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Air Lift Vehicle Suspension for the 2000 Chevrolet Suburban

Air Lift Vehicle Suspension

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Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle - 2000 Chevrolet Suburban

If you are looking to maintain equal weight distribution when carrying heavy loads with your Chevrolet Suburban, get Ride Control. Eliminate sag, rough rides, and overall stress with these air springs that support your factory suspension and level your ride.


  • Provides your Chevrolet Suburban with up to 2,000 lbs of load-leveling support, reducing strain on your rear suspension and improving both safety and ride quality
    • Designed for light-to-medium duty trucks, vans, and SUVs with leaf springs
  • Keeps your Chevrolet Suburban level when you are hauling a heavy load
    • Improves steering and braking performance
    • Helps to maintain safe headlight aim
    • Keeps your tires from wearing unevenly
  • Lets you manually adjust air pressure to get the even load distribution and support that you need
    • Level your Chevrolet Suburban front to rear
    • Inflate each spring independently for side-to-side leveling of off-center loads
  • Reduces the strain on your OEM suspension caused by extremely heavy loads
  • Improves overall stability and ride quality
    • Diminishes sway and absorbs road shock for a smooth ride
  • Installs between your Chevrolet Suburban's frame and its leaf springs
    • Manual inflation valves are typically mounted on bumper for easy access
  • Includes 2 air springs, mounting brackets, hardware, alignment tool, tubing, and Schrader valves for manual inflation
    • Add a compressor system with in-cab gauges (sold separately) to monitor and automatically adjust air pressure
  • Made in USA


  • Load-leveling capacity: up to 2,000 lbs
    • Ride Control springs will not increase your Chevrolet Suburban's weight-carrying capacity. Do not exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight limit.
  • Adjustable air pressure: 5 psi - 100 psi
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 60-Day satisfaction guarantee

Ride Control gives the suspension system on your light-to-medium-duty truck, van or SUV unrivaled support. With these air springs installed, you'll experience the same comfortable, smooth and safe ride that you're used to enjoying when you're not hauling. Plus, Ride Control reduces the strain that heavy loads can put on your Chevrolet Suburban, saving you money in potential repairs.

Everything on your Chevrolet Suburban suffers from the stress of hauling or towing heavy loads - your brakes, your tires and your handling ability. Even your headlight aim can be thrown off. Without some kind of reinforcement for your factory suspension system, you could be putting the life expectancy of your Chevrolet Suburban at risk. Air Lift's adjustable air spring kit, Ride Control, gives your suspension the extra support it needs when you are carrying heavy cargo. By providing equal load distribution, Ride Control lessens the stress that your truck has to endure.

Ride Control's air bags are adjustable from 5 to 100 psi, so you can get the perfect amount of support for any size load. And the springs can be inflated independently of one another for front-to-rear and side-to-side leveling. The system's also easy to install and even easier to maintain.

Ride Control comes with manual inflation valves that are typically mounted on the bumper but can be installed anywhere on your Chevrolet Suburban for easy access. For even more convenience and control, you can add a compressor and gauge system (sold separately), which will let you monitor and automatically inflate your air springs.

An exclusive alignment tool is included with your Ride Control kit. This tool allows you to install each air spring so that it is centered perfectly between your Chevrolet Suburban's leaf spring and frame. This helps to prevent damaged caused by the spring rubbing against underbed components, ensuring lasting suspension support.

Air Lift kits are designed to keep your Chevrolet Suburban at normal ride height. You can find the normal ride height of your Chevrolet Suburban by unloading it and measuring the distance between the bottom edge of your wheel well and the center of the hub. After you find and record this distance, you can regulate the amount of air that you put into your air springs to maintain normal ride height - even when you are hauling a heavy load. You will need to adjust the air pressure in your air bags according to the size of your load.

These adjustable air springs come with a lifetime warranty with no mileage restrictions. In addition, Air Lift is so sure that you will benefit from their air spring suspension system that they offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Install and use Ride Control springs for 60 days, and if you are not satisfied at the end of this time, you can remove them from your Chevrolet Suburban and return them for a full product refund. Now that's confidence.

59526 Airlift Ride Control Air Bag Suspension Support System - Back Axle

Customer Reviews

Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle - AL59526

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (31 Customer Reviews)

If you are looking to maintain equal weight distribution when carrying heavy loads with your vehicle, get Ride Control. Eliminate sag, rough rides, and overall stress with these air springs that support your factory suspension and level your ride.

- AL59526

by: Randolph04/11/2013

can't even really explain it my van has never ridden so smooth and for the money it's a no brainer and as far as safety and stability i can easily get another 20 years out of this van with no problem no sway no roll just a product that does what it says 75437

- AL59512

by: Earl08/16/2013

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

I installed the airlift support this afternoon. I had removed Timbren Shocks which are just hard rubber shocks that mount to the factory spring bumper support. The airlift required drilling out the rivets and removing this OEM support. Here are pictures of the left and right units installed on my truck. I already have an Air Lift pump and rear bags on the rear of my truck. When I put my plow on then I will see how well these perform and any sag or how much lift. I have a 7"-6" Western Pro Plow for my 1987 GMC V-2500 4x4. As a note, I was missing hardware from that hardware package. I had to look through my own stock in order to complete the install. If it is at all possible, I would be most appreciative if you could get AirLift to provide a hardware package that was complete. I also install the mirrors on my GMC. I have my 102" wide 20 foot cargo trailer connected to my truck and will be using that in a few days. I am hoping they will give me a better rear vision of the sides of my trailer. When I get it on the road, I will have a better idea on what to comment. When I do, I will send pictures. I don't plan on keeping them on the truck all the time, just when I used the cargo trailer. 95385


I found that the front lift suspension items worked well for plowing this past winter. I had no sag in the front as all the weight went right to the axel. My only planned upgrade is a dual gauge system so that I can pump or reduce the air separately from the dash of the truck as to utilize the under hood pump. At present I just add air separately to each line on the front. A well made product from Air-Lift.

Earl - 08/17/2014


- AL59563

by: HUNNER11/15/2014

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

This is a post from a Hummer forum I submitted. They do state, for maintaining stock height, which is what I want. I put 15 pounds in them today and immediately felt a difference in the ride. It seemed more stable, not rocking around on the springs. My shocks work great but even the new ones if I hit a narrow bump like a concrete seam that is unlevel the initial hit you can tell the shock softened the bump but then it slams the rear down and anything loose in the rear bounces. I like having the shocks control keeping the wheels on the ground offroad going slow but on rough pavement it can be harsh. The air bags took that out. I went around to my regular places it did that and no slamming down. Great for my camera equipment I have on board most of the time that rides at the very back. That was just a simple test. Today I loaded up my average 400 lbs of tools and parts and several cases of photo equipment. I also hooked up my 13' Whaler with a tongue weight I can't lift, about 250 lbs I'm guessing until I weigh it. So far I think this has made a nice improvement. I checked them at full droop on the rack and all looks good. Interesting point is as they come they are not fully extended. Part of the bag at the bottom is rolled over the bottom raised base and needs to be pulled up when fitting them. I ran the Shrader valves to the right of the trailer hitch on a flat plate that is already there. PS if you have my Hunner EXtreme skids just place the square "U" bolt upside down with the threaded part facing up. No need to remove the skid! First image of the H3 and boat was with 5lbs so not to collapse the bags. Second one of the H3 was at 60 lbs. I'm not sure what order they will post but the difference is obvious. The one of the bag is under my Hummer H3 Alpha with Hunner EXtreme skids. People looking from the link I placed on the forum will want to know the bags fit easily with the skids in place. 161119

- AL59561

by: Peter L06/21/2013

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

The AirLift system we talked about a couple weeks ago was sent to my daughter, Kristi's house. I installed it yesterday. I'm on the road, which isn't the best place to do the installation. My father in law didn't have any socket wrenches so I started with a couple 9/16 open end wrenches. These don't work for everything. I went to the local hardware store and bought what I needed. The driver side went on much easier. The hardest bolt was the top one requiring the socket wrench to hold the nut inside the frame. I had to feel for the nut since it was hidden next to an existing frame bolt. I was able to simply jack the back of the truck up at the hitch to gain clearance. I didn't have to remove the wheels. The nylon lock nut was fun to tighten. AirLift should have supplied a simple wrench for this. I found a vice grip needle nose plier worked well enough. Here are three photos. First is passenger side, second tries to show where top nut goes, third is drivers side. I have then filled to 28psi and will check them this morning. 85458

- AL59565

by: Dan Stockwell01/29/2014

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

( 2012 Chevrolet Silverado LT 4x4 EXT cab 6'6' bed) Easy to install, directions are straight forward for a typical install, and mine wasn't a typical install but altered some brackets for easier installation, problem was I installed the 10 bolt base rail mounting kit(30035) for a fifth wheel as directed per instructions and the short brackets ended up 1" in where the bracket for the air lift need to sit, took my short brackets off and took them to a well qualified machine shop and had them modify them and the brackets to the air lift too make them a one piece unit, other than that I would have to re-drill holes for the fifth wheel thru the frame and move everything back and I didn't want to sacrifice any more holes in the bed and frame, I suggest Air lift and Reese hitch review the bracket and measurements to help improve a not so typical installation and also might want to look at different bracket measurements for other fifth wheel installs, I know this could only be a possible one off situation.. On an ending note I was rather surprised with the look and the ride after the install and I don't foresee any issues when I put the truck under a load I would recommend this product everyone if they want to beef up the 1/2 ton truck for a more comfortable and safer ride, The install after bracket modifications only too an hour for both sides. A++ product!!! 115136

- AL59565

by: Tobyn02/11/2013

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

No drill, yes. Easy to install, no. Let me qualify that. Everything about this installation is pretty straight forward except for the part about the short bolt that you have to install inside of the frame. The instructions say to hold the top of the bolt with a wrench and tighten the nut from below. The problem is that you have to do this while holding the top bracket in place and that the wrench meets the bolt head at about a forty five degree angle. This is difficult at best even if you find a way to tie up the top bracket so that you don't have to hold it. I was able to find an old 9/16" wrench that was shorter than my craftsman and was able to get that to work. If the wrench is too long it runs into adjacent structure outside of the frame when you have to feed it through the frame slot and hold it at an angle. I managed to get it done on both sides but laying on your back under the truck to do it isn't easy. After that, no problem. Just be sure to cut your tubing straight without crimping it and clean it off with some rubbing alcohol to get off all the dirt it picks up when feeding it around the frame. As for how it works, I don't know yet. Just installed it yesterday and won't really need to use it for a couple months until I pull my trailer out of winter storage. 65705

- AL59561

by: Wyatt W06/19/2012

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

This kit is fantastic! After loading my newly acquired '65 Fairlane drag car onto my newly acquired double-axle car trailer I could hardly believe the sight of my '10 Tacoma sagged down so low the safety chains were literally lying on the parking lot! I lost 5+" of suspension, and along with it the nice ride, positive handling, and safe control of my truck. I installed this product the next weekend, loaded back up, and 45 lbs of air on each side brought the truck right back to level (and safe). Ride is as if the trailer wasn't even there. A couple of installation tips to offer...I jacked up the truck one side at a time, allowing the axle to hang by the suspension, then placed a second jack under the axle. This allowed me to jack the axle up to the perfect height for installing the lift chambers without crushing or stretching them. Also, Toyota graciously left four additional holes in the underside of the rear bumper that were just the right size for the valve assemblies. They worked great for making a clean installation of the airlines. This product definitely delivers what it claims! 44777

- AL59501

by: Brad02/06/2013

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

The product its self and etrailer I would definitely give 5 stars to, but the instructions given suck. They have every trucks instructions in the same manual that the air bags will fit on to so you have to constantly bounce around to find your next step. I went through and highlighted all the stuff that was intended for my vehicle and read it until I could repeat it from memory. I had read some other reviews on other sites complaining about how you have to constantly keep pressure in them to keep them from self destructing. I would not recommend putting these on if your not going to install the air compressor kit as well because they will loose air pressure no matter what. I know it doubles the cost of installing these but if your going to do it, do it right. It took about 4 hours to install both bags and run the airlines to the compressor and about another 2 hours to install the compressor. I am not a mechanic but am fairly inclined, I would install these again and recommend them to anyone trying to level and smooth out their ride. 65159

- AL59561

by: Bootboiler01/17/2014

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

I only just installed and it is working well, I just question the plastic air connectors, but if they work they work… So I would say 5 stars if these are as robust as they need to be. I just prefer metal when it is under the truck. Great look, and will let you know if it works well to support 5 bicycles hanging off the back, and roof top tent, soft topper, and gear. Shipping was fast and etrailer response to questions was fast and correct. Installed fast, you need a 1/1/8 open end wrench for the nylon nut on top. the nylon nut is what holds the bag to the top of the frame, seems like it could break, but again, not run it through it's paces. Would love to see an all metal version, would pay extra. pic later when it's light out. 114094

- AL59565

by: tomd06/30/2014

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

Air Lift seemingly well engineered--brackets fit,bags fit,however, the 3/8 bolt that holds the driver side bracket up , as furnished, was too short..on that side, the brake lines are bolted to the frame in front of the access hole for the wrench ( whatever style) to be used to hold the head of the bolt..A longer bolt had to be substituted so as to be able to pinch the bolt from the downside..Also, the air fitting from bag to hose was defective(1) after installing bags, I had to remove one, awaiting parts, not very happy about this..hope things work well when new fitting arrives..At 71 yrs and having spent 4 hours doing a 2 hr job working under my truck, I am not real happy. sure hope .I don't find out those fittings are mfg in china!! 138352

- AL59562

by: D.D.07/17/2012

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

I bought this for a 2 wheel drive 2008 Xterra. Customer support could not tell me if this kit would work on a 2x4 so they called the manufacturer for me and they promised to pay the return shipping if it didn't work. Great service from eTrailer and great support/communication from Air Lift. The kit does indeed work on a 2008 2 wheel drive Xterra. I did not use the included e-brake cable brackets, I found that to use them I would have had to unbolt the factory e-brake cable brackets. It was much more elegant to simply bend the factory e-brake brackets down and therfore out of the way of the air shock. I mounted the shrader valves in the bracket where the 7 pin trailer wiring connector is mounted. 48295

- AL59520

by: Dennis D.01/29/2014

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

I had the Air Lift kit professionally installed. My mechanic was very impressed at the quality of the product and ease of installation. I am very impressed with the quality this product provides. I had it installed on a recently purchased 1993 Dodge Caravan. This van is a handicapped accessible vehicle for my wife who has MS. We tried to get into a newer vehicle but they are too expensive. The reason for the purchase was to improve the sagging rear suspension this van has. It's 20 years old with only 43,000 miles on it. I will be purchasing Air Lift products in the future and recommending them to my family and friends. 115138

- AL59561

by: Drew J.12/03/2012

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

Great looking product, mounted with no issues, havent hooked the trailer to the truck as of yet. 60515


working very well

Drew J - 06/03/2014


- AL59503

by: Chuck N07/03/2014

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

Maybe you can make out these pictures on my 02 tacoma Pre Runner...Thanks again for the second great buying experience! 138983

- AL59561

by: Jon03/22/2013

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

This is the second time I've used AirLift products. I had this system on a vehicle for over 6 years and it was still working perfect when I sold the vehicle. The system is easy to install and I like the fact that there is no drilling requirement to mount the equipment. 71881


What year Tacoma did you install them on? I have a 2013 TRD double cab and Im not seeing the mounting holes shown in the installation guide. Thanks

comment by: Peter - 05/29/2013


I checked Jons order notes and it was on a 2012 Tacoma. If your Tacoma is a 4WD model, then the Air Lift kit AL59561 is the correct kit. It fits all 4WD and 2WD Pre-Runner models. 2WD Tacomas use AL59564 with the exception of trucks equipped with a rear-sway bar, ie Pre-Runner and X-Runner. The mounting holes will be on the frame, just forward of the axle.

Patrick B - 5/29/2013

- AL59561

by: Thomas02/22/2013

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

I installed the system myself without any issues in a couple of hours. I keep about 400 lbs. of tools in the bed of the truck and needed the lift to bring the truck to it's correct operating level. The weight was changing the angles on my two piece drive shaft causing vibration and eating up carrier bearings. It's performing great...Tom in Bama 67365


No issues to date.Thanks for the follow up.

comment by: Thomas - 02/27/2014


- AL59544

by: Dave F.03/22/2014

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

Towed a new trailer on March 14th that had 600# tongue that caused the truck back end to sag. Reviewed air verses non air suspension options, order the Air Lift 59544 Friday night, it was delivered the following Wednesday, installed Thursday, and towed the trailer Friday. All the bad driving issues were addressed, trailer tows great now. This was a fast and cost effective solution. 121744

- AL59510

by: John P03/16/2015

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

All products work well and went on the vehicle rather easily. I opted for placing the air valves behind the gas nozzle door to hide them from view and prevent unwanted attention. The air lift suspension provides the lift I need when hauling my scooter. The hitch is strong enough to support the scooter lift and scooter. This was a good purchase for me. 178583

- AL59551

by: tracy black09/03/2013

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

was easy to install, I was afraid that drilling into the frame of my truck would have been difficult, but it wasn't and the rest of the install went just as easy. My wife and I were able to make our trip towing our car hauler without any problems. etrailer was easy to deal with. couldn't be happier. Thanks to everyone at etrailer that made this happen 98052

- AL59544

by: Don B.06/14/2013

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

Fast shipping, everything fit perfectly and as advertised and installed completely in under two hours. This is easily a must project for anyone hauling a trailer with a F150, with 60 ponds of air my truck has zero sag hauling my 4000# boat and trailer. 84677

- AL59501

by: Darwin01/30/2013

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

Bought this kit for my 2007 Chevy Silverado pick-up so that I could carry my 1500 lb camper. Kit installation was fairly simple and now truck sits level with camper on. Great service from Stephanie H was very helpful. 64569

- AL59564

by: Alan H11/06/2014

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

The product arrived with not damage. It was easy to install but because of the application it took about 4 hours. Instructions were very good and the product is functioning as advertised. 159735

- AL59568

by: Gary J11/06/2014

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

The fastest shipping I ever had. The product was just what I ordered and needed. It was nice to be able to get all the products in one place to set my truck up for towing. 159755

- AL59520

by: D & S Mechanical04/16/2014

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

It fit perfectly and is working flawlessly. Would recommend getting some wire loom or other type of shielding for the air lines though for some additional protection. 125353

- AL59502

by: MikeR10/17/2013

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

This was easy to install and made an immediate difference in leveling my Toyota 4x4 out. I ran it on a very rough 100 mile road/trail and it held up just fine. 104195

- AL59501

by: Kevin P09/03/2013

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

Great product, Great price. Installed on 2007 Chevy Silverado. Made towing much easier. Installed in under 2 hours Thanks etrailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars 97946

- AL59501

by: sam h08/27/2012

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

product was as stated. easy and quick installation works great. was shipped and received quickly. 53267

- AL59539

by: Clint s06/23/2014

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

product was delivered very timely. easy to install. another great experience with etrailer 137150

- AL59501

by: Jeff S.07/20/2014

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

Kits are easy to install but, instructions need help. 142332

- AL59534

by: JP06/27/2014

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension

Good product fast shipping 137921

- AL59565

by: BRUCE KOZIK05/16/2012

Review from a similar Air Lift Ride Control in Vehicle Suspension



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