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Pro Series Standard Brake Winch - Cable Only - 1,000 lbs

Pro Series Winches

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Pro Series Winches - PSKR10000301

This self-activating, automatic brake winch securely holds your load whenever the handle is released - a minimum load of 50 lbs is required for activation. Great for boat lifts, manual forklifts, hoists, grain augers and more.


  • Brake winch is perfect for boat lifts, grain augers, manual forklifts, hoists and more
  • Load remains securely held whenever handle is released
    • Minimum line load of 50 lbs is required for proper brake function
    • No freewheeling option is available
  • Oversize drum hubs help to maximize cable life
    • Designed for use with aircraft-grade cable (sold separately)
  • Zinc finish provides corrosion resistance


  • Handle length: 8"
  • Gear ratio: 3.5:1
  • Drum storage: 50'
    • For use with cable only
  • Maximum cable diameter: 7/32"
  • Capacity:
    • First layer: 1,000 lbs
    • Full drum: 500 lbs
  • Limited 1-year warranty

KR10000301 Pro Series Standard Series Brake Winch - 1,000 lbs

Video of Pro Series Standard Brake Winch - Cable Only - 1,000 lbs

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Video Demo Pro Series Winches PSKR10000301
Pro Series Winches PSKR10000301 Review

Video Transcript for Pro Series Winches PSKR10000301 Review

Today we will be reviewing part number PSKR10000301. This is the Pro Series standard brake winch, rated at 1000 pounds designed for use with cable only. The brake winch is perfect for boat lifts, brain augers, manual fork lifts, hoists and much more. The load remains securely held whenever the handle is released. It does require a minimum mine load of 50 pounds for brake function. No free-wheeling option is available with this winch. It does have an oversize drum hub that's going to help maximize the life of your cable.

It also going to show a diameter of 1-3/4". It is designed for use with aircraft grade cable which is sold separately. The winch has a nice zinc-plated finish which is going to help stand up well against rusting and corrosion. It also has a nice Allen tool. That way we can tighten up the Allen bolts to secure our handle or we can remove the Allen bolts if we need to remove our handle from the winch. It is going to give us a handle length measuring from the end to the center of where it mounts of about 8-1/2". The system has a 3.5 to 1 gear ratio so for every 3.5 full turns of the handle, our hub is going to rotate 1 full rotation.

The drum can store up a cable of 50 feet in length with a maximum cable diameter of 7/32". How the system is operates is it does have an indicator here that shows you which way to turn the handle to bring the line in or to extend the line out. If you rotate it this way for simply bringing the line in you will notice that it will engage when you start hearing that clicking noise. If you rotate it the other direction, it's going to bring the line out or extend it out to gain some slack to make our connection. Here on the underside of the winch, we do have a mounting plate with pre-drilled mount holes or bolt holes for an easy bolt-on install. It's going to measure 5-1/2" by 4".

The elongated hole is going to measure 1-1/2" by 3/8". These 2 holes are identical. They are going to give us a diameter of 3/8" and these 2 holes are identical. They are going to measure 3/8" by 9/16". The winch does have a cable stop or a cable hold kit. What you can do is thread your cable through 1 of these holds, clamp it down using this kit, simply a carriage bolt, the cable hold and then a lock nut.

That's going to hold your cable in place so that way when you are ready to put the cable on to the hub, you can hold one end of it there as you tighten the rest of the cable around the drum hub. That's going to complete today's review of part number PSKR10000301 for Pro Series standard brake winch rated at 1000 pounds. .

Customer Reviews

Pro Series Standard Brake Winch - Cable Only - 1,000 lbs - PSKR10000301

Average Customer Rating:  ratingratingratingratingrating4.5 out of 5 stars   (2 Customer Reviews)

This self-activating, automatic brake winch securely holds your load whenever the handle is released - a minimum load of 50 lbs is required for activation. Great for boat lifts, manual forklifts, hoists, grain augers and more.

- PSKR10000301

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Ron H.06/04/2013

Price was right. Pretty and shiny. Just what the Doctor ordered. Even fit the mounting holes on the old beat-up PWC lift. So far, works fine. Happy---yes. 83231


The rivets that stick out into the drum has frayed my cable. Has anyone else had this problem?

comment by: Jerry - 03/30/2014


We have not heard of this problem before on this winch. I have an email out to ProSeries for some additional info on cable sizes and capacities. What is the diameter and length of the cable that frayed on the winch?

Patrick B - 4/1/2014


Hi,Winch used once to raise old paddle boat. Worked great.Paddle boat sunk. Little pontoons = junk.Dont have anything to put on the lift now. Winch still cranks fine. Still shiiny. Looks new which is surprising considering it sat out in the nasty MI. winter.Thanks.Ron

Ron H. - 06/04/2014


- PSKR10000301

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Lonne06/02/2011

Fast and as shown-Thanks Will know more after installed and used for awhile--to raise and lower a large Martin house on pole. 15994


Ask the Experts about this Pro Series Winches
Expert Answers about Pro Series Standard Brake Winch - Cable Only - 1,000 lbs - PSKR10000301Do you have a question about this Winches?

  • Winch Recommendations for Lifting Canoes and Kayaks to Storage Position
  • For lifting and storing your canoes and kayaks, you will want to use either a worm gear or a brake winch. Worm gear and Brake winches, see links, prevent runaway loads, and do not have a free spool mode. The pulling winch you selected would not be the best choice for your application, because it could potentially release the load if not operated safely. I would recommend a worm gear winch for ease of operation. The Dutton-Lainson Worm Gear Hand Winch, # DL10950, or # DL10954, would...
    view full answer...

  • Does the Pro Series Standard Brake Winch Include a Cable Holder
  • The Pro Series Standard Brake Winch # PSKR10000301 includes a cable clamp on the side of the winch. This clamp allows for the cable to be looped over the drum and through the side of the winch and secured. This winch is designed for use with aircraft grade cable only. It allows for 50 feet of cable to be stored on the drum, with a maximum cable diameter of 7/32 of an inch. If you need cable the Fulton Galvanized Winch Cable with Hook is available as part # FWC7500100, and is 50 feet...
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  • Recommended Hand Winch for Hoisting 110 Lb Chandelier
  • To raise and lower a chandelier, I would recommend using an automatic brake winch like the Pro Series # PSKR10000301. The winch has a 1000 lb capacity, which would be plenty for a 110 lb chandelier. The drum of the winch can store up to 50 feet of 7/32 inch cable, which is sold separately as part # FWC7500100. A worm gear winch like the Dutton-Lainson # DL10950 would also work, but due to its 30:1 gear ratio, you would be cranking forever.
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  • Hand Winch for Installing Tents that Allows Controlled Movement of a Load
  • What you need is a brake winch. Dutton Lainson winch # DL15303 is not a brake winch and you would be in the same situation as you are with the existing winches. Since you need controlled movement of a load and it is a hoisting situation, the ideal winch for you is a worm gear winch like # DL10950 or one of the other ones I have linked to the right. Worm gear winches are brake winches. Let go of the handle and the load stops. They do not need a minimum load to operate and letting go...
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