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Air Lift Vehicle Suspension for the 2013 Dodge Durango

Air Lift Vehicle Suspension

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Air Lift AirLift 1000 Air Helper Springs for Coil Springs - Rear - 2013 Dodge Durango

AirLift 1000 is perfect for your Dodge Durango's rear coil spring suspension. These molded polyurethane air springs fit inside your existing coil springs for added support when you are hauling heavy loads. Improves handling, braking and overall ride.


  • Provides your Dodge Durango with up to 1,000 lbs of load-leveling support
    • Reduces the strain on your rear suspension and improves both safety and ride quality
    • Designed to support your existing rear coil spring suspension when you're hauling or towing
  • Keeps your Dodge Durango level when you are hauling a heavy load
    • Improves steering and braking performance
    • Helps to maintain safe headlight aim
    • Keeps your tires from wearing unevenly
  • Lets you manually adjust air pressure to get the even load distribution and support that you need
    • Level your Dodge Durango front to rear
    • Inflate each spring independently for side-to-side leveling of off-center loads (with installation of dual air lines)
  • Reduces the strain on your OEM suspension caused by extremely heavy loads
  • Improves overall stability and ride quality
    • Diminishes sway and absorbs road shock for a smooth ride
  • Constructed of durable, molded polyurethane
  • Installs inside your Dodge Durango's rear coil spring suspension
    • Manual inflation valves are typically mounted on bumper so they are easy to reach
  • Includes 2 air springs, hardware, tubing, and Schrader valves for manual inflation
    • Add a compressor system with in-cab gauges (sold separately) to monitor and automatically adjust air pressure
  • Made in the USA


  • Load-leveling capacity: up to 1,000 lbs
    • AirLift 1000 springs will not increase your Dodge Durango's weight-carrying capacity. Do not exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight limit.
  • Adjustable air pressure: 5 psi - 35 psi
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 60-Day satisfaction guarantee

Levels Your Load

Heavy loads can cause the back of your Dodge Durango to sag and can add unnecessary stress to your suspension. This stress not only affects your brakes in a bad way, but your tires, headlight aim and handling suffer as well. To improve your Dodge Durango's ability to endure heavy loads, you need to add support to your existing coil springs.

The AirLift 1000 kit will help to keep your Dodge Durango at normal ride height. You can find the normal ride height of your Dodge Durango by unloading it and measuring the distance between the bottom edge of your wheel well and the center of the hub. After you find and record this distance, you can regulate the amount of air that you send to your air springs to maintain normal ride height - even when you are hauling a heavy load. Simply adjust the air pressure in your air bags according to the size of your load.

Adjustable Air Springs

Air Lift's AirLift 1000 adjustable air springs have 1,000 pounds of load-leveling capacity and are made specifically to fit inside your rear coil spring suspension for additional load assistance. You can inflate and deflate these tough, molded polyurethane helper springs as needed, ensuring the perfect amount of support for every load, every time. Easily level your Dodge Durango front to rear, and if you run dual air lines to the air springs at installation, then you can inflate the springs independently of one another for side-to-side leveling.

Easy Installation

AirLift 1000 is a breeze to install with standard tools and has an easy-to-follow instruction manual. This Air Lift system comes with manual inflation valves (1 for each spring). These are typically mounted on the bumper but can be installed anywhere on your Dodge Durango in an easily accessible area. For even more convenience and control, you can add a compressor and gauge system (sold separately), which will let you monitor and automatically inflate your air springs.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The Air Lift company is positive that you will benefit from their air spring suspension system - so much so that they offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Install and use AirLift 1000 springs for 60 days, and if you are not satisfied at the end of this time, you can remove them from your Dodge Durango and return them for a full product refund.

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