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Superwinch S5000 High Performance Utility Winch, 5K

Superwinch Winches

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Superwinch Winches - 1450200

Superwinch S5000 12v Winch with Roller Fairlead

The most popular performance trailer winch on the market is race-proven, has a powerful motor, an integrated sealed switching solenoid, and handheld remote. Being fully enclosed also helps keep the weather out.
  • Powers Load IN and OUT
    • Includes Freespooling Clutch for Fast Wire Rope Payout
  • Weather Resistant Motor Housing
  • High Efficiency Low Amp Draw Motor
  • Roller Fairlead - greatly reduces wear and strain on the wire rope by eliminating rubbing
  • Circuit Breaker Protected
  • Durable Handheld Remote Switch on 30' Lead
  • Mechanical and Dynamic Brake
  • Commercial Grade Integrally Mounted Sealed Contactor
  • Optional Wireless Remote Available

  • Rated Line Pull (single line): 5,000 lbs.
  • Motor: 2.1 hp
  • Gearing: Differential Planetary
  • Gear Ratio: 159:1
  • Freespooling Clutch: Lever Action
  • Braking: Mechanical and Dynamic
  • Wire Rope: 1/4" x 50' with Latched Hook
  • Switching Method: 30' Rubber Handheld Remote
  • Switching Mechanism: Commercial Grade Contactor
  • Dimensions: 15.1" long x 8.7" deep x 6.0" high
  • Installation Wires: 54" Long

Recommended Accessories:
  • Accessory Kit with Leather Gloves (1554)
  • Pulley Block (229A)
  • Mounting System for either truck or trailer
    • Wiring Installation Kit: Truck (2007, 1520 or 2008) and Trailer (1520 or 2008)
    • Front or Rear Mount Trailer Hitch with Mounting Plate (2055)

Close-up of the hand-held remote switch

Close-up of the freespooling switch. Simply lift up on the lever to disengage.

Video of Superwinch S5000 High Performance Utility Winch, 5K

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Install Trailer Winch 1450200
Superwinch S5000 Winch Installation

Video Transcript for Superwinch S5000 Winch Installation

Today we are going to install part number 1450200 from Superwinch their S5000 winch. Our first steps involved is basically we measured out our trailer on the inside dimensions that comes out to 79 inches exactly so we just divided that in half and came out with the center point which is about right here. Just make the mark right here and it is a little off from the ribs so put it to right smack dab in the center. Being off 1/ 4 inch is not going to hurt anything. 00:32

The next step involved is reinforce the bottom of the trailer bed itself. In this case we took it to a weld shop and had them weld an additional aluminum plate underneath our trailer to give it just a little more stability. That way when the winch is underloaded it does not twist out of the bed of the trailer. Next we will show you the attachment points to the winch itself. It only uses these two bolt holes right here, that is the center of the drum itself so that is why we are going to put this in the center of our trailer. One other thing we have to do is the bolt holes are right below the drum itself. You can not see them straight down because the cable is in the way so what we are going to have to do is basically pull out most of the cable to get a straight shot to see the hole through. 01:11

All right I pulled the cable out of the winch. Pull up this lever here and that makes the winch free spooling at that point. Just keep pulling it all out. Take the cover off. It just pops off on one side and it slides off the other. You can see that the bolt hole is in a straight shot now. All right we have got our center mark here and we will just line up our bolt holes and we are going to push it all the way forward and then we are just going to take a long drill bit and we are just going to use that to mark out our holes. Then take the winch out of the way and then we will start up a 1/ 4 inch bit and then follow up with a 3/ 8 bit. We are satisfied for fit here however some applications bolts will be long enough, some it will not be. In our case we had to go get longer bolts. 01:57

After that we are going to need to find a place to run our cables. Now our battery is going to be kept in our tool box so basically we are going to drill a one inch access hole and install a grommet so we can run our cables in to it. So move the winch out of the way and drill out our hole. Install a little grommet here. We will put our cables in one at a time. It is going to be a tight fit but we kind of wanted it that way to keep everything as weather proof as possible. It might be a good idea to put a little bit of lubricant to help push them through if necessary. Lets put our winch back into place. At this point we can start bolting down our winch to the deck. We will put our hardware on from below. This is where it helps to have an extra set of hands. Get one person to crank down on it and one person to hole the wrench. We are in our tool box now. We will add a battery box to the inside. We are going to put it in the corner just like this and we will just run some bolts, 3/ 8 bolts, down through the bottom to keep everything in place. Make sure you leave it enough away from the side that you have room to put your lid on and we are just going to take our battery box and we are just going to attach it straight to our tool box. Since it is such a light object we are working with, drill this one out to the larger size and then we will put some hardware in there to hole everything still while we drill out our second hole. Put our lid on one more time. Position it the way we want it and tighten it down as needed. Lets double check the lid. That will work just fine. 04:13

Then we will just install our battery. Take the cables and push them back behind the battery box a little bit. We will note what we have got here. We have got a negative and that will go to black and the positive will go to red. On the end of our positive cable we are going to install this bank of circuit breakers and they are just going to nut and bolt together. Now take the bank of circuit breakers and just bolt that to our positive terminal. We will remove our ground cover and hook up our ground cable to that. This is the simple basic hook up right here. No external power, just the battery itself. The strap for the box too. That is our basic electrical hook up for our power supply. We have got this setup we will show you how the winch works at this point. All right make sure the drum is engaged. Now lets plug in our control and lets give it a shot and reel up the cables. It looks like our install is a success. Lets put our cover back on the drum. Slide it on the one pin and snap it over the other and put it into place and we are finished. With that, that will finish our very basic install of part number 1450200 from Superwinch.

Customer Reviews

Superwinch S5000 High Performance Utility Winch, 5K - 1450200

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- 1450200

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Ask the Experts about this Superwinch Winches
Expert Answers about Superwinch S5000 High Performance Utility Winch, 5K - 1450200                                           Do you have a question about this Winches?

  • Recommendation for An Electric Trailer Winch to Pull Cars onto a Car Hauler
  • I recommend the Superwinch GP3000, # 1330200 or the Superwinch S4000, # 1440200. The GP 3000 has a rolling load capacity of 3,850 pounds at a 45 degree angle. The S4000 has a rolling load capacity of 5,784 pounds at a 45 degree angle. These capacities can be doubled with a pulley block, # SW2229A, and double line operation. I have included links to the installation details for each of the winches below For powering either of these trailer winches, I recommend the Winch Trailer Wiring Kit for
    view full answer...

  • Recommendation For Trailer Winch to Pull 4x4 Buggy and Use of Deep Cycle Battery For Power Source
  • The Superwinch S4000 High Performance Utility Winch, part # 1440200, will work great to pull your 4x4 buggy. However, I would recommend going with a higher rated winch such as Superwinch S5000 High Performance Utility Winch, part # 1450200, as it is rated at 1,000 more pounds than part # 1440200. I recommend going with part # 1450200 because your buggy is 3,300 pounds, you never know when you may have to pull something heavier or change vehicles. A deep cycle battery will work fine to power t
    view full answer...

  • Electric Winch Recommendation For Pulling A 4850 Lb Boat Out Of The Water Onto A Trailer
  • When winching your boat onto a trailer a common ratio for determining your winch load capacity is 2 to 1. For example, a 5000 lb boat would require a 2500 lb winch. There are other factors, however, that will determine the appropriate winch size for your purposes. The ratio can be stretched to 3 to 1 in instances when the trailer in use has high-quality rollers and is most commonly used on ramps where boats float most of the way onto the trailer. In contrast, using a boat trailer that has
    view full answer...

  • Electric Winch Recommendation for a 15 Percent Incline and a 1956 Chevy Bel Aire
  • Since we are talking about a rolling load and a 15 percent incline, you can go with a smaller capacity winch like # 1220210. a rolling load has much less resistance than a static load. A 2,000 pound capacity winch like this at a 15 percent incline and a rolling load it can pull about 8,400 pounds. But, if you are talking about a 15 degree incline, you would probably want to go with something a little larger like the Superwinch GP3000 General Purpose Utility Trailer Winch, # 1330200, rated for
    view full answer...

  • Does the Superwinch S5000 Winch Include a Circuit Breaker
  • Yes, this Superwinch S5000 High Performance Utility Winch # 1450200 that you referenced does include an external circuit breaker. This will install directly onto the positive terminal of your vehicle battery. Check out the installation instructions for this product that I attached for you also.
    view full answer...

  • How Long Can Superwinch S5000 Winch Run Before it Needs to Cool Down
  • In the instructions, see link, Superwinch has the following statement on use: An electric winch is like any other motor driven power tool such as an electric drill or saw. The electric motor should not be allowed to become excessively hot. Normal precautions will extend the life of your motor. Keep the duration of pulls as short as possible. If the end of the motor becomes uncomfortably hot to touch, stop winching and allow the motor to cool down. I spoke with Superwinch to get a little i
    view full answer...

  • Where Should a Pulley Block Be Placed when Using with a Winch
  • After routing the cable through a pulley block you will want to secure the cable to a spot next to the winch. How you secure the cable is going to depend on the load, the surface, and other factors that you will consider when choosing the most secure way to attach it. There is a specific distance it has to be but adjacent to the winch is a good spot. You would want to place the pulley block # SW2229A at the load like in the picture I have included. Or if you are using a pulley because you do
    view full answer...

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