the superior stopping power of hydraulic drums. I have attached an article that reviews the air-to-electric conversion process and what components are needed. Since you already have a factory brake controller and 7-way vehicle connector, and since your trailer already has drum brakes in place, you are most of the way...
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  • Can a Trailer Mounted Battery be Charged through a Trailer Connector
  • You can add a battery to the trailer that is dedicated to the lights in the trailer. However, you will not be able to up-charge the battery through the 7-Way connector, only maintain the current charge level. In order to charge up the battery you would need to use a battery charger like # CTEK56158. This charger works much better than the old trickle chargers that can overcharge a battery and not work to restore it. This charger provides 4 stages of charging that will help restore a...
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  • New Tires and Brakes on 1991 Coleman Sequioa Americana Pop-Up Camper Towed By 2005 Grand Caravan
  • The equivalent modern tire size to the 20.5x8-10 is 205/65-10, available in B, C, D and E load ratings, # AM1HP50 910 lb at 35 psi, # AM1HP52 1100 lbs at 50 psi, # AM1HP54 1330 lbs at 70 psi and # AM1HP56 with 1650 lbs at 90 psi, respectively. You'll need to choose the tires whose capacity for both tires equals or exceeds the GVWR of your pop up. The trailer tires we offer all have a 65 mph speed rating. To install trailer brakes, you'll need brake drums and brake assemblies for each...
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  • Wiring Connector Recommendation For John Deere 5101E Tractor And Dump Trailer
  • It sounds like you need to replace the connector either on the John Deere or on your trailer. You will want to determine which one you need to replace so that you choose the correct connector. Since connectors on the trailer side are typically female, you can use a connector like part # H20046. You will want to use a circuit tester like part # 3808 to make sure the functions on the trailer match the tractor. I was unable to find the 7-pin harness on the tractor. You may wish to replace...
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  • Adding a 7-Way Round Pin Trailer Connector to a 2010 Ford Expedition with a Factory 4-Way Flat
  • Vehicles manufactured now-a-days are fitted with the blade style 7-Way so that is what most manufacturers make to fit vehicles either as replacements or aftermarket add-ons. To add a 7-Way round pin to your 2010 Ford Expedition you will need # PK11720, boot # PK11761, and mounting bracket # PK11771. What you can do is use # 37185 and replace the 7-Way blade with the 7-Way round but cutting the wires and reattaching them to the 7-Way round. But the easiest thing to do is go ahead and...
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  • Draw-Tite Activator II Brake Controller is Flasing OL and Brakes on 5th Wheel are not Functioning
  • What is the model brake controller you have?
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  • How to Wire 7-Way Trailer Connector on Old Golden Falcon Travel Trailer
  • There are a two schools of thought regarding trailer wiring color coding, which is why we recommend wiring by function, not color. The company that supplies us with molded trailer connectors like part # H20046 use the following color code: Red = Left Turn/ Brake Brown = Right Turn/ Brake Green = Running/ Marker Lights Blue = Brake Output Voltage Black = 12-V for Trailer Accessories Yellow = Auxiliary The following color code is also very common: Green = Right Turn/ Brake Yellow...
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  • How to Wire a Trailer with Electric Brakes to a 1995 Ford F-150
  • We can certainly help you get set up with what you need to tow your trailer. Starting with the brakes on the trailer, (which I am going to assume are operational) each brake magnet will have two leads coming out of it. One lead needs to be grounded to the trailer, the other needs to be connected to a 10 ga. wire that runs to the tongue of the trailer. Run one lead from the brakes on the other side to this wire as well. On the trailer side, you will need a 7 way connector plug, part # H20046,(there...
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  • Diagnosing Malfunctioning Turn Signal and Brake Lights on Gooseneck Trailer
  • Although the brake and turn signals work on the truck, I would recommend testing the 7-way connector on the truck to determine if the problem exists in the trailer wiring on the vehicle, or on the trailer. Use a circuit tester like part # 40376 and test the pins on your 7-way that are in the 3:00 and 9:00 position. With the right turn signal on you should see power on the pin on the 3:00 location. With the left turn signal activated, the pin in the 9:00 location should light up the tester....
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