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Price: $214.67

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Video Demo Timbren Vehicle Suspension TTORTUN4L

Timbren Vehicle Suspension TTORTUN4L Review

2012 Toyota Tacoma Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System

Timbren Vehicle Suspension

(733 reviews)



Price: $214.67

Shipping Special

Shipping Weight: 5 pounds


2012 Toyota Tacoma - Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System

3,000-lb Capacity. These hollow rubber springs sit above the rear axle to help stabilize and level your Toyota Tacoma. They also provide a more comfortable ride by absorbing road shock and improving roll stability. Easy to install and use.


  • Improves suspension, handling and safety
  • Provides additional support as needed so you always have a smooth, comfortable ride
    • Allows the leaf spring ample movement while cushioning light loads
      • Does not affect the empty ride of the Toyota Tacoma
    • Becomes more rigid as more weight is added
      • Increases stability - providing great performance while hauling heavy loads
      • Reduces Toyota Tacoma sag
  • Works independently - side-to-side
    • Helps compensate for off-center loads
    • Reduces body roll when swerving and turning corners
  • Acts as shock absorbers, taking the brunt of bumps and rough roads
    • Extends the life of your Toyota Tacoma's suspension


  • Includes 2 Aeon hollow rubber springs, Toyota Tacoma-specific brackets and hardware for simple installation
    • Replaces axle bump stops on frame
    • No drilling required
  • Capacity: 3,000 lbs
    • Do not exceed the Toyota Tacoma's weight-carrying capacity
  • Designed to work with a suspension system that is in good working order
  • Limited lifetime warranty - satisfaction guarantee

Reduced rear axle sag with Timbren suspension enhancement

Whether you're hauling heavy loads in your bed or cargo area or towing a trailer, you will often see the rear of your Toyota Tacoma sag while the front end rises. In these cases, the rear axle is handling not only the weight of the cargo, but also more of the vehicle's weight. Because less weight is on the front axle, the front tires are making less contact with the road. Overall handling - traction, steering, and braking - is negatively affected. But the resistance from Timbren's Suspension Enhancement System works with your factory suspension to keep your vehicle level and improve your driving experience.

Diagram of the Timbren spring installed

The Timbren system comes with custom-fit brackets that are bolted onto each frame rail above your rear axle. Hollow rubber springs are bolted to the bottom of the bracket and hang down to where the bottom of the leaf spring sits, 1" above the axle. The inch of clearance allows the existing factory suspension to operate normally under light loads and standard terrain, ensuring the smooth, comfortable ride that you are used to.

Action of a standard Timbren rubber spring

Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems are designed to work progressively. When the hollow rubber springs are compressed, the convoluted design causes them to quickly collapse along the folds. Once the folds are compacted, the stacked barrel shape increases resistance, stiffening the suspension and keeping your Toyota Tacoma level.

Timbren suspension system works to prevent body roll

Each hollow rubber spring works independently to support the driver's-side or passenger's-side of your Toyota Tacoma. This is helpful when you swerve or make sharp turns. Each spring is activated when it is needed, so body roll is greatly reduced. The independent action also works well when you are hauling off-center loads.

Trailer swaying as it is towed behind a truck

Because your vehicle handles better with the springs, less turbulence will be passed along to the trailer and this helps to keep the trailer in line. Your driving comfort is further enhanced if the trailer does begin to sway (from a gust of wind or a passing semi) because the movement from the trailer is not transferred to your vehicle. This also works to make the sway subside more quickly.

An empty truck on a bumpy road without Timbren SES

Another great feature of the rubber construction is that the springs absorb most of the road shock, creating a smoother, more stable ride overall. Wear and tear on the factory suspension is also lessened because the rubber springs work to prevent bottoming out on rough roads.

Timbren Suspension Enhancement Compared to the Competition

Timbren's Suspension Enhancement Systems are much easier to install than air springs - there are no air hoses to run, no compressors or gauges to hook up, and no manual adjustments to make. The rubber construction makes Timbren's springs more elastic than similar products constructed of microcellular urethane. And more elasticity allows for a more comfortable ride because the rubber has more travel.

TORTUN4L - Rear Suspension Enhancement System with Aeon Hollow Rubber Springs by Timbren

TTORTUN4L Installation InstructionsInstallation Details TTORTUN4L Installation instructions

Video of Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Timbren Vehicle Suspension TTORTUN4L Review

Today we will be reviewing part number TTORTUN4L. This is the Timbrand Rear Suspension Enhancement System. It is designed to improve suspension, handling and safety. These are going to be vehicle specific, so to make sure they are going to fit your particular year, make and model, you can refer to the vehicle list at the bottom of the product's product page. It's going to provide additional support as needed so you always have a nice, smooth, comfortable ride. It's actually going to allow the lead springs plenty of movement while cushioning light loads. It will not affect the empty ride of the vehicle.

It is designed to become more rigid as more weight is added, which is going to increase stability. It's also going to reduce vehicle sag. Overall it's going to provide better performance while hauling heavy loads. They are designed to work independently, side to side, so it's going to help compensate for off-center loads. It's also going to help produce body roll when swerving and turning corners.

They actually act as shock absorbers, taking the force of bumps and rough roads, which is also going to help extend the life of your vehicle's suspension system. It's going to include the 2 hollow rubber springs, the vehicle specific brackets, and all the hardware that's necessary for a simple installation. They are designed to replace the axle bump stops on your frame. For the installation, no drilling is required. They are going to offer a capacity of 3,000 pounds, but you want to be careful not to exceed the vehicles' weight carrying capacity. They are designed to work with a suspension system that's in good working order. So the way that they install is that you will have to loosen the axle U-bolt and remove the existing bump stop. Then you are going to mount this portion to the axle and the U-bolts are going to go over the flat portion here, right at the base of those wings.

That's going to help distribute and also keep the U-bolts in place. Once you have that on there, you are going to tighten the U-bolts back down. Now the hardware on this system is designed to be installed from the bottom, going up. So the head of the bolt has an Allen tool designed to it, so you will need to use an Allen key or an Allen tool to get it tightened down properly. There is going to be a washer located on the inside of the spring here. So you can see that there, peaking in there.

The washer is already installed, so you want to make sure that the washer is lined up with the mounting hole. It's going to set on that portion there. Again, the hardware is going to come up through the slots, making sure that it goes through the washer. Then you are going to install the lock nut through the larger hole here, making sure it goes down all the way on top of that bolt. So you may need to use an extension for your socket wrench to reach all the way down there and get that seated correctly. Now the actual bump stop, or the spring, is going to give us an overall length of about 3-5/8". That's going to do it for our review of part number TTORTUN4L. This is the Timbrand Rear Suspension Enhancement System. .

Customer Reviews

Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System - TTORTUN4L

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (733 Customer Reviews)

3,000-lb Capacity. These hollow rubber springs sit above the rear axle to help stabilize and level your vehicle. They also provide a more comfortable ride by absorbing road shock and improving roll stability. Easy to install and use.


by: Dan S.07/30/2013

The order and shipping process was flawless -- the Timbrens arrived exactly when E-trailer said they would. An hour after they got here, I had them completely installed. As of this date (7/30/13), the posted instructions (and the ones that came with the Timbrens) are not quite correct for a new Tacoma, as I verified with a Timbren tech. (These are Tacoma-specific issues -- they may not apply to other trucks.) Do not jack the truck up. I ran the back tires up onto blocks (to give myself more room underneath) and set the parking brake. I put a jack stand under the differential -- probably not needed. I crawled under and did one side at a time -- loosen the u-bolts, remove the old bump stop, stick in the new Timbren, and tighten. Not technically demanding at all. My crawler dolly was very helpful. Some tips: use a 9/16 socket with an extension to put the nut onto the bolt inside the Timbren rubber spring and then tighten the bolt with an Allen wrench. When loosening the Tacoma's u-bolts, use a 3/4 socket. Depending on the clearance between the leaf springs and the frame, you may need to remove one side of the u-bolt assembly to install the Timbren because the angle of the baseplate is greater than the angle of the OEM bump stop. I was told that the u-bolt nuts on a Tacoma should be re-tightened with a torque wrench to about 70 foot/pounds. I found it a little tiring to lay on my back and torque the nuts, but then again I am verging on elderly. A young person in decent shape should have no trouble. I don't know yet if the Timbrens will help my saggy rear end when I am towing a trailer, but others have said that this will be very helpful. This is my second major purchase from E-trailer -- I am impressed with their selection, service, and pricing. 92404


After a year or more of hard use, the product is still going strong thanks for asking!

Dan S - 01/29/2015



by: Rick S.08/20/2012

2010 Nissan Frontier with Timbren suspension components. Trailer is a Jayco X17Z with close to 450lbs of tongue weight. Pictures are a before and after view of the rear suspension droop. 52393


Since the Timbren install we have towed the camper on back roads with stop and go traffic as well as on the highway at 65 mph. The Pro4X does ride level and handles the added weight well. I wish I had a longer wheel base and a tandem axle trailer as on occasion we develop a slight up and down oscillation until the suspension settles down. It is noticeable when driving over long bridges. This is mainly due to the truck setup and not the Timbrens. We had this problem before the install and the Timbrens are making a difference.I have also hauled an estimated 780 lbs of hardwood flooring in the bed at 65mph and the truck handled it with no problem. It remained level and stable.

comment by: Rick S - 01/29/2013


You might be able to adjust the tongue weight of the trailer and get that oscillation to settle. You want your tongue weight to be about 10-15% of the trailer total weight. Also if the trailer does not ride level, looking into getting a different drop length ball mount that will get the trailer level or even slightly nose down.

Patrick B - 2/8/2013


by: Dennis O.01/18/2015

These spring stops seem like a heavy duty quality product. Very easy installation on my 13 Nissan Frontier by jacking up vehicle under shock mounts and removing tire, then clean area with compressed air and remove clamp nuts with air gun (if owned) remove old stops and install new stops and retighten nuts. I have about 1/2" to 3/4" clearance as advertised. Have not been able to haul anything yet but am sure they will help greatly. Also do one tire at a time (Safety) sorry no pictures. etrailer was quick to process and ship order. Great Business. Thanks etrailer Dennis O. 170343


Still working great!!

Dennis O - 01/18/2016



by: Joe D.11/11/2013

I purchased this kit to keep my 2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Short Bed from bottoming out when it has a load in the bed. It really did the trick as well as improved the stability with or without a load. The only down side is that the suspension is much more stiff without a load in the bed. It took some getting used to, but after having them on for a couple months, it doesn't bother me. 106946


by: ACS08/11/2014

I can't speak to ease of installation, I have a buddy with a car shop and it's just as easy to let him do it. As for ride with and without a load, this does what it says it will. Squat on my 2013 Nissan Frontier was greatly reduced when towing. There is a definite 'gallup' when you hit a small pot hole or bump in the road when under load, but it quickly fades away. I recommend these if you need occasional support but don't want to sacrifice unloaded ride. 145946


by: Steve W.10/07/2014

Everyone told me to use super springs to help handle the extra weight from my truck camper,so I bought them- What a WASTE of my money! A neighbor told me about your product, so I purchased a set - They are great! They work perfectly! My Nissan Frontier handled great. I love these things! Easy to install and they don't affect my ride or handling. 155075


by: Tami B.01/29/2017

It was a pleasure doing business with etrailer. What I am not happy about is the cost of this product. I searched on line and the price was the same on many sights. Unreal, for a set of two rubber kongs, you know the the toy dogs play with. That said, I have used this product before and am happy with them. Just not the exorbitant price. 336599


by: Paul V08/16/2012

Product is excellent. From the time I took the parts out of the box until the time I lowered the truck of the jack it only took me 45 minutes to complete the installation. Easy to install with only a few basic tools. The truck no longer sways around corners. It may ride a little stiffer but barely noticible. Well worth the price. 51870


by: Charlie P06/14/2016

Bought this product for a 2012 Nissan Frontier. The installation and product is a little different than for most vehicles but the online information was good enough for me to pick the right product. Delivery was quick and installation was easy. Haven't load tested the product, yet. 261181


by: Jeremy01/30/2013

Found these very easy to install on my 2005 Tacoma. The back end was beginning to sag some from overloading so added a helper spring to give the Timbrens some clearance and these fit in as designed. With a loaded 16' equipment trailer, the truck rides level and smooth. 64558


by: David03/05/2013

Fairly easy to install. Haven't had a chance to try it out with a load yet but looking forward to it. Better than adding a leaf and raising it up and nothing to maintain like an air system would have. etrailer customer service is top of the line. 69032


by: Rob03/29/2012

2009 Tacoma, rear supports, easy install, jack it up, take off wheeel, remove 1 u bolt holding leaf spring and loosen the other, remove old bumper and slide in a new one, tighten & you're done. 35471


by: John W05/09/2013

Seems like a good product, haven't pulled trailer yet. But unloaded drives well. Tell people that they need a 5.5 mm allen wrench & impact wrench to make install smoother. 79630


by: Dave L08/24/2016

Awesome product, does exactly what it's designed to do. I would recommend this product to anyone that owns a truck and loads their truck bed with heavy stuff periodically. 287249


by: Barry M09/16/2014

Great product. Allows me to pull my trailer without excessive suspension play. Works great. 151550


by: Jeff R08/08/2014

easy installed !! have not take pickup out and test it with enclosed trailer. 145388


by: Cesar12/02/2011

great product i installer on a 2005 Nissan Frontier works great 27534

- TDR1500DQ

by: Ron L.05/10/2013

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Hello Patrick....I have attached the Timbren product to my 2012 Dodge Ram and am very impressed with the product. E-Trailer answered my question that I needed to know if the Timbren product would take the squat out of my truck when I hook up my 5th wheel rv. The proof is in the attached pictures I took to share with you and potential customers. Your customer service & product knowledge is outstanding and that is why I am a faithful customer. As far as the installation of the product, I could not find an easier thing to do....It's harder to change a light bulb! Of course your installation video was very informative which made things a lot easier. 79715


Helped make my decision a no brainer....thanks for the pics they sealed the deal.

comment by: James T - 06/14/2013


Fantastic....The truck drives like a dream! If and when I hit any potholes or bumps, of course you still feel them, but the control is there with no fish tailing. As far as pulling my 5th wheel, it feels like everything is one unit and floats right along!

Ron L - 05/10/2014


thanks Ron. Great information and you helped me with my decision.

comment by: Mike L - 12/28/2014


Very good illustration and explanation. I have a 5th wheel and am experiencing the squat problem. Question: Is the installation strictly a friction fit or do I have to install a bolt with nut?

comment by: John T - 05/09/2015



For John T. They are a friction fit, installed mine in less than 15 min. Slight harder ride when unloaded, but they work perfectly for carrying the load of the trailer. Highly recommend.

comment by: Tony O - 05/27/2015



Ive been debating pulling a fifth wheel with a 1500. What size trailer do you have? What is the weight and pin weight, if you dont mind me asking?

comment by: Travis - 03/15/2016


- TFRTT1525

by: Eduardo04/05/2016

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

The Timbren rear suspension enhancement system did help my 2003 Ford F-150 a lot, I am extremely satisfied with the product and the rest of other products I purchased before from . It was an easy set up that didn't take more the 20 mins. to install. I will definitely recommend it and will continue to shop from this place, customer service is a big +, I'm really happy with them. 243021


by: Carol s11/26/2014

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

i recently added a power lift to my 2002 mazda mpv to carry my husbands new power chair. i needed these to prevent the sagging that occurred when just the class III hitch was installed. we loaded the chair on the lift once and i knew we could not leave the sagging that way. i did not want the maintenance of air shocks, air bags or air springs so i ordered these and am very happy i did. it keeps everything level with the full load on the rear and does not affect the ride when loaded or empty (with just the hitch). i would recommend these if you just put people in the back of any van. Installation was very simple. jacked up van with floor jack i have with tire 1" off ground. i am not sure if my stock bumpers fell off or were stolen in the past but they were not there. i took off the one bolt (14mm), assembled the timbren ses with supplied long bolt (17mm) and left stock bumper mount on top (same orientation), used a deep socket (17mm) stuffed with a paper towel and short 3/8" extension and started the bolt by hand. then placed the 3/8" ratchet on and tightened it up. NOTE: I visited the hardware store before I started, with the assembled timbrens in hand. I bought two 7/16" washers and two 7/16" split lock-washers because it looked like the bolts would bottom out on the un-threaded portion before fully tightening them up. Sure enough, on the passenger side i had to add a 7/16" lock-washer to get it to snug up. There was alot of slack/play after the threads bottomed out on the un-threaded part of the bolt shaft. On the drivers side it did not need a lock-washer added. it tightend up without any play. I will check them periodically to see if they are coming loose. if so, I will place the lock-washer and the other flat washer I bought on both bolts, then assemble the rest and tighten up again with thread locker on the threads. The install went so fast if I had to take them down to add anything it would only be a few minutes for both sides. Nice stiff, controlled cornering without the roll. wish I added these years ago to make my minivan with the heart of a sports car even sportier. Thanks e-trailer, Carol S 162579


by: EN11/25/2014

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

The package arrived in only a few days, sooner than I had expected. I was impressed with Etrailer, the vendor. Opening the brown shipping box however, I was somewhat set off by seeing the Timbren SES box taped up like it went through WW3. It looked like a box that someone had opened once before and someone made an attempt to reseal it with another yard of tape. Opening the SES box confirmed my suspicions that someone had indeed attempted to install these once before and returned them as the 1 paragraph's directions were covered with greasy fingerprints . The parts looked OK so rather than wait for a second pair I just installed them. I have to say that the Timbren supplied written directions left a lot to be desired. I consider myself an above average home mechanic and I had difficulty understanding how to dissassemble the Jeeps front suspension. At the price I paid for these devices, Timbren should at least have made a better effort to create clearer directions. There was no directions on how to get the old bumpers off their perches (they are pressed in . They will only come out using some heat and a lever) , nor how to get the old cups off their perchs (there is one bolts holding each one into the perch, but bolts were so rusty I had to torch them off. I doubt the average Joe would have the knwledge, tools and determination to ge the old ones off). Don't try to do this job without using spring compressors to get the springs out. You'll never do it ! I had to google Timbren installation instructions on the internet to get peoples installation tricks off of a Jeep site. The customer who had this box before me likely gave up due to the complexity of the removal of the old units and likely sent these back to Etrailer (not Etrailer's fault). 162442

- TDR1500DQ

by: Jerry H07/03/2013

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

These are the second set of Timbren SES I have purchased, the first being for a 2006 Nissan Titan and these for a 2013 Dodge Ram. Both were purchased in order to pull a fifth wheel camper and minimize the "squatting " issue. I am very pleased with the result. Installation on the Dodge was literally a 5 minute breeze as there are no nuts and bolts to remove. Just popped out the old ones and pushed these into place. Lowering the fifth wheel onto the bed secured them into place. The ride is impacted slightly when not pulling the camper, but as these install so easily, I will be able to put the OEM parts back into place with ease when not towing to soften the ride. I highly recommend for anyone pulling heavy loads. 87257


Patrick, Im still using the suspensions with and without towing. They work just as they are designed to. Very happy with them.

Jerry H - 07/10/2014


Hi Jerry, you just reinforced my decision. My wife bought a 7000gvw horse trailer bumper pull, so my lil 2wd ram short bed swatted at the sight I bought and installed these ant the tow levels changed immediately. The empty weight can be a bit jarring and I was considering the same, take them out for the next 3-4 months winter in mass. And stick em back in in the spring. Glad I saw your review. Thanks, Mort T

comment by: Mort t - 12/11/2015



by: DaveInReno12/17/2013

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Having purchased a cargo trailer, I thought it might be wise to beef-up the rear suspension on my 2000 Tacoma. I found the Timbrens on etrailer, and it sounded like they might work well, so I purchased a set and installed them. According to the instructions, there should be about a 1/2" gap between the top of the springs, and contact with the bottom of the Timbren - unless you have a CAP on the truck! The gap pretty much evaporated because of the fiberglass Leer cap. So, I'm getting contact a lot of the time. Result is, my ride has become stiffer than I'm used to, but not so much that it bothers me. Like my wife said, " It's a truck! Hello!!" (OK, I'm satisfied with the product.) 110248


Keep in mind that the gap Timbren refers will diminish as the springs wear. Since the truck is a 2000, it probably has some miles on it and if it has hauled heavy loads in the bed or has pulled a trailer, then the leaf springs may just be worn.

Patrick B - 12/18/2013


A year later and 5,304 miles pulling the trailer, I think the Timbrens are a good investment. With a typical pull of 2,555 lbs of trailer and load, and approximately 300 lbs of tongue weight, Im finding the truck actually rides better than it does with no load. And, theres no maintenance whatsoever!

DaveInSedroWoolley - 01/12/2015



by: Dave06/10/2016

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Product installed easily into 2015 Honda Pilot Touring 4WD. Both sides took a little over an hour to install. I've noticed minimal ride quality difference when not under load, and a stiffer ride under a 430 pound tongue weight but less sag in rear suspension. 259855


by: Ken D.05/12/2014

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Fast shipping. Installed the Suspension Enhancement System myself in about 35 minutes on my Tacoma. Very happy with the result! Truck leveled nicely and SES definitely added noticeable stability with a 3200 pound travel trailer. Great staff at e-trailer! Couldn't be more pleased overall! 130274


Since purchasing the Timbren Vehicle suspension product I have towed my 3000 pound R-Pod travel trailer, with a 4 door Toyota Tacoma 4.0 6 cylinder, 2 WD several times and could not be more pleased. The product was very easily installed by me, with a cup of good coffee and about 35 minutes and has performed very well. With my light trailer and this product, I did not feel the need for a more expensive and cumbersome weight balancing hitch. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with a similar towing situation. Hooking up the trailer is quick and easy with nothing extra to do! When not towing, you dont even know the axle bumpers are there. They also come into play when carrying a heavy load in the bed. Thank you very much for checking back.

Ken D - 05/22/2015


- TDDR1002A

by: Harold B.05/21/2013

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

This Timbren SES kit is quite complete and seems like a great way to help the old springs in my '95 Dakota. My research shows the theory is correct anyway. I just finished the install and will have to give it a real test in a few days. I didn't even have to raise my truck as recommended in the instructions and was able to do it all laying in my driveway on my back. The install took much longer on the first unit as I could not get them to properly tighten up to the frame. Not being able to see directly what the issue was, it took me a little while to discover the Grade 5 bolts supplied were about 5/16" too long for my application. Fortunately I have a lathe and was able to machine them down rather than going to a big box store to buy replacement hardware, most likely of suspect quality. Someone else may not be so fortunate. The unthreaded shank portion of the stock bolts still needed two washers to be able to adequately tighten them through the frame and beefy plates on the SES. Once I got all of the bolts shortened and determined the correct amount of additional spacer washers needed (2), they went right together. I spent over an hour on the first side, but the second side was done in 15 minutes, as I expected. Perhaps my situation was unusual and I was accidentally supplied the wrong hardware. If the 1-1/2" long bolts are standard for this kit, the Dakota frames are too thin (about 1/8" or so) to to use this long of a bolt. A 1" bolt would be more appropriate for this application. 81456


by: Jan S10/22/2012

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Installed the Timbren SES suspension aid on a 3500 Sprinter-based Winnebago motorhome. The ride/handling around town is improved - but have not experienced highway use yet. Installing these is very difficult. Required 4 hours for frustration and hard work. You must install one end of rubber mounting tab into bracket on frame and then "work" other tab into the frame bracket using large screwdriver, small wrecking bar, or both. Timbren recommends soapy water - others have used silicon or WD40 (which Timbren does not recommend). It would be nice of the instructions provided more detail on installation technique. 57832


I am going to install the Timbren MBRSP35A - Rear Axle SES Suspension Upgrade on my RV, but until they arrive, I re-installed the original that I took out for dimensions. I did quickly discover the difficulty of re-installing it, but also found a trick that helped and once found it installed fairly easy. As mentioned above, install one end of the rubber mounting tab into the bracket on the frame. Next, dont try to get the opposite tab in all at once...start with the inside corner of the tab, and with a large screw driver, begin working from the inside towards the outside, stuffing it just a little at a soap, no just slipped right in.I hope that helps. I think the MBRSP35A - Rear Axle SES Suspension Upgrade will even be easier because you at least have the full body to grip and apply pressure as you work the screwdriver.

comment by: Jon L - 08/16/2015


- TDR2500CA

by: Brian08/29/2015

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Talked to Cathy T who was very friendly and was able to answer my questions and concerns( went into this being skeptical) Cathy assured me that etrailer was a customer orientated company so decided to take a shot, recieved product 1 day earlier than expected which was a nice surprise,as far as installation it was as advertised took less than 30min and was very easy (tip run bolt on open slotted end (back)most of the way in then slide in it will make it easier to tighten bolt) have not towed 5er to see how they actually work did raise the rear of truck 08 ram2500 td did not end up with any clearance but it does say in instructions that medium and heavy duty trucks will stay in contact feel like they will do the job. Will definitely recommend and make further orders from etrailer thanks 222723


Have you towed yet?

comment by: Ken - 09/23/2015



Ken have not had a chance to tow 5er on the road yet,I did have to move it in the storage lot from one spot to another and am impressed that my truck stayed level I looked at the timbrens with the 5er hooked up and they were compressed some should have taken pic the tongue weight according to the website is aroond 1800 its a montana 3400rl hope this helps some, will update after towing waiting to mount new tires also bought from etrailer the provider G rated and has an L speed rating tire they are definitely heavy duty trailer tires and just from looking at them and picking up would say they are a good tire after some mileage will be the true test

comment by: Brian - 09/25/2015



by: Carlos07/16/2014

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Put a set on my Dodge and now I have them on my Nissan. 141728


by: Tom W01/03/2013

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

I read the recommendation to another buyer and decided to try this product on my 2012 Ford F250 Superduty. I needed help for my 25' goose neck trailer. EASY to install. Worked perfectly with 15K of hay + 6K of trailer weight. The rear of the truck barely set down on the factory overload springs. Empty ride does not seem to be affected as the Timbren pads do not contact the overload stops. Thanks for a perfect solution without great cost and installation hassle! 62416


Still going strong even pulling a 38 foot fifth wheel toy hauler.

Tom W - 07/20/2014



by: Brayton08/11/2014

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

I had trouble with my browser called and spoke with Karen. She took my order. Then turns out I had two orders of the same thing. Karen took the time to call my home and ask is I really wanted two of the same thing. Great company, great customer service. How many companies in today's world would have made the extra effort. This is the second pair of Timbren I have bought. I love them. Used them on a 2010 Silverado, and now on a 2014 Express Van. Not only help the 'bottoming out' effect, but great for stability during towing and when fully loaded. 146117


After a year I still like them for heavy loads. I have found the bottoming out when hitting a bump with no load painful and uncomfortable. I actually cut two coil off them to allow the normal suspension to work when having no load. They still work for heavy loads. They are not the panacea for suspensions, but they definitely work when you have a heavy load.

Brayton - 08/11/2015


- TFR1525HD

by: Gabriel11/30/2015

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

I'm very pleased with your product it works great with my set up I have a 2002 Ford f-150 crew cab with a 4 inch lift I pulled my 27' travel trailer the truck Harley squat down the ride was great I installed the fr1525hd and add 3 4" x 1inch spacers # a25723-90ah00 to make up lift difference and used a 3/8" x 6" bolt installation took about one hour thanks again pictures of driver side and passenger side 232747


by: Unbelievable results03/03/2016

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

I drive a 2010 Chrysler Town and Country and tow a pop up camper. In addition to that I also carry my wifes 200 lb power chair in the back of the van. Needless to say the back end of my van was bottomed out. That caused the front end of the van to be up in the air thus giving me less control of the front wheel drive vehicle. After installing a new set of shocks and the Timbren rear suspension on my van What a difference it made. I was a little concerned about the price but the results outweighed the price by a longshot. Now with my wifes power chair and the pop up hooked up, my van sets perfectly straight and my vehicle has better control making the trips a lot safer. The best thing is, I did it all myself and saved a ton of money on labor. 239323


what shock did you install on the back?

comment by: LUC D - 03/29/2016



Thanks for the question Luc. I used Monroe Sensi Track shocks. They also have built in springs to aid your suspension and will automatically sense your load. Best part they are reasonably priced for the shock you get.

comment by: Harvie - 04/01/2016



by: Dave G09/12/2013

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

I was pleasantly surprised to find the installation procedure to be even simpler than the instructions sent with the "Timbrens". So easy even a cave man could do it. Same with the mirror extensions, very simple to install. I can't provide useful feedback (or a meaningful rating) regarding how well these products work. I haven't had a chance to use either the timbren system or the mirrors. My first trip with the trailer will be late September. I'll let you know when I get back....thanks. Dave G 99667


Unfortunately, I ended up returning the timbrens and replaced them with the Firestone Air Shocks. The Timbrens worked fine when hauling the trailer. However, without a load on the truck, the timbrens prevented the shock absorbers from engaging when needed and the resulting ride was very uncomfortable. The air shocks are the way to go if you only need the extra suspension on occasion. Thanks. dg

Dave G - 09/12/2014


- TFRTT1502D

by: Frank P.05/28/2014

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

I have a Half-Ton Jayco Eagle Lite 5th wheel. My brother installed Timbren SES on his truck and with his encouragement, I purchased a Timbren SES from eTrailer. It took only 20 minutes per side to install. Before Timbren, my truck suspension would lower 2-3 inches with the 5th wheel. After Timbren, my vehicle is perfectly level at all times, the ride is very smooth. I strongly recommend this product to anyone that needs to enhance their vehicles' rear suspension. A great product. My only regret is that I did not make this investment sooner!!! Frank P., Chattanooga, TN 133107


I have towed my 5th wheel several thousand miles over the past year since installing the Timbren SES purchased from eTrailer. Not only have I been very pleased with this product but have shared the plus features and good news of this product with many other half-ton towers.

Frank P - 05/28/2015



by: Bryan L08/12/2016

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

This review is on a timbren air spring ,I bought this on a Saturday night ,went out of town Monday morning and got in on Thursday afternoon ,wife said the box had arrived Tuesday and put them on this morning on our 2006 Chevy k-3500 ,my guy had the truck in our shop for an oil change and I asked him to put it on, came back 45 min later and he was done with the spring installation and the oil change ! I asked him how hard it was and he said it took him longer to figure out which parts in the kit he needed that the actual install ,said it was about as easy as it gets .Well ,now for the test drive we drove the truck empty ,pretty much as stock ,rode real well.Then we put a Gaylord box that weighed 4506# and drove the truck ,WoW ,What a difference ,truck rode great and handled well ,went over railroad tracks,really handled well and rode great ,I wish I'd have done this years ago ! I highly recommend this product and commend etrailer on their good service and what made me decide to purchase the timbren product was the you-tube video ,after I saw that ,I placed the order ,it looked so simple to install and it went on just like on you-tube 283142


by: LAW10/24/2013

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Received the product promptly arriving yesterday. Was a little hesitant to take off the u-bolts on the axle but they came off with no problem and went back on easily. It made installation easier by removing the wheel on each side as I was installing them. The Tacoma will now hold a good load without the sag. Have had previous experience with this product with very good results. The truck now has no dip or sway when driving on rough road. Very good product for a firm and stable ride. 105069


The product is still working very well. The Timbrens give a very stiff ride when the bed is not loaded, actually a rough ride. When the bed is loaded or pulling a trailer is where the value is most notable. On the Tacoma, the frame rests on the Timbrens even before a load is applied. I dont mind the rough ride so they have worked out very well for me.

LAW - 10/26/2014



by: Racer Bruce07/08/2012

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

I ordered these on July 4th (Wed) and received them on Friday. As always I got very fast shipping from I installed these today on my 2009 Sierra 1500. I pull a 20ft enclosed trailer all around the mid-west and up and down the East cost. I've continually been adding things to the trailer so lately the rear of the truck has started to sag a bit when towing. This product seemed like a reasonable way to help remove the sag. I measured the truck in a couple of places near the back with the trailer hooked up prior to installation. After installation the sag was reduced by an inch to inch and a half which is what I was looking for. The truck is now very level with trailer attached. Installation was very easy as the mounting point is easy to get to. I did one side at a time by jacking up that side and removing the tire/wheel. I probably could have done it without removing the wheel, but this just made it that much easier. Remove one 10mm bolt on the original bump stop and then bolt on the new part. Tighten and you're done (well, I had to put the wheel back on, etc.) I did the whole thing in about 40 minutes. I haven't pulled the trailer yet with these installed, but I've already gotten the primary result out of the purchase which is to remove the sag in the truck when the trailer is attached. 47122


by: Thomas T.12/09/2013

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Purchased for a 2008 5.7 l Toyota Tundra. As advertised. Installed in one hour. Performed as described with an unload bed- slightly stiffer with less recoil over rough roads. Hitched the fifth wheel to the Tundra and took a one hour trip over varying road conditions. Performed exactly as I hoped. Couldn't be happier. ETrailer processed the order on the same day and I received it on the afternoon of the third day. Could not be more pleased. 109677


Thank you for your follow up inquire on the Timbren suspension parts for my 2008 Tundra. I used the vehicle for the past year to tow a Heartland fifth wheel. The parts worked as advertised and I have been happy up til I sold the Tundra. The service I received at Etrailer led me to purchase towing base plate and bar for my dinghy on our next RV. Its a pleasure dealing with Etrailer!

Thomas T - 12/12/2014


- TDR1500DQ

by: Nick06/01/2015

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Product arrived a day early!!...install took 15 minutes. Worked as advertised, stiffened up the rear end of my truck and made the ride while pulling 8000lbs of travel trailer much smoother. Worth every penny!! 199349


I have a T.T. 8,300 max. loaded rating, am usually 8,000 like you with 825 lbs tongue weight, have Sherline tongue scales. Went from 1998 Ram 2500 HD suspension 60 leaf springs. 312/15 got 2015 Ram 1500 with coil springs. Truck is loaded to capacity. When hook up trailer got really serious sguat to it. I tow at 60 to 65 max. Stay at 60mph for better fuel economy with V-6 Ecodiesel. Have only towed 767 miles avg. 18 mph. Nick did you by chance take measurements before and after on your truck squat. I use Reese weight distribution set up. I am still tweaking my W.D. set up, new truck sit about 1.25 to 1.5 lower than old Ram 2500. By the way what are you towing with ?

comment by: Ken W - 06/19/2015



I did not write down any measurements before or after spring install sorry. I have a WD hitch as well by EZ load I pull with a 2013 Ram 1500, 5.7 L Hemi. Sorry I couldnt be more help, I took measurements when installing the springs but I didnt write them down and its been a few weeks so I dont remember. My recollection is that they took about 0.5 inch of squat out, and the ride was MUCH smoother.

comment by: - 06/23/2015


- TFF350SD4

by: Jim Hewett04/01/2011

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

I installed these springs on the front a 2002 Ford Excursion with a 7.3L diesel. The kit has excellent fit & finish. It was very simple, and straightforward to install as well. If you can put a nut on a bolt, and change a tire you can do this. The hardest part was the bolts on the drivers side due to the tight area between frame, suspension, and axle parts. The passenger side was very easy. These replace the factory bumpstops between the framerail, and axle. They have stopped the heavy engine from bottoming out the suspension when hitting severe bumps, and do so without making the ride anymore harsh than before. I definately recommend this product. 10906


by: Michael C.03/22/2014

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Product requires removal of coil springs, sway bar, original stop bumpers, and wheels to install. Product contacts lower swing arm when installed and not under a loaded condition. Increases stiffness in suspension and also creates a rougher ride and increased road noise. It does prevent the typical sag in the rear suspension. There is no gap between the newly installed Timbren rubber and the vehicle suspension when installed and the normal weight of the Pilot as per instructions indicate there should be. 121754


Suspension is solid! Vehicle rool on turns is gone, towing an enclosed 16 foot cargo trailer is a breeze! Nice product and never have to worry about loosing an air line or bag because this system is simple and solid. Keeping it simple!!!

Michael C - 03/22/2015



by: John G.09/26/2011

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Here some pictures of the installation of the Timbren Front SES on my 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 Extended Cab. It took longer to back off the top shock nut to drop the A-arm enough to get the bumper in than the actual install took. Some Windex on the bumper went a long way to get them in too. I got these for better ride height with my Snow-Way 26 plow I got last year. I had 4” above the front wheels (to body) and 15.5” under the plow when raised with stock bumpers. With the Timbren installed I have 5.5” above the front wheels and 20” under the plow now. I’ll see how it rides this week. 24647

- TFR150D

by: Paul H03/11/2014

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Easy intallation, I also did the fronts at the same time. I have Timbrens on my one ton dually front and rear for over six years and they are much better than air bags although air bags do have their place in certain situtations, I've had air bags and they are a hassle to air up and down w/o an on board compreesor. I'll stick with the Timbrens install them and forget them. 120296


I have traded this dually for a 2015 dually and put Timbrens on the 2015 rear axle and Timbrens on the front and rear axles of the wifes half ton pick up just to improve the ride, I like a firm suspension. The factory bump stops on the front 2015 axle were rivreted on so thats why Timbrens were not used on it.

Paul H - 03/17/2015


- TDR1500DQ

by: Btjones09/20/2014

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

I first read a number of reviews with regard to the TDR1500DQ and saw a video on its installation. I was impressed and thought it would help with the "squat" in my Ram 1500 after I installed a fifth wheel trailer. And it did just what it said it would. I am very impressed with it and would recommend it to anyone with a Ram 1500. Thanks Brian T. Jones Hardenburgh, NY 152244


I do like the product. I use them when I am towing my 5th wheel camper. So far we have taken it to KY twice and TX once from our NY home. Thank you again.I do like the product. I use them when I am towing my 5th wheel camper. So far we have taken it to KY twice and TX once from our NY home. Thank you again.

Btjones - 09/28/2015



by: Bill J.09/12/2012

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

While these seemed a bit pricey for just "rubber bumpers", these "rubber bumpers" did deliver as a great suspension enhancement and were well worth the money. They installed very easily (just like the video) on my Dodge Grand Caravan. (The only thing I did different was to remove the lower bolt on the shock since it was much easier to get to than the top bolt.) They also performed excellent. With no load or a light load the van drives and feels normal (i.e. no adverse effects) and with a medium-large pop-up trailer the back end of the van sagged very little and it drove very stable. It sagged much less and drove more stable than the OEM parts with lesser loads! My experience is based on driving 3800 miles pulling a pop-up and the family to Yellowstone. Great product, service, and shipping speed from etrailer. 54505


hi, when removing the old bump stops, the basically just pulled off, leaving some foamy glue behind on the mounting plate... put the mounting plate has no bolts or fasteners to remove it, so I cant get anything on there, and my old bump stop is wrecked... Can you help me understand how to install these rubber springs?I have a 2000 dodge grand caravan

comment by: Donovan - 08/13/2014


- TDR1500DQ

by: Duane M.11/07/2015

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Great product. Next day delivery. Easy installation on my 2011 Ram 1500 Quad 4WD. I used two flat blade screw drivers to remove the old ones, prying them out. The Timbren's are much longer than stock and easily install per instructions. Installation was less than 30 minutes. I wished I had purchased them sooner! 231563


I have had them on for a year and have had the chance to put them to the test twice hauling some very substantial loads. My 2011 Ram 1500 Quad 4WD performed better than I anticipated. No sag in the rear of the truck and prevented in weight sway to either side on curves. Great product! If I do trade in my truck, this will be the first accessory I put on.

Duane M - 11/06/2016



by: Gerry A07/22/2013

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Installed this on my family's 2010 Town & Country. I was considering installing load-leveling shocks, but opted for these instead. I rather the weight of a trailer/cargo carrier be on the axle then the shock supports. Installation was simple and straightforward. Like others, I opted to disconnect the shock at the bottom mount than the top. It took me about 30 minutes per side, excluding tire removal and jacking up the vehicle. Suggestion... use a hydrolic jack to lift the axle a bit if you have a tough time getting the bolt connecting the shock to the mount. Do the same to reinsert the bolt when reassembling. The jury is still out on performance, however, I'm sure it will do fine based on other reviews. I attached some before and after pics. 90865


by: Russ12/01/2016

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Works Great 20 min job turn tires all the way to side, can reach in without taking off tire. Put on rear timbren last year. Should of put fronts on same time. 321496


by: Focuspuller08/11/2011

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Overpriced.... A little slow in time to ship out from etrailer. The product does work as stated. Our 2008 Chrysler Town and Country with 20,000 miles blew both rear self adjusting shocks. We do not carry heavy loads or more than 3 people. Luckily we were still under warranty, otherwise it would have cost $300.00 per shock (parts only). In researching the shocks for the van I came across several articles on the Timbren Suspension Enhancement System. They look like what I needed to keep the shocks from going again. The price seemed high for two small rubber cylinders....but with the money back guarantee I gave it a shot. I installed them yesterday, the video was a little help, but not enough detail on how to remove and tighten the upper bolt on the shock absorber. The ride and handling of the van has improved greatly. No lean on turns and bumps are roll side to side. I recommend these for anyone with this van, even if you don't carry heavy loads, the ride improvement alone is worth the install, (easy for a novice to do). I would have given excellent if it weren't for the high cost. 21592

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Ask the Experts about this Timbren Vehicle Suspension
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  • Installation Instructions for Timbren Suspension System on a 2012 Nissan Frontier Pro4X 4x4 Off Road
  • To install the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System, # TTORTUN4L, on your 2012 Nissan Frontier Pro4x 4x4 you will need to safely raise the vehicle to allow the axle to hang freely, then loosen the axle u-bolts and remove the OEM rubber bump stop. Next, install the lower bracket from the Timbren kit where the OEM bump stop was. Finally, tighten the U-bolts and safely lower the vehicle. I have attached installation instructions for you to review.
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  • Is a Longer Bolt Required When Installing Timbren on a Lifted Vehicle
  • We don't carry the longer bolts for when you use a lift spacer like the part # A25723-90AH00 which a Timbren like your # TTORTUN4L. You will need to find a local hardware store that can provide you with a bolt that is 1 inch longer than what you have. That's what we have had to do when we installed Timbrens on customer cars with lift spacers.
    view full answer...

  • What Is the Installation Like for Timbren Springs on a Toyota Tacoma
  • The install for the Timbren Rubber Enhancement Springs, part # TTORTUN4L, is fairly easy, just one bolt and nut to install the spring and bracket. It bolts in the same location as the factory bump stop. You will just need to jack under the frame of the truck to relieve the tension on the suspension. Remove the bump stop, 1 bolt and nut, and finally install the Timbren spring again with 1 nut and bolt. Repeat on the other side. I have included a link to the directions. I have added links...
    view full answer...

  • Timbren or SumoSprings Suspension Enhancement Recommendation for a 2016 Toyota Tacoma
  • For your 2016 Toyota Tacoma both the Timbren part # TTORTUN4L and the SumoSprings part # SSR-610-40 are confirmed as a fit. I would recommend going with the SumoSprings though as we have found they provide a smother ride quality than the Timbrens which tend to be a bit harsh. Both should easily last the lifetime of your truck, but the Timbren has a limited lifetime warranty whereas the Sumo only has a 2 year warranty. I would not need to see pictures of your current bump stops.
    view full answer...

  • Overall Height of Timbren Suspension Enhancement Springs # TTORTUN4 for a 2010 Toyota Tacoma
  • I went out to the warehouse and actually pulled 2 possible fits for your 2010 Toyota Tacoma. First, for Timbren springs # TTORTUN4, the overall height from the bottom of the bracket to the top of the spring is approximately 5 inches. The other kit I pulled was # TTORTUN4L. This kit is a bit shorter at 4-1/2 to 4-5/8 inches tall overall. I have included links to hte isntructions for both kits as well as a link to our FAQ article on Timbren systems for you.
    view full answer...

  • Rear Helper Springs for a 2013 Toyota Tacoma
  • Helper springs is a general term that can be applied to all suspension enhancement products. So what it comes down to is jounce style springs versus air bags. Jounce style springs are excellent for the same kind of load all the time, such as towing a trailer. But they also work independently side to side. Air bags are a great option for carrying different size loads in the bed. When set up for it, air bags will allow you to level the bed side to side to compensate for varying load sizes. If...
    view full answer...

  • Using a Weight Distribution System to Level a 2006 Toyota Tacoma and Cargo Trailer
  • The best way to reduce sag at the rear of a vehicle when towing a trailer is to use weight distribution. I recommend a system that has built-in dual cam sway control to prevent trailer sway before it starts. For the right sized system, you will need to know the tongue weight and gross trailer weight of the trailer when it is fully loaded and ready to tow. For example, if the tongue weight of the trailer is 400 pounds, you would need a system with a 200 to 600 pound tongue weight capacity....
    view full answer...

  • Suspension Enhancement for a 2010 Toyota Tacoma 4x4
  • Heavier springs are going to create a stiffer ride all the time and not just when there is a load in the truck. Adding Timbren springs to your 2010 Toyota Tacoma will pretty much keep the unloaded ride the same and then offer support and improve the ride when under load. Timbren springs # TTORTUN4L would be the way to go. If you need to level the bed side to side as well because you carry different loads all the time, air bags may work better for you. You could use Firestone Ride-Rite...
    view full answer...

  • Comparing Timbren Rear Helper Springs for a 2016 Toyota Tacoma 4x4
  • The springs in both Timbren kits for a 2016 Toyota Tacoma 4x4, # TABSOSR, and # TTORTUN4L, are both 3-3/4 inches tall. The difference is that kit # TABSOSR is intended for vehicles without a U-Bolt Flip Kit. And # TTORTUN4L is designed for vehicles with 3 Leaf Springs in the rear suspension. To avoid a stiff ride a better option would be air bags, # F2407. They will allow you to adjust the air pressure in the bags for the best ride quality. I have linked a video review of the Firestone...
    view full answer...

  • Timbren Helper Springs for a 2014 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner with Leaf Springs on Top of Axle
  • Timbren helper springs # TTORTUN4L are designed to fit on 2014 Nissan Frontier 4x4 trucks that have the leaf spring stack on top of the rear axle. Take a look at the installation instructions I have linked for you for more on how they install. I have also linked a review video on these springs and a link to our informational article on Timbren springs.
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  • Do U-Bolts of 2012 Toyota Tacoma Get Removed for Timbren Installation
  • To get the mounting plate for the Timbren of part # TTORTUN4L onto the suspension of your 2012 Toyota Tacoma will require the temporary loosening of the U-bolts. This will allow you to slip the U-bolts over the plate so that it can be secured after removing the factory bump stop plate. I attached a picture we got sent from a customer who installed this kit that shows it installed.
    view full answer...

  • Will SuperSprings Eliminate Axle Wrap On 2013 Nissan Frontier
  • With that few miles you have on your 2013 Nissan Frontier, it sounds like the suspension is the problem and I recommend you take it back to the dealer and have them check the entire system out before investing in suspension enhancements. I spoke with my contact at SuperSprings about the axle wrap. They told me that installing SuperSprings like part # SSA1MTKT, will help a bit with the axle wrap, but will not eliminate it altogether. According to the installation instructions, the...
    view full answer...

  • Is a Rear End Alignment Required After Installing Timbren Springs on a 2012 Toyota Tacoma 4x4
  • When installing Timbren helper springs # TTORTUN4L on a 2012 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 the vehicle only gets partially raised so the axle cannot hang freely so it would not be able to get out of alignment. But you could still go an get a rear end alignment for peace of mind if you wanted to. I have included a link to the installation instructions for this kit for you.
    view full answer...

  • Will Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement Fit 2010 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Quad Cab Short Bed SR5 PickUp
  • My technical contact at Timbren confirmed that the Timbren Suspension Enhancement # TTORTUN4 that you referenced will work well on your 2010 Toyota Tacoma because you previously added that fourth leaf spring. The difference between the # TTORTUN4 and the # TTORTUN4L which is designed for vehicles with three leaf springs is 1/2 inch so because you added the extra leaf you can use the original part you picked out. I have attached a FAQ article covering Timbren as well as the installation...
    view full answer...

  • Will Timbrens Void Warranty of a 2015 Nissan Frontier
  • Timbrens like the part # TTORTUN4L would not void the warranty of your 2015 Nissan Frontier as long as you install them properly. When you install an aftermarket part on your vehicle you are protected by the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act. This act states, in part, that unless the installation and the part caused a problem then the warranty cannot be voided. I recommend looking it up online.
    view full answer...

  • Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement Recommendation for a 2016 Toyota Tacoma
  • I checked with Timbren and for your 2016 Toyota Tacoma they recommend the part # TTORTUN4L as a confirmed fit and not the # TTORTUN4. I attached a review video for you to check out as well.
    view full answer...

  • Height of the Rubber Spring of the Timbren kit part # TTORTUN4 and # TORTUN4L
  • I went out and pulled both the Timbren kit part # TTORTUN4 and # TTORTUN4L from our warehouse to measure them for you and found that they both sit exactly 3-3/4 inches tall.
    view full answer...

  • Correct Timbren Suspension Enhancement Spring for 2006 Toyota Tacoma 4x4
  • For the 2006 Tacoma 2WD, the # TTORTUN4 would be the correct Timbren Aeon Spring. For 4x4 models, the # TTORTUN4 would be used on models with 4 leaves on each leaf spring, and # TTORTUN4L would be used on models with 3 leaves on each leaf spring. I've linked you to an FAQ article about the Timren Aeon Springs.
    view full answer...

  • Installation Of Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System On 2010 Toyota Tacoma
  • There should be no interference from the exhaust when installing the Timbren Vehicle Suspension, part # TTORTUN4L on your 2010 Tacoma. The TTORTUN4L is designed to replace the bump stops you have installed on your Tacoma. If you are installing a different system than the TTORTUN4L your question came from let me know and I can do some research to see if there is a solution that works for you.
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