5-1/2" Diam x 1-15/16" D; Sealed, waterproof; flange mount on 4-1/4" centers; 3-prong plug connection; 10 super diode LEDs Lowest Prices for the best Trailer Lights from Optronics. Sealed, 4" Round LED Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, Flange Mount, 3-Function, 10 SuperDiode part number STL42RB can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Sealed, 4" Round LED Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, Flange Mount, 3-Function, 10 SuperDiode

Optronics Trailer Lights

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Optronics Trailer Lights - STL42RB

5-1/2" Diam x 1-15/16" D; Sealed, waterproof; flange mount on 4-1/4" centers; 3-prong plug connection; 10 super diode LEDs

Sealed, 4" Round LED Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, Flange Mount, 3-Function, 10-Super Diode

This is a sealed, round LED combination stop, turn, and tail light. The LEDs in this light are super diodes for exceptional brightness and performance. This red light measures 5-1/2" in diameter by 1-15/16" deep, including the flange. Lens and housing are one unit that is sonically sealed and waterproof, providing protection to the 10 super light-emitting diodes. The light draws 0.413/.026 amps at 12.8 volts. This light flange mounts through the three mounting holes spaced equally on the flange at 4-1/4" apart. A separate, industry standard, three-prong plug is used for the wiring connection to easily upgrade from incandescent lights. A three-wire pigtail (sold separately) is required to complete the installation.

  • Red, round trailer light is a combination stop, turn, and tail light
  • Sealed, waterproof housing and lens unit
  • 10 Super LEDs (Light Emitting Diode)
  • Accepts industry standard, 3-prong plug
    • Simple to upgrade from incandescent lights
  • Flange mounts through three holes in housing flange on 4-1/4 centers
  • 3-wire pigtail required for complete installation
  • Dimensions: 5-1/2" Diam x 1-15/16" D
  • Light draws 0.413/.026 amps at 12.8 volts

Manufacturer Cross Reference
Light will work as an exact replacement for:
Truck Lite # 44326R
Grote # 53292
Peterson # M418R-2

Manufacturer Specifications

Sealed, flange mount stop, turn and tail light. 10 super diodes for bright, dependable performance. Features sonically sealed, waterproof lens and housing in a single unit. Accepts industry standard, 3-prong plug for easy retrofit of incandescent lights. Requires plug for complete installation, (sold separately).

dimensions of LED light

STL-42RB 2-wire, 4" Round Sealed LED Stop, Turn or Tail Light - 10 diode 0.413V/0.026A by Optronics, Inc.

STL-42RB Sealed, 4" Round LED Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, Flange Mount, 3-Function, 10 SuperDiode

Video of Sealed, 4" Round LED Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, Flange Mount, 3-Function, 10 SuperDiode

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Optronics Trailer Lights STL42RB Review

Today were reviewing part number STL42RB from Optronics. This is a sealed round stop, turn and taillight for your trailer. Were going to turn off our overhead lights and Ill show you how this works. Thats your taillight and I dont know if you can see, but all ten of the super LEDs are lighted. Now for your brake pedal, theres your brake light, and I dont know if you can see it but the six LEDs on the outside of the unit shine more brightly than the four LEDs in the center to make it super bright, and that should capture, definitely should capture the attention of the drivers behind you and hopefully keep you a little safer on the road. Heres your turn signal and for that also the six LEDs on the outside will shine more brightly.

Now we can turn our overheads back on and I can show you some other features of this light. First of all it does use a standard three-prong plug. Today were using this pigtail, part number A45PB, and this part is sold separately. Im going to put that aside for now so I can show you some features of this light. First of all as you can see it is flange mounted and it is sealed so there should be no water coming in there.

So thats a good thing. Also, because its flange mounted it will be harder for someone to steal this light off of your trailer, and because its flange mounted also its easier to retrofit your incandescent lights that youre using now. So its real easy to switch to LEDs, and as you probably know, LEDs burn thousands of hours as opposed to a couple of hundred hours for incandescent bulbs, and they also burn more coolly than incandescent bulbs. Theyre not so hot so thats an advantage also. Let me show you some of the measurements on this unit.

The light itself is 4 inches in diameter. With the flange mount its 5 inches in diameter, and its 4 inches between mounting holes from center to center. It has three mounting holes. Now lets turn this over and look at some of the measurements on the back. From the surface mount here to the flat top of the unit is 1 inch.

Now if you measure from the surface mount to the top of the socket for the pigtail thats 2 inches so the total depth is 2 inches. Now if youd like, you can use this steel mounting bracket thats sold separately. Your application may even require that you use it. This is part number BK45BB and the flange mounted light fits in very snuggly so nothing should be leaking in there. And, that is it for part number STL42RB, the round stop, turn, and taillight with ten super diodes made by Optronics.

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Sealed, 4" Round LED Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, Flange Mount, 3-Function, 10 SuperDiode - STL42RB

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (55 Customer Reviews)

5-1/2" Diam x 1-15/16" D; Sealed, waterproof; flange mount on 4-1/4" centers; 3-prong plug connection; 10 super diode LEDs


by: Peter S06/20/2014

After my wife has been nagging me for the last few years to fix her custom 5th wheel horse trailer I finally decided to take the plunge. Replaced the old light with these great new LED lights. Super bright and look great. LED lights are very sensitive to ground. This trailer has living quarters as well and the manufacturer made it of tube aluminum then used a torch to cut holes to run the wires in the tubes. The jagged edges over time have caused numerous shorts which all had to be tracked down and wire repaired as needed. When you have a large system that may have a short you can tell when you plug the trailer into the vehicle and the engine drops rpms. This trailer has fuses that once they reach a certain temp they turn off and then will come back on after they cool off. I'm very familiar with my trailer today 136716


by: Wayne H.07/29/2013

Have used this light before on my boat trailer and although it installs easily, the last one didn't seem to last very long. I am not sure how long they should last, but it couldn't have been more than a few years. The company service and website is excellent and a great source for the necessary parts one needs. I also enjoy their tutorials. 92198


by: Tony A08/06/2015

Excellent product that was virtually impossible to find elsewhere. The price for two was less than the price for a single light of the same type from an Ebay seller. Perfect fit for my boat trailer. Replaced non-working incandescent light as well as the one that was still working. Will definitely buy from you when I can. 217193


by: Whitewater William08/30/2011

Replaced old post mount trailer lights with these flange mount LED submersibles. No more popped bulbs and bloody fingers from replacing them in rusty sockets every time I put the boat in the water. Great service, nice folks at etrailer.com. Thank you 23168


by: John C03/19/2015

This is a direct replacement in terms of form and screw pattern for the lights used on my Montana 3800 fifth wheel trailer, but a major improvement in safety over the unsealed incandescent bulb lamp assembly used by Keystone. What's not to like. 179815


by: Jesse S.10/09/2014

Fast delivery. Original motorhome led lights would not light up as needed and were sporadic. The original type were no longer being made. Adapted your lights and harnesses to solve my problem. So far your the lights and harneses work as expected. 155434


by: Chris R10/25/2013

This product should come with the pigtail for 17.00 dollars you can buy the light with the pigtail at the local farm supply. If nothing else it should be much more clear when you select this item it does not come with the pigtail 105215


by: Robert H Bardes02/24/2014

Received order very quickly. Lights are excellent and exactly as described. Already installed on trailer and they are great. Will keep e-trailers web site as a mainstay in my favorites to maintaining my trailer. 117377


by: Rick07/10/2012

Lights work as designed. Had no problems with installing on utility trailer or testing. Have not had a chance to use at night yet. I am guessing they will be much brighter than the old lights. 47392


by: Wayne M12/05/2014

Great service package arrived on time and in perfect condition. Installation was a breeze and they are much brighter than the stock lights. They are installed on a 2015 Montana 3587RL 5th wheel. 163443


by: Andy W09/09/2013

Replaced my old tail lights on my pop up with these super bright LED taillights. If you have trouble with the lights flickering, make sure the ground wire is fastened tight. Fit was perfect! 98960


by: Randolph E.02/26/2014

Bought a 3 wire to 2 wire converter and changed the tail lights to the new LED. The turn signals still wouldn't work so I replace the flasher and all is perfect. I am HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! 117808


by: Jason B.06/16/2015

Great service and prices, very quick delivery and well packaged. I will definitely be adding this site to my favorites for future RV/Boat trailer accessories. Thank you etrailer.com 203770


by: jimmy G.09/26/2013

Just got through installing, they really look great. They are a lot brighter than the old ones and the best price I could find. I got two for what most wanted for one. Thanks 101660


by: Carl M09/16/2014

Just as advertised... Much brighter than incandescent bulb lights. Plus etrailer has a great website, with helpful info. I'll be back if I need something for my horse trailer. 151389


by: Jack T.12/04/2014

Just what I have been looking for to replace the factory installed lights. I had two burn out and was looking to upgrade to the LED but could not find them locally. 163387


by: Tom T02/21/2011

We are installing them now and they look like they will do the job perfectly. Hope they last a long time because the individual bulb type seem to break all the time. 7560


by: Christie Twisdale09/03/2014

It was perfect, just like the one that was on the trailer and was easy to install. I appreciated your help in ordering the product. 100% satisfied. Thank you 150014


by: Jim05/25/2015

The finished product is great. The lights are much brighter than the original ST42RB. After adding the pigtail, the light fit the existing opening. 196664


by: Randy08/07/2014

I have had a good experience by buying from this company. I would recommend them for all of their products. I will make purchases from them again. 144880


by: Mike h07/19/2013

Direct replacement for my taillights on my stone ridge 5th wheel Rv. Simply plug in. Noticeably brighter. Excellent service from e trailer. 90411


by: Efrain Lozano04/22/2015

order stop turn trailer lights for my ranger trail trailer, perfect, easy to order. I will definitely order again from etrailer.com. 187515


by: Brian T03/15/2011

The lights were excellent and installed easily as well as look great. They are much better than the originals. Thanks, Brian 9407


by: John03/02/2015

Product received was what I ordered and arrived as I requested.. Took a few minutes to install and the lights are awesome !!! 176713


by: Chris06/12/2013

Lights are huge, no chance of anyone not seeing the trailer with them on! Very bright and exactly as described. 84232


by: Duane Metcalf08/31/2015

Great quality products with good pricing. The shipping was very reasonable and fast. I'll be back I promise..! 223032


by: kent w.11/08/2014

This is my 3rd order from etrailer. I will buy from them again always on time and always the best product. 159973


by: Craig S.08/06/2013

Nice light, but they need to include the connector with a pigtail so you can connect to existing wiring. 93543


by: Russell S03/26/2015

This is a great light. It appears to be very well made and is very bright. I fit my needs perfectly. 180974


by: Russ R02/02/2014

A good replacements for an old stock trailer I have. Fit the hole nice. Got the best price on web. 115437


by: Michael R.07/26/2015

Nice and smooth purchase and short delivery time. My trailer is now safe and ready for operation. 214612


by: JP09/05/2015

Top quality product. Easy to install. Replaced ancient (41 yr old) incandescent bulb units. 224247


by: Brian R.05/21/2013

Good quality and the terminals are packed with dielectric grease to prevent corrosion. 81299


by: KS Rancher08/06/2011

LED's are really bright, wires are labeled, everything I expected out of the product 21232


by: Brian W.12/20/2011

Quick delivery, great service. Haven't hooked up yet, but should be perfect. 28371


by: ABN09/02/2014

I have not been home to try these yet but the free delivery was fast. 149686


by: Laura B09/24/2014

Fast Shipping! Cannot wait to get them hooked up on my camper! 152918


by: Alex M.09/09/2013

It is a great product, reasonable price and good service. Thanks! 99006


by: Tim W.06/30/2015

East ordering and greats service and de livery. Thanks, Tim 208474


by: Mike Z06/07/2011

Installed last night in 30 seconds and works perfect. Thanks. 16328


by: Donald W.12/07/2013

Really like the helpful info your website provides. 109488


by: Hank K02/05/2012

Lights are excellent easy install nice and bright 31094


by: Bill09/17/2012

Great fast delivery and product exactly as shown 54927


by: Core Autosport06/29/2011

Great Light matches what we have on our trailer. 18170


by: robert k.04/12/2015

This was exact replace for my Ranger tr ailer 184847


by: JAMES P.10/23/2012



by: Adam03/04/2011

Great product should come with harness. 8421


by: Raymond06/23/2012

Great Light, etrailer.com is the best 45404


by: Vern Byington04/25/2015

LOVE them thy are great for theprice 188251


by: GerryS01/09/2015

Exact replacement for my trailer. 168420

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Ask the Experts about this Optronics Trailer Lights
Do you have a question about this Trailer Light?

  • Troubleshooting Running Lights Circuit on a Travel Trailer Tail Light Harness
  • Since you have tested the 4-Way connector on your vehicle and it is working properly, it leads me to believe that the wiring of the lights is incorrect. You will want to make sure that the fuse for the running lights on the vehicle is not blown. It sounds to me like the lights you have only have two wires coming out of the back for wiring to the trailer connectors wiring. If this is the case then the red wire will connect to the yellow (left) and green (right) wires on the trailer lights....
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  • What Size Hole Should be Drilled to Install a 4 inch Optronics Clearance Light
  • You would want to drill a 4-1/2 inch hole to install the 4-inch Optronics Trailer Light # STL45RB. You will also need a Straight 3-Wire Pigtail # A45PB to wire in the # STL45RB.
    view full answer...

  • Availability of LED Amber and Red Clearance, Tail Lights, and Side Marker Trailer Lights
  • The STL42RB does come in amber. It is # STL42AB. Use wiring harness # A45PB with it. For 2 inch diameter amber lights you can use # MCL50AB with # A49PB and # A54GB. For 2 inch diameter red lights you can use # MCL50RB with # A49PB and # A54GB. For amber teardrop lights, you may be able to use # CBL22AB. We also have a teardrop shape kit that you would use on the roof of a truck, # CB-15AK, but it is not LED. For red teardrop lights we also do not have an LED option but we do...
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  • Backup Lights Similar To the Optronics 4 Inch Round LED Trailer Light # STL42RB
  • The closest backup light that we carry to the 4 Inch Round LED Trailer Light, # STL42RB, is the 4 Inch Round LED Backup Light, # BUL11CBX. This is a 4 inch round clear back up light that has an overall diameter of 5-3/4 inches and a depth of 1-5/8 inches. This light will require a standard 2 prong plug, # A45CB, and has a reflector on the mounting flange.
    view full answer...

  • How to Connect the # STL42RB Tail Lights to a 1958 Trailer with 2 Wire Lighting System
  • The 4 inch Round Sealed LED Stop, Turn or Tail Light, item # STL42RB, uses a 3 wire pig tail, item # A47PB or # A45PB, to connect to your existing trailer wiring. The plug on the pigtail plugs into the back of the tail light and is then hard wired to your trailer wiring. It sounds as if your original tail lights were grounded to the trailer frame through their mounting studs, so a third wire was not needed. When connecting the 3 wires from the 3 wire pig tail, you will ground the...
    view full answer...

  • Flush Mount Stop Turn and Tail Lights for a 1982 13 Foot Scamp Travel Trailer
  • I did a bit of research on your trailer and the reflect-o-lite light that you mentioned. It looks as if they are surface mount lights that are 6-7/8 inch diameter. For a replacement you could use the 7 inch round Transit LED Stop/Side Marker/Tail Light, # STL90RB, to have a somewhat original appearance, with an upgraded LED light. You could also use a surface mount like the Bargman LED, Surface Mount, Double Tail Light, # 47-84-610 which would be large enough to cover the original mounting...
    view full answer...

  • Converter Recommendation to Install Combined Taillights on a Flatbed Truck that had Separate Bulbs
  • It sounds like you need to convert the separate wiring of your 1991 Nissan truck to a combined setup to work with the Round LED Taillight # STL42RB. For this you will need to get a Roadmaster Brite-Lite Wiring Converter # RM-732. You will run the wires from your vehicle to the right side of the # RM-732 by function, and then from the left side of the box you will run the corresponding left or right turn signal wire to the red wire of the # STL42RB. The tail light circuit will bypass...
    view full answer...

  • Could Use a Trailer Light Mounting Bracket with a Sealed 4 Inch LED Stop Light
  • Yes, I went out into our warehouse and pulled a Sealed, 4 inch Round LED Trailer Stop # STL42RB and a Trailer Light Mounting Bracket # BK45BB and found that they work together very well. All of the mounting holes from the # STL42RB line up with the # BK45BB. You would need bolts that have a diameter of no more than 3/16 of an inch to attach the light to the bracket. I attached a picture to the right that shows how these products would look if installed together. You might also...
    view full answer...

  • Sealing Up Around a Trailer Tail Light Using Tail Light # STL42RB On an Airstream Trailer
  • You could use a gasket maker like # LT37464. You would just need to put a small bead of the gasket maker around the outer most flange on tail light # STL42RB. I have included a picture to show you what this would look like. You could also use silicone # 0160297 around the light and at the mounting holes after you have installed it.
    view full answer...

  • Will Optronics Trailer Tail Light # STL42RB Fit a 1974 Blair Horse Trailer
  • I went out to the warehouse and pulled an Optronics tail light, # STL42RB to measure the back to determine the size hole you would need. The trailer would need, or you would need to cut, a 4-1/2 inch diameter hole. The lights will fit the 4-5/8 inch mounting hole. You would also need a pig tail harness # A45PB.
    view full answer...

  • Is there a Trailer Tail Light that Matches Peterson Back Up Light # 411SC
  • We do not have an exact match for a red round tail light like the Peterson Back Up Light, # 411SC, that you have referenced that is a flange mount. The closest flange mounted lights are going to be the Peterson round tail lights # 431800 and # 432000. For a flush mounted light, you could use # 429800 which may be more what you are looking for. We also have the Optronics brand flange mounts # STL42RB or # ST47RB. They use wiring harness # A45PB.
    view full answer...

  • Turn Signal and Brake Lights Stop Working on Trailer When Headlights are On
  • This sounds like a ground issue. Ground problems normally show up when there is more draw on a system such as when you have the running lights on and then use another function like a turn signal or brake light. Make sure that the vehicle side and trailer side connectors are clean and free of corrosion inside and out. The main connector grounds should be attached to clean and corrosion free bare metal surfaces. The light grounds should also be attached to clean and corrosion free bare...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Taillights, Wiring and 7-Way Connector for Car Hauler
  • To fit the round 4-1/2 inch holes on your trailer for the rear brake lights you could use the # STL42RB as this will fit in that hole. For a pigtail harness you would also need # A45PB. For the side clearance lights you would need to enlarge the holes to 3 inch in diameter, use the # A55GB as a grommet and then use # MCL59AB for the lights and # A46PB as a wiring harness. For a replacement 7-way with 8 feet of wire for running new wire everywhere you would want the part # H20046....
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Round LED Stop/Tail/Turn Light for 4-1/2-inch Opening
  • It sounds like you are looking for a recessed-mount light such as Optronics Round LED Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light # STL42RB. This light has a 3-hole mounting flange that measures 5-1/2-inches overall diameter. The mounting holes are spaced on 4-1/4-inch centers. Other options in round red LED-type stop/turn/tail lights are shown on the link provided.
    view full answer...

  • What is the Power Draw of Optronics LED 4 Inch Round Trailer Tail Light # STL42RB
  • Because tail light # STL42RB has more than one function it has more than one amperage draw rating. Brake lights and turn signals draw more power so that will be the higher draw at 0.413 amps. Running lights use less power and would be the 0.26 amps. If you have the running lights on and then step on the brake, the brake light overrides the tail light. If you have the brakes on (with or without the running lights on) the turn signal will override the brake light on that side. So the...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of 2 Inch Round LED Tail Lights for Trailer
  • The closest match we have to the 2 inch stop/turn/tail lights you referenced are 4 inch round LED tail lights with grommet mount, # STL42RB. This is a 4 inch round clear back up light that has an overall diameter of 5-3/4 inches and a depth of 1-5/8 inches. This light will require a standard 3 prong plug, # A45PB. At this time we do not have any 2 inch stop/turn/tail lights.
    view full answer...

  • Newly Installed LED Trailer Lights Go Out When Brake Pedal is Pressed
  • This sounds like a ground issue. Ground problems normally show up when there is more draw on a system such as when you have the running lights on and then use another function like a turn signal or brake light. Make sure that the vehicle side and trailer side connectors are clean and free of corrosion inside and out. The main connector grounds should be attached to clean and corrosion free bare metal surfaces. The light grounds should also be attached to clean and corrosion free bare...
    view full answer...

  • What Size Hole Needs to Be Cut To Install the Sealed 4 inch Diameter Optronics Light STL42RB
  • To install the Sealed, 4" Round LED Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, Flange Mount Light # STL42RB that you referenced you will need to drill a 4-1/2 inch hole for the light to fit and the mounting holes will be 4-1/4 inches apart on center. For a pig tail harness you will want the part # A45PB.
    view full answer...

  • Will Each LED Taillight Need to Be Grounded Separately on Trailer
  • When it comes to wiring an LED taillight like the Sealed 4" Round LED Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light # STL42RB with Pigtail Harness, # A45PB, the red wire is for stop and turn, the black for running lights, and the white wire will need to be attached to a clean and corrosion free bare metal surface on the trailer. As for a clearance light having two wires like the Rectangular LED Trailer Clearance and Side Marker Light, # MCL32AB, you will ground the white wire and connect the black...
    view full answer...

  • Is the Optronics Trailer Light # STL42RB Sold Individually
  • The Sealed, 4" Round LED Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light # STL42RB that you referenced is sold individually. I attached a review video for you to check out as well.
    view full answer...

  • How to Ground a Trailer LED Light that Only has 1 Wire
  • If a light has just 1 wire that means that it grounds through its mounting hardware. Be sure to use steel hardware and mount the light to a clean and corrosion free bare metal surface. If there isn't a steel surface where you want to mount the light you can place a ring terminal with attached wire between the hardware and mounting surface and attach the other end of the wire to a steel surface.
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Light And Mounting Bracket Recommendation
  • The Optronics light, part # STL42RB, you are asking about uses the mounting holes in the included flange for mounting. This light features 10 Super LED lights and has a sealed, waterproof housing and lens kit. The mounting holes in the flange are spaced 4-1/4 inches apart center-to-center. We do have a mounting bracket, part # BK45BB, for a 4 inch light but the mounting holes are spaced 4 inches center-to-center. If you wished to drill the holes in the bracket to match the holes in the...
    view full answer...

  • Need Amber Taillights Like the Sealed 4" Round LED Trailer Taillight # STL42RB
  • When it comes to the Sealed 4" Round LED Trailer Taillights, # STL42RB, the amber version is part # STL42AB. I have included two short videos for you.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Tail Light Assembly For 2005 Airstream Trailer
  • We offer several lights and may have just what you are looking for that will fit your 2005 Airstream. Thank you for the photo of your lights. You will want to take a measurement to be sure you get a light that will match the housing you are installing it in. if you remove a light you may be able to get the part number of the light assembly. If you cannot find the part number you can measure the opening and mounting holes to make sure we get a light that will work. The light assembly...
    view full answer...

  • Round LED Trailer Tail Lights to Replace Peterson Incandescent Lights
  • Three inches is small for a tail light. There aren't even any incandescent stop, tail, and turn lights as small as 3 inches. It looks like to get what you want you will need to got to a 4 inch light. If you like the Peterson lights and need a flush mount that mounts in a grommet you could use # 435800. It does use the plug-in style connector but you would still hardwire all of the wires, including the grounds, to the trailer. This light includes the grommet and pigtail. I have included...
    view full answer...

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