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Custom Fit Suspension Enhancement

Firestone R4 Tech Hybrid Air-Over-Leaf Rear Suspension - Custom Fit

Firestone Vehicle Suspension

Code:   F0010


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Firestone Vehicle Suspension - F0010

This hybrid air spring/leaf-spring kit replaces your vehicle rear axle suspension, combining the load-bearing benefits of air bags with the easy installation and comfort of leaf springs. Great support and a comfortable ride - the best of both worlds.


  • Replaces existing rear suspension with a hybrid air spring and leaf-spring system
    • Softer-rated leaf springs make for a smoother ride when you're not hauling cargo
    • Firestone's air springs provide additional support when you're hauling heavier loads
    • Load-adaptive shocks make both systems work perfectly together, enhancing the ride quality whether you're hauling or unloaded
  • Provides the feel of a full air suspension (as found on big rigs) with the axle control of leaf springs
    • Protects sensitive cargo such as horses, race cars and other fragile loads
    • Cuts down on the road vibration and cab noise that lead to driver fatigue by replacing your factory leaf springs with a softer leaf-spring system
  • 2 Height-control valves automatically adjust the air bags to level your vehicle
  • Kneel feature lowers the suspension for easier loading and trailer attachment - controlled by in-cab switch
  • Custom-designed, vehicle suspension kit simply bolts on
  • Saves money
    • Weighs as much as 140 lbs less than most 1-ton OEM suspensions, thereby improving fuel economy


  • Includes:
    • Primary leaf springs and bushings
    • Airide air springs
    • Ride-Rite LS shock absorbers
    • Air compressor and 3-gallon air tank
    • All air lines, fittings and hardware necessary for installation
  • Load-leveling capacity: 3,200 lbs
  • Air pressure adjusts up to 100 psi
  • Limited lifetime warranty on air springs

Note: Firestone's R4Tech hybrid air-over-leaf suspension will not increase your vehicle's weight-carrying capacity. Do not exceed the manufacturer's weight limit for your vehicle.

Replace your OEM suspension with this hybrid air spring/leaf-spring system that bolts on quickly, using the same holes as the existing suspension. With this kit, you get the benefits of lighter, more flexible leaf springs along with all the advantages of Firestone's popular air bags.

Leaf spring J system diagram for R 4 Tech

The kit replaces your existing factory leaf springs with lighter main springs. The trailing control link and J-spring with each leaf spring add an extra forward spring so that the system acts like a 4-bar suspension. This system helps to keep your axle level, thereby increasing traction, reducing tire wear and improving maneuverability. That means reduced wheel and brake hop and less axle shudder, resulting in better handling. New, softer-rated leaf springs take over when your rig is unloaded to provide a smooth, comfortable ride.

Firestone air spring installed as part of R 4 Tech system

When you're hauling heavy cargo, Firestone's Airide bags offer 3,200 lbs of load-leveling capacity. The air springs automatically adjust to compensate for off-center loads and to more evenly distribute the weight of your cargo.

Trucks loaded and unloaded

Set your desired ride height during installation, and the system will activate to maintain it. This dual-valve air suspension system keeps your headlight beams level, improves steering and braking effectiveness and prevents sagging. An in-cab switch lets you lower the rear of your vehicle for easier trailer hookup or to make loading cargo more convenient. The protective cushion provided by the air springs softens contact between the axle and the frame to reduce bottoming out.

Firestone Ride-Rite LS shocks used with R 4 Tech system

The included Ride-Rite LS load-adaptive shocks "T" into the air line for the air bags and automatically adjust to differing air bag pressures. You get stiffer support when you're loaded down and softer damping when unloaded so that your rig rides comfortably in either condition - loaded and unloaded. Adding these shocks means that you don't have to compromise a comfortable ride in favor of better support for hefty loads.

The streamlined design of this suspension system can lighten some 1-ton trucks by as much as 140 pounds, saving you money at the gas pump. The system also reduces tire wear and helps to preserve your suspension, reducing maintenance costs.

Vehicle pulling horse trailer using R 4 Tech system

This hybrid system is the perfect solution for hobbyists hauling horses, vintage cars or other sensitive loads. The leaf-spring/air spring kit is designed to adapt for all the ways that you use your vehicle. It gives you a quiet, comfortable ride and still supports your hefty cargo.

W28-760-0010 Firestone R4 Tech Kit for Ford F-350 (08-09) 4X4, Long Bed, SRW with 10.5" and 2" Block; Kit Parts: W4T-000-F02S, W4T-000-FL02, W4T-000-FD07, W4T-000-FB02, W4T-000-1502, W4T-000-1575, WR1-760-4354

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

2008 - 2010 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty F-350


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Expert Answers about Firestone R4 Tech Hybrid Air-Over-Leaf Rear Suspension - Custom Fit - F0010Do you have a question about this Vehicle Suspension?

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