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Adapter 4-Pole to 5-Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter - Shorter

Hopkins Wiring

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Hopkins Wiring - 47515

Trailer wiring adapter that changes the 4-pole flat on your vehicle into a 5-pole flat.

The blue wire gets spliced into the reverse light wire on the vehicle which is easily done with the included quick splice wire connector.

Hopkins # 47515, TAP # 37515

47515 Adapter 4-Pole to 5-Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter - Shorter

Video of Adapter 4-Pole to 5-Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter - Shorter

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video hopkins wiring install
Hopkins 4-Pole to 5-Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter Installation
Video Demo Hopkins Wiring 47515
Hopkins Wiring 47515 Review

Video Transcript for Hopkins 4-Pole to 5-Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter Installation

Today we are going to show you how to install the 4-wire flat to 5-wire flat adapter, part number 47515 from Hopkins Towing Solutions. This adapter piece allows us to plug in to the vehicles existing 4-pole plug and adapt to a 5-pole plug that you find commonly on boat trailers with hydraulic brakes that offer a reverse lockout. The adapter piece itself is very simple to install. Again, you have the one side that is going to plug into the vehicles existing 4-pole and the other end will come out with the new 5-pole plug that you will need for your trailer. What we do need to do for this adapter, however, the fifth wire is the reverse lead. So we will need to find the reverse wire on the tow vehicle and manually tap this in. So we are going to start by just plugging the 4-pole in, into the vehicle harness. And then we need to figure out a way to get up to the reverse wire on the vehicle. 0:53

Another nice feature of this adapter is that right in the middle of our reverse wire is a disconnect point. So what we can do is I can actually go ahead and disconnect that wire that is in behind the taillight and it through. But once it is installed, it will allow you to leave this end connected to the vehicle at all times. And if you want to remove the adapter from the vehicle you can just disconnect it at the quick disconnect point. Now the easiest place to wire in the reverse lead is actually behind the taillight itself. We want to go ahead and figure out how we can get behind the taillight assembly. Now on this particular vehicle, if we follow over to the driver side, underneath where the taillight is mounted, there is a hole there that we can easily route the wire up and get behind the taillight. So we are next going to go ahead and take off the driver side taillight and figure out which wire is the reverse wire. Ok, so I am up to the driver side taillight now and we need to figure out obviously how to remove it so we can get to the wires. On this particular vehicle, the mounting screws are on the inboard side. There are two of them here. Take those out so we can get to the wires. 2:09

Ok, with the taillight pulled off, we can see the wires here. And again we are looking for the wire that is activating our reverse lead. The reverse light on the vehicle is always behind the clear lens. So if we go behind the taillight, the two wires going into the clear lens. This one is the ground and this one is going to be our reverse light. And again, on this vehicle it is a red wire with blue stripe. So I am going to cut back a little bit of the tape to hook in my quick splice. From there we will take the provided quick splice, mount it over top of the red wire here and then we will take our other half of our reverse lead wire from our adapter and go ahead and slide it into the other groove on the quick splice. Just take a pair of plyers and we are going to crimp down on the metal tab on the top. And out connection is made. From there we want to go ahead and take the other end of the wire and just feed it down through the opening that we had found earlier. And you want to just feed the full lead down. And then we can go ahead and put our taillight back on. And then back underneath the vehicle, we just need to route the reverse lead wire back over to our adapter. Plug the two pieces together and our installation is complete on it. From there you just want to take your blue wire and go ahead and secure it up out of the way, with some zip-ties if need be. Now I do want to note that this is essentially an adapter piece but it actually does not need to be ever removed from the 4-pole because a trailer 4-pole will actually plug into this new adapter piece just fine, just like it did on a common 4-pole. And that will conclude the installation of the Hopkins 4 to 5-pole adapter, part number 47515.

Customer Reviews

Adapter 4-Pole to 5-Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter - Shorter - 47515

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (59 Customer Reviews)

- 47515

by: Al S10/06/2014

Great product! I have a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited that only has a four pole flat connector. I have a boat thats needs a five pole because it has surge brakes. This was the perfect solution. I just had the fifth wire connected to the back up light and plugged this five to four pole adapter that was already on the vehicle. Problem solved. It came quickly. I accidently ordered two and I got a call from Etrailer questioning my order. I thanked them and said I only needed one. They saved me the cost of the second adapter when most companys would have just sent them both- and charged me for two. 154766

- 47515

by: Jim T07/03/2013

Watch the video! This product connects so easy I was up and running in 20 minutes. 87430


still in use

Jim T - 07/09/2014


- 47515

by: David01/21/2014

Perfect 114426


Still working perfect no prob.....

David - 01/21/2015


- 47515

by: Mark L06/20/2012

Put this on an '05 Ford F150. Simple install and took only 5 minutes. Drivers side reverse tail light has two screws on the tailgte side. The hot wire for backup light was brown w/ a red stripe. Unfotunately, my package didn't have the wire splice connector inside as it was suppose to so I used stuff I had at home. Works like a charm. Very clean looking with no extra wires dangling. Should get 5 stars but the lack of connector bummed me out and I didn't have time to return it. Cheers 44918

- 47515

by: BSM09/26/2014

This product is very well made. Instructions are a bit brief, but plenty of info online to get it installed. The reverse wire on my car was too small to work with the splice, but I connected them directly w/ a "T". Worked flawlessly with my trailer. The length of the wire on the adapter allows you to make the connection INSIDE the car which will surely extend the life of the connection. Overall great and simple design. 153312

- 47515

by: Jason B.09/29/2014

This product was everything that is says that it is. Suggestion for hatchback owners, though. See if your reverse lights are in the hatchback or on the fender panels before purchasing this product. If they are in the hatchback, as in the 2014 Escape, then you will need to purchase a longer adapter or additional wiring as the routing of the wires to the closest reverse wire is substantial. 153594

- 47515

by: Arthur L.07/22/2014

Excellent product. Connected it in about 10 minutes. Had to remove the taillight and splice to back-up light (splicer included). Easy install (pug and play) and works great. Thanks for having this online at your store. Could not find one locally in Houston area (can you imagine). Excellent pricing and free shipping! Doesn't get any better. 142512

- 47515

by: Tom F06/07/2011

I Have been looking for this product for a long time. I did not know the part number or even that it existed, I just had a need. At etrailer.com I not only forund this product. I found a couple versions of the same solution. Plus etrailer showed me a video on how to install it. Great site 16301

- 47515

by: Chris03/11/2009

Great Product! It was a very easy install. The blue wire is only long enough to go to a reverse light that is on the rear corner. I had to buy additional wire from the auto parts store to continue the connection up the side of my vehicle and through the back hatch. But it works great. 1639

- 47515

by: Mike E.03/02/2014

This is an excellent adapter; however, I didn't give it the highest rating possible because the wire is not as long as I needed. While it was easy for me to add a section of wire, I don't understand why it's not about a foot longer so that it would work easier on any vehicle. 118185

- 47515

by: Dave S10/19/2014

Product is exactly what I want, but should include a dust cover. Also, wire that leads from plug is too long, and the tail light wire is too short. Where they connect should be closer to the plug, because the way it is you can't really unplug it from underneath the vehicle. 156751

- 47515

by: Todd01/22/2014

Part arrived in time and everything's cool. The #1 thing I like about etrailer.com is that I can simply email them my questions and they reply back with all my options. Will be doing that again in a month for the next trailer item I'll be needing soon. Thanks. Todd 114450

- 47515

by: Albert Anable04/03/2011

The adapter works great. The installation on a 2005 Subaru Outback is a bit more difficult because the backup lights are located on the liftgate. Still only took about 1/2 hour. Now I just need to find a cover for the 5-Pole! Al 11001

- 47515

by: Steve02/18/2013

Ordering was easy; shipment was quick; the part arrived as expected and worked great. It was very easy to install. Took all of 10 minutes at most! Thanks! 66804


Thanks! It has worked great. I have been very pleased with the product.

comment by: Steve - 02/18/2014


- 47515

by: Duane B12/05/2014

The 4 to 5 pole adapter was exactly what I needed to pull my new boat with hydraulic brakes. I installed it myself in less than 10 minutes saving me the time and cost of going to an RV or trailer store. 163414

- 47515

by: Keith V.04/29/2014

I purchase the 4 to 5 pin trailer plug adapter for my boat trailer. The product was just as described and installation was super easy. Fast shipping and packaged well. Keith 128114

- 47515

by: John G11/03/2014

I got the adapter fast and it was exactly what i wanted. I installed it quickly and it works perfectly. I will use Etrailer anytime i need trailer parts. Thanks John G 158943

- 47515

by: Bob Wrobel10/02/2014

Product is perfect. It works as advertised. I am able to hook up my motorcycle cargo trailer and motorcycle camper, if I need to pull them behind my 2013 Ford Edge. 154146

- 47515

by: Kevin06/07/2011

I received this part in a timely manner and it matches my needs perfectly. I've purchased several parts from etrailer.com and will definitely be a returning customer. 16274

- 47515

by: Monty S02/28/2013

Received the adapter very quickly. The on-line tutorial was great and was able to install the adapter on my Ford 150 in less than 5 minutes. Works like a champ. 68147

- 47515

by: Tim P.04/27/2013

Exactly what I ordered and timely shipped. I love the tutorial videos really made trailer wiring easy to understand......I will definetly use etrailer again. 78144

- 47515

by: John S.11/03/2014

Product was exactly what was advertised and just what I needed to to adapt to a five pin harness on my sons boat trailer. Great, FAST delivery. 159022

- 47515

by: Mr Larson05/05/2014

The adapter fits perfectly. Thanks for the follow up. We need to test to make sure it works, but if it is a standard setup, it should work 128889

- 47515

by: Patrick01/20/2013

Works fine. I'm not concerned with the reverse light so I didn't even hook up the blue wire, working great as a plug and play adapter. 63582

- 47515

by: Wayne B05/07/2013

The trailer hitch bolted in place easily. Instructions were ideal. Firing kit and additional five flat adapter Were easy as well. 79238

- 47515

by: Andrew07/01/2014

I am extremely happy with this product. Easy to install and etrailer was the only location that I could find this item at 138480

- 47515

by: Dan E.04/18/2012

Needed a reverse light. Simple installation. Works great. Wish it came with a rubber cover to keep the muck out... 37638

- 47515

by: Greg L04/04/2012

Awesome service. The order, delivery, and confirmation process is outstanding...and priced very well. 36140

- 47515

by: John L.07/27/2014

Well made and simple to install with good instructions and all the parts necessary to do the install. 143093

- 47515

by: Sensei07/28/2014

Works as advertised. Wiring is too short - had to extend 18" to reach closest reverse wiring. 143165

- 47515

by: Jim R05/21/2014

Product arrived in a short time. Easy to install. Worked great. Great customer service. 131610

- 47515

by: PapaG08/15/2014

Great tech support. Product arrived ahead of schedule. Worked as expected. You guys rock! 146836

- 47515

by: Robert R07/10/2014

Great product and quick delivery. Video was very helpful and made installation easy. 140684

- 47515

by: Tony S.06/12/2013

This was very easy to add to the existing trailer wiring. Very good quality product. 84276

- 47515

by: Tim B.09/02/2014

Exactly what I needed and the installation video was extremely helpful. 149658

- 47515

by: Rob Bantly04/12/2014

Very easy instalation. Good Quality. The vidio also made it very easy. 124785

- 47515

by: Jeffrey02/22/2013

Great price, quick service and delivery. Exceeded my expectations. 67360

- 47515

by: Jeff K12/23/2013

Exactly as advertised. Installation was simple. Works perfectly. 110889

- 47515

by: 4751509/25/2012

Excellent. Easy to install instructons. Fixed my problem easily. 55739

- 47515

by: Dave C.04/28/2014

Very prompt shipping, well packaged. An excellent experience!! 127819

- 47515

by: Larry DeSantis05/19/2014

great product and easy to install and best of all works great 131287

- 47515

by: Jon B.07/03/2013

Very easy installation. Perfect solution for boat trailers. 87399

- 47515

by: Brad S.06/11/2013

Exactly what I was looking for my boat trailer. Thank You! 84133

- 47515

by: Alex06/18/2014

Received what expected and on time. Great job, etrailer! 136366

- 47515

by: Ubaldo E.11/11/2014

Easy to install and a terrific price for the adapter. 160391

- 47515

by: Michael01/21/2013

Product arrived in a very timely manner, thank you. 63759

- 47515

by: Dave02/08/2015

Nice product, easy to connect, reasonlbe price. 172864

- 47515

by: Al06/28/2013

I've used these adapters before. they work good. 86640

- 47515

by: Curtis P03/31/2014

Easy to install and works as advertised. 122901

- 47515

by: jason k09/08/2014

fast delivery and product as described. 150399

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  • Comparing 4-Way to 5-Way Trailer Connector Adapters # 20036 and # 47515
  • 4-Way to 5-Way adapters # 47515 and # 20036 are essentially the same. The difference is that # 20036 has longer wiring with it than # 47515. For that reason we normally recommend # 20036. The 4-Way to 5-Way portion is 18 inches long. The blue wire though is 60 inches long from end to end. Additional light gauge wire, such as # 16-1-1, sold in 1 foot increments could be spliced in if a longer connection is needed.
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  • Can a 4-Way Flat on a Truck Be Used with a Trailer 5-Way Flat without Connecting Extra Wires
  • I recommend using the Adapter # 47515 or # 20036 and not connecting the extra blue wire to anything on the truck. On a 5-Way flat connector, the extra blue wire is normally for an electric reverse lockout which you find on a lot of boat trailers. The brakes on the trailer are probably hydraulic with a reverse lockout on the coupler. The blue wire sends power from a reverse light circuit to a solenoid on the coupler that does not allow fluid to pass through to the brakes when the vehicle...
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  • How to Wire in an Adapter 4 Pole to 5 Pole Adapter # 47515 For a Reverse Lockout
  • The wire you are going to be looking for to activate the reverse lockout feature for your surge brakes will be the wire that powers the reverse light bulbs. I would recommend you use a circuit tester # 3808 to determine which wire has power when the reverse lights are illuminated and no voltage when the lights are not activated and then use a quick splice Connector # 804C to tap into this circuit and run wire from the quick splice to the 5-way. I attached a review video for a Adapter...
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  • Installation Instructions for Custom Trailer Wiring for a 2009 and 2010 Volkswagen Routan
  • In order to use the reverse lights on your trailer, you will need to add a 4-Way to 5-Way adapter like # 47515. Using a circuit tester, like the Quickee # 3808, find the wire behind your taillight assembly that carries the reverse light signal. It will have a signal when the vehicle is in reverse. Make sure you have someone in the vehicle to help you and put the emergency brake on for added safety. After you have found the reverse light wire, you can connect it to the Adapter 4 Pole to...
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  • How to Install Adapter 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter # 20036 on a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser
  • What you will need to go from the 4-Way flat on your Toyota FJ Cruiser to the 5-Way flat on the boat trailer is a 4-Way to 5- Way adapter. You can either use # 20036, or # 47515 (shorter). The 5-Way end of the adapter would plug into the 5-Way on the boat trailer. The other end would plug into the 4-Way on the vehicle. The extra blue wire would need to be connected to the reverse light circuit behind one of the tail lights. This circuit is used by the trailer side to engage the electric...
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  • Can the 5th Wire of the Adapter 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter Be Cut Off if Not Needed
  • Usually, on a boat trailer with a 5-Way trailer connector, the 5th wire goes to an electric reverse lock out on a surge coupler. This is so when you put the vehicle in reverse to back up, it will not allow the trailer brakes to engage so the trailer can move. If you do not need the blue wire on the Adapter 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter, # 47515, you can just tape it up and and stow it out of the way. I would not cut it off because you may need it in the future. If you do...
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  • Wiring a 2007 Lexus RX350 to a 5 Pole Boat Trailer
  • Because of the LED taillights, you would need a # 56146KIT powered converter to power the trailer lighting circuits. You would also need, item # 47515, 4 to 5 pole adapter. The adapter has the additional wire that would connect to the vehicle back up lights.
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  • Converting a 4-Pole Wiring Harness to 5-Pole on a 2004 VW Touareg for Towing a Boat Trailer
  • Since you have the # 118509, custom wiring installed on your Touareg, you have two options. You can use the 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter, item # 47515, or you can cut the 4-Pole connector off of the harness and splice in a 5-Way connector, item # 20016. In either case the blue wire will be routed to the vehicle reverse light circuit, behind one of the vehicle tail lights, and spliced in there. Then, when the vehicle is in reverse, the electric lockout on your surge coupler...
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  • Hopkins Wiring Harness # 43475 and 5-Way Adapter Recommendation 2000 Toyota Sienna
  • Yes, there is a way to get a 5-way at the back of your 2000 Toyota Sienna, but you would first need to install the Plug-N-Tow Vehicle Wiring Harness, part # 43475, that you referenced. I attached installation instructions for this product below. The next thing you would need is a Adapter 4 Pole to 5 Pole Trailer Wiring Adapter, part # 47515. This will give you a 5-way at the rear of your vehicle and would also give you the option to decide what you want the fifth pole to be. Some people...
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  • Using a # A75TB 7-way to 5-pole Adapter to Tow Boat Trailer With 2013 Ford F150 w/ OEM 7-way
  • Rather than using a 4-pole to 5-pole adapter such as # 47515 or # 20036, with the extra wire that needs to be tapped into the reverse light circuit, a 7-way to 5-pole adapter like the # A75TB would work much better. If the 7-way/4-pole connector on your truck is factory installed, the center pin of the 7-way should already be wired to the reverse lamp circuit of the vehicle. You can test this by having a helper place the transmission of the truck in reverse (while stepping on the brake,...
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  • Wiring 4 to 5-Pole Trailer Connector Adapter onto 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • The blue wire on the 4-Pole to 5-Pole Trailer Connector Adapter would need to be lengthened and tapped into the circuit that feeds the reverse lights on your Grand Cherokee. Simply locate the reverse lamp assembly, and find the wire feeding the bulb. This is where you would tap in the blue wire. You can use a Scotchlok connector, like part # 804C. To view an install video, click on the provided link.The video shows the adapter being installed on a different vehicle, but the video will...
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